TMN Jan. 30th

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Vol. 2, No. 5 – Monday, 30th January, 2017

(Jn.2:1-11, Jn.13:1-34, Mat.21:28-32)


It was John Austin’s definitional theory of law which propounded that ‘Law is the command of the uncommanded commanders of society; the creation of the legally untrammeled will of the sovereign who is by definition outside the law’.
Academically speaking, one would doubtlessly question the two arms of Austin’s definitional theory. For one, it depicts certain persons as being over and above the law. Such stance is unarguably in tandem with Thrasymachus’ definition of justice according to law. Thrasymachus argued that ‘if justice is equal to law, justice is the advantage of the stronger’. He stressed further that ‘what is just is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger’.
The deducible conclusions from both Austin and Thrasymachus’ definitional stances are but few: (1) that might is right; (2) that there exists no ill-doing in oligarchic treatment; and (3) that the only acceptable legal tender (currency) acceptable in both the legal and the political arena is the personal interests of a few not the equitable fair treatment of all.
Isn’t this the true character of man’s inhumanity to man? Is it not always the case of the winner grasps all? But the reverse is the case with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. His commandments do not serve His interests but ours.
In fact, does it not alarm you that the Mighty God of heaven and earth rather than commanding man clearly instructed: ‘thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons and concerning the work of my hands command ye me’ (see Is.45:11).
Indeed, He who is the ultimate commander ‘made Himself of no reputation’ and declared Himself as ‘meek and lowly’ (see Phil.2:7, Mat.11:28). The rather alarming concern is: why does the commanded often fail the simple instructions of the commander? Understood in a quite reverse sense: why is it that the instructions of the commander do not matter much to the commanded?
The answer to as many Christians in the habit of failing the Great Commander’s instruction is:  the Great Commander, the Lord Jesus Christ is probably your Saviour but certainly not your Lord. If He is truly your Lord and Master, you will obey His commandments.
Obedience to commandment has but two definite characteristics: (1) willingness or total submission, and (2) instant response. Permit me to add that where any of these characteristics are missing in our response to divine commands, the result is always partial obedience or complete disobedience.
The great trauma is that partial obedience in itself is inherently perfect disobedience. How? In order to accurately drive the point home, let us learn a lesson from the wedding at Cana of Galilee where the Lord Jesus Christ performed the first miracle.
To start with, what brought about the miracle of the best wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee was the power of God in action visa-vis instant response to divine instruction. How do I mean? We understand from John’s gospel, chapter 2 verse 7-8 that the Lord Jesus gave a clear instruction to those whom he had earlier on instructed to ‘fill the waterpots with water’, and later to ‘draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast’ And they bare it’.

Have we ever bothered to ask why the Lord Jesus Christ included the word ‘now’? Well, it was an express instruction that required instant and strict compliance. If they had gone to draw it an hour later, certainly, that would not have been instant obedience to the clear instruction ‘draw out now’. In consequence, they would have drunken water not that glorious ‘good wine’ (Jn.2:10).
The multiplier effect of instant obedience is numerous and can sometimes have eternal consequences. Dearly beloved, what is the Lord asking from you? Who is the Lord asking you to marry? What does the Lord’s word, the Bible mean to you?
Let His word matter to you. Give in to His instructions this year no matter how tough. In doing so, you truly make Him not only your Saviour, but your Lord also. Remember that He is the true uncommanded commander leading you through the battles of your life; and He never lets anyone down.
Listen, I prophesy to your life by the strength of the Lord that before the first quarter of 2017 expires, you will record three tangible testimonies, in Jesus mighty name.
Dearly beloved, surrender all to His will. You will never regret you did.

Hymn: All To Jesus I Surrender

Pray now:

  1. As a matter of compulsion please (read) Mat.21:28-32 and repent of every disobedience.

  2. O God, kill flesh and its nature in me and revive your divine nature.

  3. O God, rebuild my fallen prayer altar and rekindle your fresh fire in me.

  4. O God, give me the grace to freely and easily give in to your will for my life.

  5. Every spiritual giant saying, NO to my progress, be struck down by the power of God.

  6. Pray for your pastor


Pastor Mike

TMN Jan. 23rd

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Vol. 2, No. 4 – Monday, 23rd January, 2017

(Gen.42:17-24, Ps.105:19-22)


Part 2

This article started out last week with a poser. The poser read once again as follows: Have you ever wondered why satan targets the prayer life of Christians and our ability to hear God especially in moments of crisis?

