Vol. 5, No. 43 – Sunday 1st November, 2020
(Acts.24:16, 1 Sam.12:1-3,)

Frankly and most sincerely speaking, I have not found much wickedness elsewhere except such wickedness being perpetrated by christians. The sort of behaviours put up by Christians, the level of abuse and the non-respect for the principles of integrity makes one to think whether some church-going Christians really have any living conscience living in them.
It is mainly Christians who find it difficult to repay debts. When promises are made by them, living up to their word is always a deliberate uphill task. In business engagements, some Christians buy products for say, N1000 and interestingly, they want to sell that product for N15,000. Christians are the swiftest in expressing detrimental judgment on other people.

Ah! I cannot but make this reference to A. Tozer. The great A. Tozer stated, ‘a Pharisee is hard on others and easy on himself. But a spiritual man is easy on others and hard on himself’. I cannot understand it. Christians! What has brought us to this lowest ebb?
The Bible and the doctrines of Christ are no doubt very refining. Change of character is a major sine qua non immediately after salvation. What then is the problem? Are we not saved? Or have we lost our salvation? Or have we stopped growing, and now experiencing stunted growth?
I cannot think of any other thing other than the fact that the moment a man loses his vision, his focus drowns and his pursuit is redirected or totally lost. No wonder! Blaise Pascal quipped, ‘the best way to kill a man’s vision is to give him another vision’. The truth is satan has given us another vision – a problem orchestrated by worries, anxieties, cares and concerns of life so that the vision of heaven and the focus of the love for God which we had at the start has now either dwindled or completely lost.

Here is no great mystery but simple truth that heaven is the pursuit for those who are journey-bound. It is ‘a continuing city whose builder and Maker is God’. The moment our focus shifts, then we begin to live like residents on the earth who have no home above to go one day.
Ah! Alas! Hear Adrian’s thoughtful admonision. Adrian Rogers said that ‘we ought to be living as if Jesus died yesterday, rose this morning, and He is coming back this afternoon’. If this realisation is not in us, then Adrian’s statement to us will remain a farcical one.
The truth is this: there is no other key for unlocking heaven and for journeying in the end to heaven other than continuous holy living. Continuous holy living is the lone fuel which powers the engine for that spiritual rocket bound for heaven. The flipside of the aforesaid is simply this: if there will be any focus for heaven, it must be by way of holiness.
Here is a further truth that anyone living in the light of another is simply unreal, a counterfeit, fake and artificial. Artificiality is the same as hypocrisy. By the contents of Job.8:16, 13:16, 15:34, Lk.12, etc, the home of the hypocrite is the polar direction from heaven. Please realise O Christian that Christians have but only one common interest and one common enemy. Our ultimate interest is heaven and our commonest enemy is not fellow Christians or even other human beings, it is rather satan.

Heaven is important to a Christian to the extent that if anyone is not desiring to go to heaven and work assiduously to get there, there is really no need to give one’s life to Christ in the first instance. When holiness and heaven are no longer the foremost focus, deadness of conscience becomes the obvious result. The issue of heaven is so germaine and so vitally important to the extent that it can require change in friends and friendships, modification of family affliation, etc.
The pertinent question is why? The answer is not far fetched. It is an answer existing between the differential border line between priority and option. Whilst every other thing may exist within the realm of option, heaven is without doubt an uncontestable priority. The final question is the question of determining where we will all end up in the end of the very end. It is the question: where do you stand in all of these?


Question and Answer Section
Question: The great questions again! When was the last time that you preached to any soul? Do you serve God with joyful heart or with reluctance? How much hurt is in your soul against that fellow? Won’t rather forgive them and forget their mischief so that you can rightly serve your loving Father? When was the last time you smiled genuinely and truly from your heart about yourself bearing in mind the bright days to come? when was the last time you heard a force praying within your belly without your consciousness? When was the last time you gave some thing to support God’s work apart from your tithes and offerings? When was the last time you supported any man to fulfill a divine or a personal agenda? When was the last time you put smile on the face of someone?
Answer: Hmmm!.

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Backslidden – living in sin – needing fresh recommitment (say):
Christ Jesus, You are the Anointed One of the Most High. I come to you today as I am. In your mercy, help me out of my situation. Heal my soul, my spirit, my body, my life and my destiny. I acknowledge you as the only true lover of my soul. Please, deliver me on every side and save me through and through. I promise from the depth of my soul to be yours from henceforth, in Jesus name. Help me now O God. Be my Lord, my Saviour and my all in all from this day. Thank you Lord (read Ps.54 in closing and pray more).

HYMN: Come Onto Holiness Church Of The Lord
1. Repent and redeicate your life afresh to God (if need be).
2. O God, please reawaken my conscience to your Spirit and to sound holiness.
3. Problems of life determined to take heaven from me, you are a failure. I receive divine strength to conquer you and to possess my possessions.
4. O sweet hour of prayers, please begin afresh in my life and form an unending time table in my soul and life.
5. Earth things that shift my focus, O God, give me solutions to them.
6. Present your personal petitions.

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