Covenant Breakthrough Service: January-February 2020

Covenant Breakthrough Service
Monthly Covenant Prayer Session:
Vigil: January – February 2020;
Time: 11:30 P.M to 1A.M.
Date: Friday, 31st January – Saturday 1st February 2020
Covenant Theme: The Dawn Of My Prophecy Is Now ( Hosea 12:13);
Vigil/Monthly Scripture: Hosea 12:1-13, Proverbs 30:5

1. Offer quality praise and worship to God- the maker of heaven and earth.
2. O Lord, my time wandering in darkness is over,my day of brightness shall begin in Jesus name.
3. Pray for Express Image Glory Ministries.
4. Present your personal petitions.


Jeremiah 33:3…… Call upon me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not. 
1. 2019 is a year God has tagged THE YEAR OF SOLUTION. It is not just solution for the first quarter; No, even the second quarter. Hence real solution for the last quarter beginning from October.
2. In 2019,God revealed: and Lo I saw a vision, and in the vision suddenly fresh green vegetation sprung up from hard places without human assistance. It means for some people: not too many, there shall be sudden release of new glory; new glory out of God’s pure divine assistance; divine design not out of merit.
3. The Spirit of the Lord made me stand at one side of an open field. The name NIGERIA was written in an open atmosphere and obvious signs in the sky over Nigeria.
4. It was revealed that there shall be a great rise of gay and homosexualism practices in Nigeria; Lev 18:22, Rom.1:16-32, esp 24-27.
5. In the same vision, I saw two presidential candidates of the two major parties in Nigeria stand side by side. One was lifted up and suspended in the atmosphere that he became taller. Shan’t the star from the northeast truly arise and shine?
6. By reason of the same vision in the open field, I saw that in 2019, in Nigeria, there was the appearance of plenty of flour-like food, that is powder-like; such flour or powder arising from grains.
7. It is a year when the influence of the queen of heaven shall be stronger in Nigeria for I saw her stand in the center of the open field. Beware O Christian that easy life does not divert you from the faith. Jer 7:16, Jer 44:17- 19,25.
8. There shall be plenty of global fire incidences in 2019.
9. Christians should pray against divorce in 2019. Strong influence of sexual lusts in men shall be in the spiritual atmosphere. There will be takeover of homes by strange women. 
10. I hear rolling sounds of war from northeast Nigeria. But the Spirit of the Lord says to me: “there shall be no war in Nigeria.”
11. The man Donald Trump is up to something in 2019 ;watch out!
12. Except somebody stands in the gap for one of the presidential candidates in Nigeria, he will die before he is sworn in if he wins the election. 
13. As I laid down my head praying in that hotel room, the Lord said to me “my return is at hand.”
14. The Lord is commanding earnest evangelism like never before in year 2019.
15. Express Image Glory Ministries will be very much alive and awake in 2019.
16. Debts shall be replaced with many recoveries.
17. There shall be staggering surprises in 2019 as states that you do not expect that opposing party to win, will be won by them.
18. I saw in a brief vision: formed darkness like a human face (medium-range in size, not so big to be qualified as large). The darkness I saw in the vision appeared in the month of January. Global meeting of dark kingdom will hold at some point in January. Pray O Christian that the agenda of the god of this world (2 Cor.4:4) does not alter good programmes and personal set-goals.
19. I saw again uncountable dead fishes by the seaside. There shall be plenty of human deaths in 2019.
20. There shall be many surprises and deceptions.