Recall also that last week, the Patriarchs of faith (sons of Jacob) were our case study. As a case study, we tried to examine the unbecoming treachery of ten of them with their brother Joseph. So, in part 1 we posed an initial poser that why wasn’t another Patriarch of Faith taken? Why was it Simeon? But for reasons best known to the Lord, we could not conclude. Thus the need for that examination this week.

The Holy Bible even at a glance is the sure word of God seasoned by panoply of symbols, parables, prophetic insights and deep mysteries otherwise called spiritual secrets. Deuteronomy 29:29 reads: ‘the secret things belong unto the LORD our God-but those things which are revealed belong unto us and our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law’.

Let all the praise, glory and honour forever be to the Lord our God then for revealing onto us deep mysteries of His word, Amen.

A very close look at the Bible reveals that all the twelve Patriarchs of Faith represent or possess one spiritual endowment of grace or another. For instance, Joseph was endowed with wisdom (see Ps.105:19-22).

Issachar on the other hand, was endowed with understanding (see 1 Chron.12:32). Gad was graciously endowed with lasting victory (see Gen.49:19). In like manner, Simeon had the grace to hear God speak or hear from God. Simeon means hearing God.

So, on arrival in Egypt to buy sustenance, Joseph, knowing the gift and grace of Simeon through his heavenly endowed grace of wisdom knew that if Simeon was not held back in detention, so long as he was not blinded again by envy, he would hear God en route their return to Canaan and of course, having heard from God, he would discover that the disguised Prime Minister of Egypt was their brother Joseph.

There are a number of mysteries and questions here. The first question is: why didn’t Simeon hear from God before they left Canaan or on their way? More often than not, man hears God when he is in right-standing with God in communion with Him through prayer or in the deep study of His word.

So, Simeon could not and would not because the unrepented and unrestituted sin of envy was still lurking very hard on him. Sin is so powerfully destructive and enslaving. It hinders and deafens a man from praying and from hearing God. At the same time, sin hinders God from delivering man (see Is.59:1-2).

The second question then is: since he was already bound in Joseph’s prison (having realized his sin committed along side with his brothers), why could Simeon still not hear God even in the quietness of the prison?

Simeon could not and would definitely not because he was discouraged at this time. Discouragement is a spiritual weapon in satan’s hands which has the ability to break down a man’s spirit; reduce a man to no more than a piece of bread; open the door for all spiritual parasites to enter and devour.

Discouragement and anger are the only spiritual cancer germs that can eat up the strength and fabric of one’s spiritual life within minutes. These two are best described as spiritual HIV. The only spiritual immunity that can counter their onslaught is our personal resolve and determination, the indwelling word of God, the power of His Spirit, fervent speaking in tongues and anointed prayer.

Finally, in answering the most key question at the start of this article, one reason satan attacks the prayer life of Christians and also attack our God-given ability or intuition to hear God is simply to prevent us from the right knowledge and the right direction in life.

Discovery of the right knowledge and application of that right knowledge is a compass ever giving direction. It is the surest key to unlocking the impossible and the only safety valve out of life’s troubling sea. Dearly beloved, have you not spent the first twelve days of 2017 in prayer and fasting?

Then, know the following for certain: (1) you have succeeded in setting before the altar of the Most High your prayer file. Such files never get missing, abandoned or forgotten (Is.49:15). (2) You have invited God into the battle and journey of 2017, and you can be sure of what JEHOVAH the mighty God of Jacob can and will do., and (3) whilst you can solidly rest in God that 2017 is settled for good, know that there are yet assignments on your part.

For one, never give up on anything this year. Do not forget to carry God along in all things this year. Sow your entire life in cash and in kind this year to the service of the Lord. Moreover, don’t stop praying and waiting on the Lord.

Dearly beloved, satan will do everything in his power this year to frustrate and discourage you from praying in particular. His agenda is to cut us off from our source of sustenance. Satan wants to block your ability to dream and remember your dreams. Satan is out this year to attack your thoughts; keep them filled with the word of faith.

