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Monday, 25th July 2016

Ps.92:1-2, Is.12:3 Dan.2:20-21, Eccl.3:1-11

When life treats you unfairly, it is because that is its inherent nature. Is it not life which disqualifies the best persons and sometimes makes them lowest of the low? Is William Shakespeare then completely wrong after all? In defining life, Shakespeare lamented, ‘life is but a shadow, a poor player that struts and frets on the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing’.

Indeed, it is a ‘superfluity of nothingness’ without God and His only begotten Son. Some one has rightly and aptly put it mathematically in a quadratic equation sense that ‘life is an equation; God is the constant. Christ is the coefficient’. I submit, if the Father and the Son are absent, then life is nothing but a useless vacuum. I submit further, if God and Christ are present in the equation called life, then life is worth a living.

So, cease to worry at all about life’s unfair treatment. Rather concentrate on Him ‘with whom we have to do’. By the way, why bother yourself so much about life’s unfair challenges? are the challenges of life not common to every living? So, it means life has got no favorites. As such, when dealing with life and its common nature of unfair and unequal treatment, strictly adhere to the following principles:

Ignore life and its inherent nature;

Never ask why me? It is you because you are the most special person in that special field of life. Never apportion blame. Instead, drop the blame game. Life is but a cross with an initially unrevealed crown but which must be compulsorily borne nonetheless by every man. Only the wise and the most resilient however obtain the crown from that cross.

Realise that afterall, the passage of life and life’s circumstances are inevitable. So also are the ebbin-tides of change. Life and life’s circumstances do change and man must change with them. If therefore, man fails to acknowledge the transit of life’s circumstances but rather continually wallow in the mire of gloom, man will be permanently imprisoned in a vortex of impertinence.

Deliberately choose to be happy, merry in your heart and let joyful presence revolve around you; Know with all sense of certainty that ‘no tyranny of circumstances can permanently imprison a determined will’, and remember that the best way to respond to unfair circumstances of life is to hold tight onto the garment of the Almighty and do His will. Why? It is a man’s service joyfully rendered onto God and onto humanity that will recommend him onto greatness.

Pray now:

Lord, break the yoke of perpetual struggle from my life.

I detach my life, destiny and hands from profitless hard work.

Father, anoint me with ease and favour.

I break free from every evil life pattern.

Read Ps.123 aloud and ask your heavenly Father for His mercy.

Pastor Mike

Posted in July Edition.

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