Vol. 3, No. 1 – Monday, 1st January, 2018

(Isaiah 43:10-21, Revelation 21:1-6)



A glorious, happy new year to everyone, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On this maiden edition of ‘The Message Now’ in 2018, the Lord will have me inform you that everything you ever knew  and experienced as being evil is now history. It is the start of a new era.

The marked difference of this era is found in the newness of everything connected to it. Everything here means everything, including response to divine instructions, strict and consecrated followership, style and attitude of praying and of course God’s outpouring of  His manifold blessings in a new dimension.

Very frankly speaking, this is no joke. What good thing yet to be experienced in your life shall be displayed by the Almighty in full glare in 2018. This is the reason everything also must take a positive turn from you and me towards God in this  new year. Otherwise, repetition will mean sameness of the old year.

To obtain and enjoy the newness from God in 2018, stick strictly to the rules below. Be informed that these are not mere resolution which men often break at most by the month of February of the new year. Be informed further that these rules are further addendum to the prophecies already given about 2018.

Rule 1: Strictly avoid a lying tongue in this new year and for the rest of your life.

Rule 2: Be fervently committed to anything God-related this new year and do it without fear or favour.

Rule 3: Consistency of service in soul-winning, evangelism and follow-up is more than a necessity this new year. Let the Lord’s will prosper in your hands and your own work shall have the full breath of the Lord on it, in it and through it.

Rule 4: Avoid stress this new year by the best of your knowledge and ability. Whatever is not worth your time in this new year is not worth the expenditure of your energy (mental or otherwise) and money.

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YEAR/QUARTERLY THEME: A Thousand Times In Multiplication (Deuteronomy 1:11);

VIGIL: December – January;
Time: 11 P.M to 3) A.M.
DATE: Sunday, 31st December to Monday 1st January 2018;
COVENANT THEME: My Cup Of Blessing In The Year Of Fulfilment;
YEAR/VIGIL/MONTHLY Scripture: Deuteronomy 1:11

HIGH FAITH DECLARATION: declare aloud the greatness of the Almighty through the following Scriptures: Isaiah 43:1-21, Isaiah 42:5-17 and Psalms 118, 124 and 129.

CONFESSION: read Isaiah 25 and Psalm 129 aloud (and fervently pronounce the greatness of the Holy One of Israel aloud: pronouncing in high faith what His great hand shall do for you, your family and your ministry in this new year of fulfilment and great financial grace.)

Read Psalms 93 and 99 and offer to the ever faithful God quality praise for His awesome power and unusual mercy.


HYMN: The Great Physician

1. Merciful father, I thank for allowing me to see this new year.
2. Faithful, I praise for how you outran the enemy to keep me afloat.
3. This new year, I promise with all my heart to serve you in every way pleasing to you.
4. O Thou Spirit of this new era from the Lord, dwell with me.
5. My father, make 2018 the dawn of a new era indeed and in deed in my life this year.
6. Eternal God, fulfil Deuteronomy 1:11 in my life, family, business, marriage,health, destiny, career and ministry this new year.
7. Psalm 54, by the saving strength of the Almighty, my life and destiny shall be a spectacle of delight this new year, not a ridicule.
8. O Spirit of a new dawn in a new era from the Lord, journey ahead of me into everyday and every month of the year 2018, and prepare the best for me.
9. 2018, you are the year of my rising and announcement onto limelight; no force shall stop me.
10. Declare great things over your destiny now: lifting up holy hands of praise.