Dear Christian brother and sister, seek not yet repose. The voice of the Lord is loud and hot in my heart as I write you this day. Don’t stop praying; keep the fire burning on the altar. Satan is madly angry. Don’t give up and don’t give in to him. In all, keep fear far away from you. We shall undoubtedly overcome all through and in the end, in Jesus name, Amen.

Hymn: Christian Seek Not Yet Repose

Pray now:

  1. O God, give me the ears of Samuel, the heart of Elisha, the divine feet of Elijah and the eyes and wisdom of the Lord Jesus.

  2. Read Ps.29:11, 84:7, 105:4 (and say), O God, give me enormous trength to pray through this year.

  3. O God, I invite you into the journey and battles of 2017.

  4. I saw accident; by the authority of the Mighty God of Jacob who called me; that accident shall not see the light of day in anyone’s life, in Jesus name, Amen.

  5. O God, lavish unusual grace upon me from this day henceforth.

  6. Where are the angels assigned for my life assignment, be strengthened and get busy on my case.

Pastor Mike

TMN Jan. 16th

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Vol. 2, No. 3 – Monday, 16th January, 2017

(Gen.42:17-24, Ps.105:19-22, 1 Cor.13:1-13)


Part 1

Have you ever wondered why Satan targets the prayer life of Christians and our ability to hear God especially in moments of crisis? The answer is in the mystery being revealed today by the Great God of heaven and earth, the very founder and pillar of this Ministry.

There is a singular item of tradable jewel in the show-room of the spiritual realm. So precious a jewel that for centuries, it has attracted the keen attention of two masters. This precious jewel has equally been contested over by these two since the moment their attention was first drawn to it.

But what could this tradable item of uncommon jewel be? It is the life of you and me. Why is the contest over it so fierce? I suppose you do agree with me that anything that has the power to provoke a man’s passion can equally sustain that man’s attention.

Love and hatred are no doubt great passions with commensurate ability to sustain attention. Unarguably, Almighty God is passionately in-love with man. So then, man is the object of God’s love. But God is the numero uno (number 1) enemy of Satan.

God is too mighty to be attacked directly by Satan. But Satan can attack God indirectly by attacking the object of God’s love. Much worse is God’s pain when Satan succeeds in sweeping away God’s object of love to himself. Do you ask how Satan does that?

Then join me today in learning another deep spiritual mystery from the God of Express Image Glory Ministries.

The Holy Scripture informs us in Genesis chapter 42 that at some point in human history, there was a severe dearth (famine) throughout the entire world. In consequence, ten out of the twelve ‘Patriarchs of Faith’ excluding their youngest brother, Benjamin (see Acts 7:8-9) left the land of Canaan bound for the land of Egypt in search of sustenance.

Their arrival in Egypt was greeted by tumultuous surprise. They were taken as spies by the ruler of Egypt, Zaphnathpaaneah otherwise known as Joseph. He was a Patriarch of the same stock whom his brothers had previously sold into slavery by reason of envy.

In the end, Joseph put them in prison for three days. At the expiry of the third day, He released them, demanding rather that one of them must remain in Egypt in order to prove the worthiness of their defence and the account concerning Benjamin. Whilst they lingered in the choice of who would remain, Joseph selected Simeon (Jacob’s second son), bound and imprisoned him.

The questions for serious spiritual consideration are these: why was it Simeon? Reuben was the first child. Why not him? Apart from Joseph, Judah (the fourth child) was Jacob’s choicest child and indeed, the one on whom Jacob conferred much responsibilities since Reuben’s fall.

Couldn’t Joseph have taken Judah? Judah was the lawgiver, and indeed, the ‘Star of Jacob’ (that is, the Lord Jesus Christ) was to come through his loins (see Num.24:17, Rev.5:5). Humanly speaking, would not Joseph’s selection judgment have been more apt if Judah was taken and bound? For that would certainly invite their father Jacob into the matter and into Egypt.

Levi (the third child) could have been selected and bound by Joseph since the Levitical priesthood was his portion. Why was it not him? Alternatively, it could have been Asher, Naphtali, Gad, Issachar, Zebulon or Dan. Why were they not?

