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Vol 1, No. 12 – Monday,26th September, 2016

(Phil 3:1; Psalm 92:1-2; Neh 8:10; Psalm 50:22-23)

Rejoicing is an art not an act.Dearly beloved, l charge you  by the mercies of God to make the art of rejoicing  your daily exercise.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. First, there are two spiritual weapons that the enemy cannot confront. These  two weapons  are the most potent tools for answered prayers. Infact they are so potent that when engaged in prayer  the flip side of that prayer are unhindered  access  to God and the total annihilation  of any problems. These two weapons are prophecy and the power of praise.

The second reason you need to rejoice  and praise God always is that  your problems are now solved and the era of delay and oppression  are now over since the moment of our conference.Third, rejoicing or praise to God is one thing  God cannot do for himself. Our God therefore  needs you and me to praise him. One such reason why God cannot praise himself is because self “praise” is no praise at all. By the way, self praise is the inclination of the proud, the ungrateful, the indolent  and those suffering from pathetic self-pity and inferiority complex.

These inclinations are never part of the character of God. As  God lives and His spirit lives your testimonies shall manifest speedily in Jesus name. But know this for a fact that the best praise is the praise offered in advance of testimony not in arrears or thereafter. It is time dearly beloved to praise the Lord for all the prophecies and prayers offered  by you and those offered on your behalf  during the conference. Such praise moves the hand of God to speedily accomplish the desires  of men . Your great day has come and your breakthroughs will not be held up in the traffic  of life and darkness  for one second.

Pray now:

O Lord, let every snatcher of blessings and polluter of prayers in and around me be consumed by fire.

O God, give me a heart of stainless worship.

O Lord, anoint me with uncommon grace to daily praise you.

Lord, destroy the wicked and the horn of the wicked before they gain access to my testimonies.

Begin to praise the Lord now

 Pastor Mike


Posted in September Edition.

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  1. its quite enjoyable to have the power and grace to praise God at all times the after effect of the conference as we are challenged in this volume of the magazine, i believe, will launch us into his continous praise

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