2018 PROPHESIES Here is the word of the Lord for the incoming year, the year 2018. The Holy Scriptures instruct: ‘he that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches’ (Mat.11:15, Rev.2:29, Rev.3:22).
  1. It is an entirely different and new era: a brighter and better year than the outgoing year. 2. The Lord God of Israel says that for many, it is a year of solution. 3. One markedly renown feature of this new year is that 2018 is a year of fulfilment and great financial grace. Unlike 2017 when the Lord merely indicated that it will be a year of no famine especially of agricultural produce and a year where the Lord indicated that there shall be green vegetation emerging even out of the desert, 2018 shall be a fruitful year with money in free flow. Endeavour to pray to reality the Holy Scripture in Deuteronomy 1:11 through out the entire year, 2018. 4. From about July through to its peak in October – November, there shall be a great lifting for a major senior citizen (by the vision of the Lord, I saw him ascend the stairs of greatness until he arrived at the very top). Therefore, I urge the church to pray earnestly for him for a new nation shall emerge. 5. Deaths and trouble in one of the states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 6. There, I saw also the indicator light of the Lord flashing at ‘SALT’ in 2018. A spiritual and medical need for salt in 2018 shall be by far more pronounce. I encourage everyone to include ‘SALT’ in their bathing water very often in 2018; it is good year nevertheless sickness from the enemy camp is in the horizon. 7. An African nation (South-Africa is in the picture for 2018; there is a very pressing need for intense prayers for the nation of South-Africa to ward off internal tumult. 8. Deaths in the month of July 2018;and the plot to kill Bola Ahmed Tinubu shall once again fail. 9. Internationally,the dollar shall wax much stronger;the dragon behind the dollar shall be stronger than the forces behind the currencies of most good economies. 10. 2018 is a festival year 11. I see thorns (representing sicknesses and curses) growing among wheat in 2018 but lo i see heaven descend and crush the thorns so that they withered from the ground and there was left only a large expanse of green field. 12. Pray intensely for pregnant women in 2018 13. There shall be daily attacks against good men of God in 2018. 14. Men shall jump from one position to another being unstable. 15. Pray for the marriages of many. 16. Many shall be made rich but will not remember who made them so. 17. Dogs eating dogs in the political arena. 18. Very many awaited promises and dreams shall be fulfilled in 2018;O fight a fight of faith against the rampant of sicknesses.
2017 prophesies 1. Sudden, unprepared and unexpected events and happenings shall take men, nations and the world by surprise. 2. Crude oil prices shall rise globally. 3. There shall be deaths of leaders and ministers of the gospel. 4. I see the word ‘great revival’ from about March-April. 5. An old man (big personality) with great influence shall die. 6. The agenda of God for Nigeria shall be fulfilled. Pray very hard for Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Break the power of Occultic men holding Nigeria ransom. 7. The secret plan to part Lagos State into two separate states by the Federal Government shall fail (please pray very, very hard against this plan). 8. There shall be another agenda to shift certain notable amenities and resource-oriented facilities away from Lagos State to another state in Nigeria (not FCT Abuja). It is an evil political move borne out of spite and for downgrade.


Vol. 2, No. 52 – Monday, 25th December, 2017

(Gen.2:21, Prov.6:1-11)

A blessing-filled merry Christmas to everyone, in Jesus name. I pray that the joy of Christmas will become the daily experience of everyone. Just as there is no genuine Christmas without the complete story about Christ in it, so also there can be no complete and lasting joy in a man without Christ in his/her soul. Therefore, to have this Christmas joy on a daily basis, you must be saved and be committed to Christ and His will in every way.

With this, I welcome everyone to the end of an era. Do you remember that at the end of 2015 part of the prophecies was that in 2016 there was going to be a dearth that is, scarcity and expensivity of certain food items.

At about the month of November in 2016, the Lord indicated to us that the year 2017 was going to be an entirely different year in terms of groceries – food items, their prices and their availability.

If you countenance 2017 as being better than 2016, then get ready for a much bigger celebration in 2018; it is a year of fulfilment and great financial grace.

26th December 2017 is another momentous day on Prophecy Of The Future Days Foretold about 2018. Please, endeavour to be there.

In the meantime, today’s edition of our weekly magazine focuses on sleep. As is commonly defined, sleep is a major form of rest. All definitions about this subject agree that sleep is good and necessary.

Indeed, biblical account informs us that God is the originator of sleep (Gen.2:21). But understand certain realities about sleep to the extent that:
Engaging in a moment of sleep must not be without a definite purpose.