Hmmm! and hmmm! Before answering the key question here and unraveling the mystery behind Simeon’s selection, there is a yet serious spiritual matter demanding swift attention. With respectful humility, the ten who sold Joseph were called Patriarchs of Faith. Yet in their Patriarchism and faith was found envy.

Hmmm! there is a mystery with deep spiritual equations here. Equation 1: the presence of divine love is the absence of all evil. Equation 2: the absence of love is the availability of all vices. Equation 3: every other spiritual virtue excluding love can be present in a man’s life and yet all spiritual vices are also therein present too.

Therefore, love trumps all other spiritual virtues and gifts. Without love there is no heaven. Great anointing on a man does not mean great love in him. Great prophetic gifting and charismatic auratory will not take the place of Love. Nothing in the universe will ever be equal to, or replace love. Jesus is that love.; embrace Him and accept Him today.

Love is a gift obtained by asking and seeking. With all spiritual strength and tenacity, let us wholeheartedly seek the Lord’s face until His ‘love is shed abroad in our heart by the Holy Ghost’ (see Rom.5:5). It is only such ‘love of Christ (which has the ability to) constrain us’ from sin and Satan galvanize us into righteous action for evangelism and perfectly glue us to the Eternal faithful Father (2 Cor.5:14).

Finally, to the questions: why wasn’t another Patriarch of faith taken? Why was it Simeon? (To be continued next week Monday). Meanwhile, please keep praying; never stop. Satan is still alive. Keep your righteous heart infested with Christ like love.

Remember that every other spiritual gift or grace will become obsolete and unnecessary when we get to heaven; only love will remain.


Hymn: My Life And Love I Give To Thee

Pray now:

  1. O God, I repent today and forever from every sin of envy.

  2. O God, turn me to an admirer of good things in the name of Jesus.

  3. Read Mat.27:18 (and say): O God, celebrate me before every one that is envying me.

  4. O God, break the backbone of every battle of envy warring against me.

  5. O God, with your hand of power, lift me up to surpass where others stopped in my lineage and generation.

  6. O God, fill my heart with love from above for you and for man.

Pastor Mike

TMN Jan. 9th

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Vol. 2, No. 2 – Monday, 9th January, 2017

(Dan.12:1-4, Eph.5:15-17, Mat.24, Is.58:1-2, Ezek.3:18-21)


In the thick of my afflictions and almost endless battles years ago, I had this vision. Suddenly, I saw myself sitting down on a t-junction which leads directly to the centre of my alma mater back in the UK.

As I sat, I discovered vividly that waves of attacks were routing themselves up and charging towards my direction and indeed at me. In the revelation, I saw also that my spiritual father (the man who preached salvation to me) was sitting quietly to my left.

In response to the waves of attack, I threw something the size of a small boulder at them. I repeated the action but the waves kept coming at me. Each of the boulders I threw at them had different spiritual names ranging from fasting, prayer, etc.

Suddenly, my spiritual father who had been all the while sitting speechless, burst out softly. He said to me, ‘throw evangelism at them’. I remember that as soon as he spoke, a boulder by the name evangelism came into my hands. I threw it at them. The waves of attack immediately retreated from me and the vision ended.

Permit me dearly beloved to reiterate the fact that what you have just read is not a fable. It is a true account; it happened to me, not to another. At the time and even now, a number of starkling lessons are still discernable and derivable from this vision. The most important of all is the relevance and power of evangelism.

Christians! whatever our turn of attitude is in relation to evangelism, there is a basic and unchanging truth. This foremost truth is: There is no such rewarding service or spiritual weapon as potent as service to God through evangelism.

The Holy Scripture says in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33 that: ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all other things shall be added unto you’. There is no denying the obvious; personal evangelism after genuine conversion is the fastest key to unlocking God’s richest riches.

Did you just read that? If this is the case, the question is why do Christians shy away from this heavenly-ordained and most rewarding service?

There is but only one reason why Christians so woefully fail God in carrying out evangelism. That one and only one reason is we think we are doing God a favour. The obvious truth is we are doing ourselves the favour for a number of reasons.

For one, by carrying out evangelism, we enroll ourselves in divine assignment which in turn gets divinity involved in ours compulsorily. The other reason is personal deliverance. Personal deliverance! How?! Here, the Lord wants to expouse a mystery to us.

