1. The year 2022 is a very hard year, seriously hard.
2. It is a year for the rise and the fall of many.
3. Significant enemies of nations, including Nigeria shall fall in year 2022.
4. Evil animals will be on rampage against people especially in their dream and sleep.
5. Many seas will leave their places and come to the land.
6. Evil in the month of May/June.
7. There will be famine.
8. Something to happen from Benue.
9. There will be plenty solutions to be encountered/experienced by the children of God
10. I see an international market facing serious trouble.
11. Many men will lose sight of the time of their divine visitation.
12. It is a year to pray very hard for darkness will be on a very bad rampage.
13. World and Global groundbreaking awards shall be won by men
14. I see a prophet being given honour (documented honour); the whole Earth shall see his face for greatness
15. If we do not seriously pray, FIFA world cup shall be attacked.
16. I see the cross of Christ raised high above all troubles.
17. I see a lady dressed up in white flowery wedding attire with an accompanying lady.
18. I saw a very long golden image coming out of the sea.
19. In 2022 the Babylon that has long harassed many people shall finally fall and die.
20. Division of territories, voices calling for the division of nation shall be very loud. Louder than ever before in year 2022.
21. I see the warship of a country I don’t know, travelling across the sea heading towards another country. That other country is governed by the power of the moon.
22. Deaths – many deaths with strange diseases and sicknesses.
23. Homes where salt is used in it (spread aboutin its corners ) together and foremostly with Jesus in their heart shall be constantly under divine protection.
24. In 2022, there will be great heat like fire (heat from desert moving into the cities) and disease of skin.
25. There is something about nine (9) in the coming year, 2022. Whether this number nine (9) is a reference to month, date, day or anything else, I do not know.
26. The Lord says, “I am coming soon”.



1). Many big people – important personalities shall die in 2023.
2). In February 2023, a masquerade is coming out. I don’t know the meaning of this.
3). Be careful of this spirit of disobedience in March, 2023 – many will misbehave and be misled.
4). Those with cola plantations, cocoa plantations and plantain plantations shall prosper much in 2023.
5). Science shall discover something in plant or animal that will make a grand breakthrough.
6). There shall be an attempt to postpone the Nigeria election and another attempt to render it inconclusive, thereby attempting to bring about a stalemate.
7). The Western world will support a presidential candidate in the Nigerian election race.
8). President Donald Trump shall come back
9). The Nigerian 2023 Election will hold but there shall be problems with inconclusive voting, INEC’S declaration and the swearing-in.
10). There shall be economic boom and boost for many Nations, organizations and people in 2023.
11) 2023 is a year of unusual mercy. There are four months in the year 2023 which are special months of exceptional mercy; in the months of January, March, September and November, God shall rain down unusual mercy that has not been experienced before.
12). There are equally a few months that are months of mercy also such as July, August and October. But they are not as great and special as the first four special months of mercy listed.
13). If the world has ever witnessed flood, the kind of flood from June 2023 is unprecedented.
14). 2023 is the year of the fall of many mighty people.
15). In other countries and especially Nigeria, 2023 is a year for the rise of many children of God.
16). God in his unusual spectacular mercy will make that prophet to embark on a journey of unusual great glory for his personal work and for the glory of the kingdom of God. That glorious journey shall birth endless glory for him. Merited and unmerited awards shall be brought to him from far and near. God will do all these onto him that he may cover his face with shame because he thought that his God has forsaken and forgotten him. He shall weep sore before his God and plead with Him for mercy and He shall draw him near onto himself in mercy.
17). There shall be strive in many cities and some strong nations shall pull apart.
18). The hand of God shall not slack to save and secure His own.
19). In 2023, the bell of glory from heaven shall ring greatness and shall shake nations. The ringing of the bell is for the expiry of certain situations.
20). I see war; O nations of the world, be careful.
21). She shall be sick even onto death, an affliction caused solely by her own family and people. But the hand of the Lord shall ransom her in the end.
22. The shadow of the Almighty will be your shelter, the wing of the Almighty will be your protection. The Lord will watch over his people even in the midst of the worst battles.
23) There will be more flood and more fire disasters destroying lives and properties- There is need for earnest prayers.
24) I see airplane crashes. One of them on top of a building,
25) Earnest prayer against Worldwide witchcraft meeting and witchcraft onslaught.
26) The continuing prophecy by different men saying Bishop Oyedepo, Rev. W.F Kumuyi and Pastor(Prophet) E.A Adeboye will die in 2023 will not come to pass.