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Vol. 2, No. 51 – Monday, 18th December, 2017

(Jeremiah 17:1-9, Ephesians 5:15-16, 2 Timothy 1:5-6)


Praise be to God for this particular prophetic edition of “The Message Now”. This penultimate edition begins on a note of very serious prayers. Therefore pray:

(1) O divine hand of God, cut off from my life every flow of generational blood that journeyed with my life in 2017.
(2) Every brassy heaven that clouded my life and vision in 2017, you are not travelling with me into 2018. Therefore, be shattered by the thunderbolts of the Almighty.
(3) O heaven-ordained miracles assigned to my life for 2017 shall not be postponed, I retrieve and recover you to my life and refuse every evil carry-over.
(4) I shall not start nor finish year 2018 as I did in 2017; rather, my starting and ending of 2018 shall be by far better than every other year so far.
(5) O angels of God assigned to my life, be empowered and serve my destiny better and sharper in year 2018.
(6) O waster of times and seasons, I bid you final bye today.

Common knowledge informs us about the numerical difference in years. For instance, whilst the year 2017 ends with the figure 7, the year 2018 does not. However, the difference in years stretch beyond the frontiers of numbers and figures.

Separate and distinct from numerical differences, spiritually speaking, years differ from each other in the condiments they contain. The condimental differences of each year further means that spiritual directions for each year widely differs.

Therefore, the  incoming  year 2018 shares similarity like every other year in monumental differences. Such monumental difference of 2018 is contained in its must do and must not do. Thus the unchallengeable reality is that there are certain things that must be done in order that 2018, the year of fulfilment and financial grace might have full essence and effect.

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Vol. 2, No. 50 – Monday, 11th December, 2017

(Eccl.3:1, Eccl.9:9-12)


What any one is today is a function of how his/her time was expended hours before today; the hours of today fuse to determine what we will be tomorrow. Good or bad use of time is the summary of any life. Time has no tangible edges by which one may take hold of it.

Nonetheless, intangibility does not deny the existence of time. Time exists in its essence. The essence of time is experienced by its reality, its substance and empirical impacts.

The combined texts of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 1 and chapter 9 verses 9-12, especially chapter 3 verse 1 and chapter 9 verses 11-12 explicitly informs about inculcating an essential character of life and time without which success and the maximisation of opportunities are not guaranteed.

The eternal lessons from these combined verses stretch beyond mere moralistic philosophies pronouncing the importance of time management to include the pertinence of realising that overspending of time is nothing else but time wastage turned inside-out and semantically coined in a different sense.

These verses contained in the text of Ecclesiastes chapter 3:1 and chapter 9:9-12 state as follows:

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Vol. 2, No. 49 – Monday, 4th December, 2017

(Gen.36:1, 8, Gen.27, esp 38-40, Gen.32:6, Gen.33:1-10, Gen.36:1-5, 9-30, Luke 8:43-48)



Permit me to begin this edition of The Message Now by sending out my profound appreciation to my co-workers in the production corner from where this weekly magazine is being produced. As you will understand, it is not a sole effort.

The Lord by His mercy gives the inspiration, corrections, restraints and directives whilst I just do the lesser job of writing. Two of my other co-workers – sister Margaret Oforishe and sister Helen Andrew fuse together in selfless sacrifice to do the more arduous job of proof-reading, editing and incorporating same onto the Ministry’s website.

Baba (Rev. Israel Ebo) is an expert in expending his personal finances in printing same for our upcoming pastors who in turn teach same to our congregation during our Tuesday meetings.

Please join me in praying for them that as they joyfully do the work of the Lord, the hand of the Lord will not depart from them. In addition, that the will of the Lord will be fulfilled in their lives to the letter.

Ultimately, that in life and in destiny, they will not miss their deserving blessings. Pray also for this magazine production team that the Spirit of the Lord will not depart from us but will always give us directions in every way and at all times.

I begin this concluding edition of the Mystery of Esau’s Singular blessing by stating the obvious point that: those without information lack knowledge. Any man without knowledge is toothless, purposeless and without vision. The purposeless have nothing by way of vision to pursue or fight for and he who has nothing to pursue or to fight for in life is a living dead.

Clear knowledge of the Bible informs us that Esau is the founder of the kingdom of Edom(Gen.36:1). Incontestable biblical fact has it that the Kingdom of Edom is seated on ‘Mount Seir’ (Gen.36:8). In contemporary global geography, the kingdom of Edom and Mount Seir are today located in the South-Western axis of the modern nation of Jordan. Jordan is a nation situated in the continent of Asia.

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