There are about seven tools engaged in evangelism: (a) the speaker (who is the carrier of the word of God), (b) the tongue of the speaker, (c) the saliva from the tongue of the speaker, (d) the voice of the speaker, (e) the spoken word from within (rhema), (f) the written word (through tracts or Bible), and (g) the hearer of the word.

Basically, there are two mysteries subtly embedded here: the obvious and the hidden. The obvious mystery is that the word of God spoken at any time (be it during evangelism or not) is full of enormous and uncontestable power. The hidden mystery is that the uncontestable power flowing from the word of God instantly performs miracles to the two parties involved in evangelism i.e. the hearer and the speaker.

To the hearer, the word and its power ignites faith, conviction, penitence and resolve (see Rom.10:17, Acts 23:1-5, 2 Sam.12:7-13). To the speaker, the word and its power sanctifies, purifies more and more and of course carries out serious internal deliverance. Do I hear you say, How?

For every word spoken by man (whether positive or negative), there is an instant unseen but effective result within the spirit, the soul, the body and indeed, in the atmosphere outside of the man. Do I still hear you say, how? Here then is the deeper mystery.

The tongue of every man engaged in one conversation or the other performs three major activities. First is rotation. The tongue is constantly engaged in rotational movement during conversation for the purpose of ease of speech and understanding.

Second is subtle or salient discharge of saliva. Whether advertently or inadvertently, the tongue discharges saliva outwardly during conversation. The third function of the tongue is inward discharge of saliva.

This third function of the tongue has far reaching implications. Since every movement of the tongue during conversation deposits consequential saliva within and without, it means in part that for every word that a man speaks (positive or negative), a portion of it flows or bounces back into his internal system.

Hmmm! Dearly beloved, what word(s) are spoken by you? It further means that for every evil word expressed against others, there is a consequential damage of the same word on you. More painful is the fact that most of us don’t know how to remove or reverse such internally damaging words.

Tempered to evangelism terms, the implication of the spoken word during soul-winning exercise is that great deliverance is being wrought in our internal body, soul and spirit through the power in the word spoken by our tongue and conveyed into our inner being by our saliva (see Heb.10:22, Eph.5:26).

Have you ever thought of this mystery? Think of it and see the great good in evangelism, soul-winning and follow-up. Permit me to share my personal experience in evangelism to drive the point home.

By the grace of God which was (and yet is) well-invested by God in me, I gave myself over to evangelism throughout my years in the UK. On one occasion, I returned from evangelism in very cold winter. As I approached my Ph.D office, I heard the Lord say to me: ‘you have done my will. I will do your work’.

Dearly beloved, when the Lord began to fulfill this promise, it was unbelievable. My Ph.D thesis over which I struggled so much at the start was completed within eleven months. Did you see that clearly? I mean, I completed the writing of my Ph.D thesis within 11 (eleven) months.

Ah! what miracle can God not perform, especially when you serve Him through evangelism. Hear what my spiritual daughter in London told me this week that she heard from the transnational prophet and one of God’s generals of our time, Baba, Enoch Adejaire Adeboye. According to her, Baba said during the yearly-God-ordained prophecy on the eve of 2017 that ‘those who are given to evangelism this year shall enjoy the fruits of prophecy i.e. when they prophesy any good thing this year, it shall come to pass’.

Wow! Isn’t that marvelous? Dearly beloved, are you interested in the blessings that evangelism gives? Do you want to win in the battles of life? Do you want to have your crowns filled with many stars when you get to glory? Do you have an internal infirmity of any kind? Are you trusting the Lord for financial and material blessings this year?

Then, evangelism carried out with the genuine love of God in the soul is the key to accessing the blessings of God. Make it a daily routine. No tract is too expensive. No one soul is too much to speak to per day.

That word spoken being ‘instant in season’ of evangelism washes your soul and spirit within. That same word has the power to heal your body of any infirmities within and without.

Finally, dearly beloved, irrespective of the Degrees and material wealth that you have and will acquire, you will never be fulfilled in life and in glory as a Christian without partaking in evangelism. Witness Christ, His love, power, suffering, death, resurrection and return again to at least a soul today and daily. Your soul and life will be transformed.

