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Vol. 4, No 35- Monday, 16th September,2019.
Why Are Ye Troubled?
Luke 24:38

It is natural for man to get and feel troubled when confronted with trouble. When the trouble is so frightening, some hormones are released in the body adequately to react to the trouble. It’s just a natural physiological process.
Jesus asked this question “why are ye troubled? (LK 24:38) just to assure them that as His followers they need not be troubled.

He was questioning them whether they believed all he said about his death and resurrection. He knew even their thoughts and further asked ‘why do these thoughts arise in your hearts?’
If we truly believe that Christ is risen, we do not need to be troubled. This question was asked after his resurrection and the disciples were still doubting and are troubled . We don’t need to be troubled when trouble comes.

It is note worthy that while they were troubled, Jesus suddenly appeared in the midst (LK 24:36) and commended peace unto them. May the Lord appear to you you are troubled and give you peace.

Each time the disciples were troubled, Jesus was always suddenly appearing to reassure them of peace and calmness.
There was an occasion when they were to cross to “the other side “(MK 4:35 -41). Along the journey, a great storm arose but Jesus was peacefully sleeping on a pillow. The frightened disciples woke him up and he commanded peace; he shall command his peace into your troubled life in Jesus name.

In this case a “ great storm “ was returned to a “great calm “ Mk 4: 37, Mk 4: 39). In the account of John 6-16-21, the storm rose up and they were afraid but as Jesus entered the ship they were instantly on the other side where they were going (like a magic).

When trouble was predicted for Paul in Jerusalem, Paul challenged it head long for he was prepared not only to be bound but to even die for what he believed (Act 21: 11-13). He wasn’t troubled by trouble.
When death was staring at Peter, he was imprisoned so he could be killed after Easter. Peter just peacefully slept off in the inner prison where they kept him (Act 12 :6-8, 10-12).
How sweet to know that the brethren and the church are praying for you when in trouble (Act 12: 5). Peter knew the brethren were praying for him, he knew where they were holding the prayer meeting so he went straight to meet them (Act 12:12).

Initially we at Express Image, in the pastorate, we dedicated every 1st Wednesday to fasting and prayer for the church and the members, the second Wednesday for the workers and pastorate and the 3rd Wednesday for the pastor and his family but now we do it three times a day and every day of the week. The lord has been giving us and the members’ great victory since then. When Paul and Silas were in great trouble and
imprisoned, they were not troubled at all (Act 16 25-34). It was their praise worship that brought the power of God to the situation and the prison doors were widely opened.

Esther didn’t wait for the trouble to come and consume them. She challenged the trouble and did the unlawful, she said “if I perish, I perish” and for this singular action all the Jews were saved from destruction (Esther 3:13, 4 :15, 16, 8: 16-17, 9: 5).

If truly we are Christians, we don’t need to be troubled when trouble comes. Trouble will always come (Rev 12- 12), but Christ assurance is our sufficiency
– Life is loaded with trouble
-Everybody is either in it, or heading towards it, or getting out of it
-Hardship is facts of life
-Our Christian journey is not an easy sail; storms will threaten (MK 4:9).

But when you invite Jesus into your journey, he will calm the storm. In Mark 4:37 that we earlier read, there was a great storm: yours may also seem so greatly overwhelming but Jesus has a greater force to calm it. Compare the enormosity of the storm in (MK4:37) and the great peace in (MK4:39). There was a great storm and at Christ’s intervention their was great peace. It shall be unto you in your life according to the order of MK 4:39. In MK4:40, He asked them again on this occasions why are ye fearful ? if you have full faith in Christ, no trouble should trouble you. Storm will threaten and waves will surge they shall all ‘’come to pass’’ in Jesus name.

Trusting Jesus doesn’t keep us from having difficulties. But it does keep us from being swallowed by them.
When you are in trouble don’t be troubled.
When David faced the great Goliath of Gath, it was a big trouble but David ran forward and released a single stone to kill the enemy and there was peace. God promised to deliver us from all our troubles.(Ps 91:15).

In the end, when you are in trouble don’t be troubled, the risen Christ is with you and He will keep you. He will keep your ship from sinking it doesn’t matter how deep the sea. Faith and hope will keep you floating. Don’t let trouble, trouble you.

Question and answer
Q. For how long was the earth covered with darkness when Jesus died

A. 3hr

Hymn: It is well with my soul


1. Prov 3:25a Father, I rest on you, never shall a sudden fear over run me
2. Prov 3:25b Father by your power, no desolation of the wicked shall overtake me
3. Ps 121:8 Father from henceforth preserve my going our and calling
4. Gen 24:1 Father bless me all through the remaining days of this year.
5. Father,refresh the anointing of Pastor Michael specially for the conference.

6. Father in this coming fire conference, bless the ministry with all round provision. Bring people you have appointed unto salvation and most importantly let down your physical power unto us.

Israel Ade –Raymond Ebo.

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