Monday, 18th July, 2016

Hab.2:2-3, Deut.29:29, Prov.13:19, 18:1, 19:22, Luke 2:19, Dan.7:28, 8:26, Mark 8:25-26

Never glory or rejoice in a great dream. It is but a dream. When any great dream becomes a reality; then, testimony is gained. This is so because, there is no point remaining in a dream world whilst reality is yet a myriad of miles away to trek. Relaxing simply because of a great dream experience amounts only to basking in the euphoria being played out by mere fascinating illusion.

So, pursue your great dreams with all spiritual vigour through heart-wrench prayers until they see the light of reality. Dearly Beloved, keep your great dreams between you and God. Your great dream is your future displayed in a spiritual photograph. Do not let them become the celebration of another. Just as there are testimonies that man must never share, so also the hiding place for great dreams is never in the ears of the closest friend but in the bosom of the one to whom the great dream is given.

BBC News in 2012/2013 revealed that Facebook was another man’s great dream discussed by him with a friend who subsequently stole that dream. In 2013 alone, Facebook was worth hundred billion U.S. Dollars in shares. Sadly, it had become the harvest of a different sower. Do you know that the invention of the television was a Scottish man’s art and dream? In his own case, poverty stopped him from hatching that art into full reality. Today, the reality is that it is an American man’s claim.

The Scottish man’s story runs in tandem with the Cocacola great dream story. John Stith Pemberton formulated/invented the globally popular Cocacola soft-drink. For reasons of his unfortunate health conditions and the dodgy death of his son, Pemberton lost his great dream to Asa Griggs Candler. Shockingly and sadly too, on12th September 1919, Candler sold off this giant industrial estate (Cocacola) to a group of insightful, foresightful and farsightful investors for a paltry sum comparative to the Trillions of Dollars being gained daily today by those far-thinking investors.

Dearly Beloved, can you take a pause and ask yourself who the celebrity is today? Is it the original inventor-Pemberton (and his unfortunate health conditions), the myopic-thinking Candler or those group of investors (and their foresight and farsight?) In the Name of the Lord God of host, no force from hell, household enemies or unfriendly friends will stop your great dreams.

Before they stop you the Almighty God shall stop them in their tracks. Every evil unseen basket set before you to harvest your good and fervent prayers shall catch fire from this day. Your great dreams will see the light of day in Jesus name, Amen. That which belongs to you will not be inherited by strangers in Jesus name, Amen.

Pray now:

Father, bring my great dreams into remembrance.

Father, cause my good dreams to speedily come to pass.

Father, smite all spiritual hackers hacking into my dream realm with spiritual blindness.

Let the anger of God waste every dream polluter in and around my life.

I detach my life from every unhelpful Jonah.

Father, Let not another take my position of glory.

I shall not die before my time and glory in Jesus name, Amen.

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