1) 2021 is a year of bumper harvest for the faithful.
2) Blessing s got in bits in 2020 shall be far less in comparison to the blessings that shall come in manifold measures in 2021.
3) World government of leading nations shall thrive by means of darkness but the light shall expose them and cause their collapse.
4) Something or someone of great global prominent is going to fall in year 2021
5) There will be rise of great power of sea at the international level in year 2021
6)That short man prophet shall rise like never before in year 2021, he shall be adorned with great glory, international glory and fame and his greatness shall continue until he meets His God
7)There shall be plenty money to people in year 2021. There is something about dollar, a rise in the dollar at the international level
8) The shield of China shall fade away
9) I see Jesus in the midst of China
10) There shall be prosperity
11) God shall be glorified among men.
12) There is going to be an happening that will shake the world.
13) God is going to decorate certain women.
14) There will be sudden rise of spiritual power of daughters of God, young women with divine power, both literate and illiterate, they will be madly drunk with the power of God, they will do exploit to the glory of God.
15) I saw two dead women that came back to life by Dr. Olukoya touching them.
16) Those who shall give themselves over to giving shall see the move of God like never before in year 2021
17) Governmental changes in Nigeria between 2021 and 2022 especially on or before the early part of 2023.
18) It shall be a great miracle if Nigeria doesn’t break up on or before 2024
19) One head of government may be forced out before 2023
20) A prominent Lagos politician shall be under attack by octo 2022 to Jan/Feb/ March 2023 and except he is very careful he may not survive it.
21) There shall be governmental changes also in other parts of the world.
22) In the international, I saw a cow making an alliance with a ram. Luke 23:12.
There will be alliance between different cults in the international arena to gang up against the Light but they will not prosper because the time is not yet.
23) There shall be a sea of flood between February to May. High rising water-Tsunami/flood. We shall not lose our properties to flood in Jesus name.
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