The clarion call for evangelism is a passionate one. It is intense; and any Christian who feels the pains of Christ knows that it is a race against time. The blunt truth is: in the battle for soul-winning, Christ is not on the winning side because of the failure of you and I.

Satan is by far with the winning strick. More souls are heading in the direction of hell. More converts are now being made for Satan more than ever before. Can you guess the population of pastors who are genuinely born-again in Nigeria? You will be gottedly shocked at the number.

We are too late already in carrying out our Lord and Master’s heart-beat assignment. Unfortunately, Satan and his cohort have so swiftly gone too far already. Or are you doubting this?

If you are in doubt, just think of the latest satanic waves dressed in political garment by the name of Financial Regulations’ Council. Is this not a political Boko Haram? Indirectly, it is now Federal Government in the driving seat of who sits as church leader in Nigeria, no longer god or even at God’s own time.

You doubt it or not, the authority of the church is being eroded (taken away) already by unbelievers. What do you still say?! Still in doubt?! Therefore, individually and collectively, let us arise and ‘throw out the lifeline (because) someone is drifting away’.

Hymn: Throw Out The Lifeline

Pray now:

Pray as you are led on the message today.

  1. O God, anoint me with special grace to market you daily.

  2. O God, deliver me from every unseen enemy preventing me from evangelizing you.

  3. O God, in 2017, the words of my mouth shall matter in great places.

  4. O God, throughout this year, help me to think less of myself but more of you, your love, your suffering and your power.

  5. I just heard the Spirit of God say to me: ‘anger’. So, dearly beloved, I urge you to change the motion of your prayer to a violent one now: say, Father, by the strength with which you are known to be God, empty me of all anger.

  6. I decree, the enemy within and the enemy without shall not inherit our good portion this year, in Jesus name, Amen.


Pastor Mike

TMN Jan. 2nd

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Vol. 2, No. 1 – Monday, 2nd January, 2017

(Heb.11:1-34, Rom.4:17-22, Mark.9:23, Is.43:18-19)


Any one with a practicing penchant for riding on horses can tell what so awesome feeling the sport generally offers. The same cannot be said by any one who gets astride an unruly horse. For one, one can never tell the very next decision the horse might take or where it decides to take one to.

Even with the greatest care, an unruly horse has all the tendency and acute potency to take one back to the start of one’s journey. In short, an unruly horse never offers a pleasant experience.

Such is the unpleasant experience with one of the oldest and ugliest weapons of the enemy. This is the weapon of worry. Many men are left back in life’s classroom and are made to repeat that class over and over again because of this weapon.

It is the intimate companion of men who never want to let go off the past. The characteristics of worry are obvious. Worry sets back; worry demotes; worry tells God ‘you are unable’; worry makes you see the enemy and not the Almighty; worry makes you to continue to consider the start of any challenge forgetting the solution or the thought of its expiry; worry diminishes; indeed, worry damages your health.

What unimaginable evil can worry (the treacherous unruly horse) not perform? Worry is the fastest and the greatest consumer of any sound spiritual fabric and strength. In fact, worry can end one’s life abruptly.

But really, who shouldn’t be worried? Is life in itself not a panton of worries and anxieties? By the way, is worry itself not a natural phenomenon, which means that it really cannot be avoided? Tell me, why shouldn’t the blind, the lame, the deaf and the dumb be worried?

Come on! think of the paraplegic, the barren, the jilted/jolted, the bereaved, the grieving, the persecuted, the downtrodden and the forgotten in pain, shouldn’t they be filled with all sorts of worry? Aren’t the innocently afflicted permitted to worry too?!!! Dear reader, should even the general rules of exception apply to the attendant yearnings of worry since it is a natural phenomenon?

The bitter truth is in the answer to all these questions; since worry adds nothing to life, then no one is permitted to worry irrespective of whatsoever. If reincarnation were to be possible, we probably would have had the opportunity to interview Helen Keller.

How she succeeded in conquering triumphantly and in end becoming larger than life in her field of endeavor is a thought worthy of admiration and an unending consideration for the thoughtful and the wise.

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf and at the same time was dumb from birth. Yet in spite of her tragic trio, she penned down very gracious words for generations before ours, ours and afterwards. Despite her early life and subsequent traumas, Helen Keller wrote: ‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence’.

Aha! res ipsa loquitor is the legal linguo for saying, the matter speaks for itself. Indeed, does not the matter speak for itself? Unarguably, the power behind Keller’s success is infused in the marvels of hope and faith.

Like father Abraham, I strongly believe that Helen Keller conceived her glorious future and believed in it without a moment of ‘staggering’. Her thoughts must have taken lectures in prescience from the philosopher, Bernard Williams.

Bernard Williams opined, ‘There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope’. How so awesome and true about hope: the sustaining thread that strings all of life together making it a unified whole. Frankly speaking, he that continually keeps his future perfectly in view and his past perfectly immersed in the sea of forgotten memory by the power of unshaken confidence and the sustaining thread of hope has his destiny in tact and on the right track. Such a-one is the perfect enemy of worry, and such will in no length of time cross the Rubicon.

The Holy Scripture says: ‘remember ye not the former things. Neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing. Shall ye not know it? Now, it shall spring forth. I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert’.

The foregoing is an infallible truth from the lips of the Almighty. It is worthy of absolute belief. Yesterday is gone: today is brightly in attendance, and tomorrow is assured. History is the paternal owner of yesterday. It is not the property of any one.

Men who grab yesterday as though it is today’s gift never letting go live to experience it afresh. Forget yesterday whether it be bitter or better. If bitter, they darken your today and impair your tomorrow. If better, they can be so alluring that focus on today’s pursuit may delay reality waiting eternally in the wings. It is ever sad to remain in the euphoria of yesterday’s success; It does no good.

It is a bright and brand new day today, friend. The darkness of yesterday is now over. The struggle is eternally gone. Year 2016 and its disappointments are now history. Let them be forgotten. It is now time to move on.

It is a new year with a new name, new vision and a new start. Therefore, awake with fresh faith and rekindled hope. You are the rightful owner of today and what you make of it is forever yours.

As for tomorrow, it is God’s divine right of ownership. It is an assured reality because of His promise. Hatching his promise into reality requires every one allowing the marvels of hope and faith to have their way. Those who run life’s business with their Maker through hope and faith never have their financial accounts existing in the red.

Make the best use of every day. God is always one step ahead of you. He will always be there when the next step is needed. I remember that ancient but prolific rhyme back in my nursery school days. Its words are instructive in this connection. It reads:

In the silver moon light

Period, my good friend.

There is oh! Note! I must write;

If yours could lend.

See my candles dying

And the fires no more.

Listen to my crying;

Open wide your door.

The lamenter in the above poem waited till his candles began to run out before his memory picked up on his foremost assignment of the day. Such individual is a repeater of yesterday’s bitter experience. He is certain to experience it afresh today.

In 2017, live in newness of life with the companions of hope and faith. Confront every challenge with a happy heart not a bitter one and not with worry the unruly horse. In the end, it shall be a Happy New Year in every good and glorious way for every one in Jesus name.


Hymn: O God, Our Help In Ages Past

Pray now:

  1. O Lord God, praise, glory and honour be to your gracious name for my successful cross-over without an aorta of evil carry-over.

  2. O God, the enemy shall not influence me to become my own enemy this year in the name of Jesus.

  3. O God, release your excellent Spirit to me to guide me throughout this year, in the name of Jesus.

  4. O thou waster of time, effort and destiny, be cut off by the sword of the Lord.

  5. O God, shield me in 2017 with your garment of righteousness.

  6. O God, by your extreme love and power, throughout 2017, I shall not be a victim of sin, satan and disaster.

  7. O shield of hope and faith, I need you now, enter into my life.

  8. Every fire quencher on assignment in 2017, you shall not locate my life and abode.

  9. Badluck, hardluck, deadlock and struggle, I terminate you now.

  10. I shall deliver my man-child of destiny this year, in the name of Jesus.

  11. O hanging blessings, the Lord God, Possessor of heaven and earth has not sent you to hang, therefore, descend upon me right now and throughout this year, in the name of Jesus.

  12. Every power that says, so I will always pray but without result, die now, in the name of Jesus.

  13. Every yet pursuing household enemy and self-inflicted enemy, die in the red sea of God now.

  14. O God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, hallow your name in my life and make 2017 a year of the release of bumper harvests.                     

Pastor Mike