1) 2021 is a year of bumper harvest for the faithful.
2) Blessing s got in bits in 2020 shall be far less in comparison to the blessings that shall come in manifold measures in 2021.
3) World government of leading nations shall thrive by means of darkness but the light shall expose them and cause their collapse.
4) Something or someone of great global prominent is going to fall in year 2021
5) There will be rise of great power of sea at the international level in year 2021
6)That short man prophet shall rise like never before in year 2021, he shall be adorned with great glory, international glory and fame and his greatness shall continue until he meets His God
7)There shall be plenty money to people in year 2021. There is something about dollar, a rise in the dollar at the international level
8) The shield of China shall fade away
9) I see Jesus in the midst of China
10) There shall be prosperity
11) God shall be glorified among men.
12) There is going to be an happening that will shake the world.
13) God is going to decorate certain women.
14) There will be sudden rise of spiritual power of daughters of God, young women with divine power, both literate and illiterate, they will be madly drunk with the power of God, they will do exploit to the glory of God.
15) I saw two dead women that came back to life by Dr. Olukoya touching them.
16) Those who shall give themselves over to giving shall see the move of God like never before in year 2021
17) Governmental changes in Nigeria between 2021 and 2022 especially on or before the early part of 2023.
18) It shall be a great miracle if Nigeria doesn’t break up on or before 2024
19) One head of government may be forced out before 2023
20) A prominent Lagos politician shall be under attack by octo 2022 to Jan/Feb/ March 2023 and except he is very careful he may not survive it.
21) There shall be governmental changes also in other parts of the world.
22) In the international, I saw a cow making an alliance with a ram. Luke 23:12.
There will be alliance between different cults in the international arena to gang up against the Light but they will not prosper because the time is not yet.
23) There shall be a sea of flood between February to May. High rising water-Tsunami/flood. We shall not lose our properties to flood in Jesus name.


2018 PROPHESIES Here is the word of the Lord for the incoming year, the year 2018. The Holy Scriptures instruct: ‘he that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches’ (Mat.11:15, Rev.2:29, Rev.3:22).
  1. It is an entirely different and new era: a brighter and better year than the outgoing year. 2. The Lord God of Israel says that for many, it is a year of solution. 3. One markedly renown feature of this new year is that 2018 is a year of fulfilment and great financial grace. Unlike 2017 when the Lord merely indicated that it will be a year of no famine especially of agricultural produce and a year where the Lord indicated that there shall be green vegetation emerging even out of the desert, 2018 shall be a fruitful year with money in free flow. Endeavour to pray to reality the Holy Scripture in Deuteronomy 1:11 through out the entire year, 2018. 4. From about July through to its peak in October – November, there shall be a great lifting for a major senior citizen (by the vision of the Lord, I saw him ascend the stairs of greatness until he arrived at the very top). Therefore, I urge the church to pray earnestly for him for a new nation shall emerge. 5. Deaths and trouble in one of the states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 6. There, I saw also the indicator light of the Lord flashing at ‘SALT’ in 2018. A spiritual and medical need for salt in 2018 shall be by far more pronounce. I encourage everyone to include ‘SALT’ in their bathing water very often in 2018; it is good year nevertheless sickness from the enemy camp is in the horizon. 7. An African nation (South-Africa is in the picture for 2018; there is a very pressing need for intense prayers for the nation of South-Africa to ward off internal tumult. 8. Deaths in the month of July 2018;and the plot to kill Bola Ahmed Tinubu shall once again fail. 9. Internationally,the dollar shall wax much stronger;the dragon behind the dollar shall be stronger than the forces behind the currencies of most good economies. 10. 2018 is a festival year 11. I see thorns (representing sicknesses and curses) growing among wheat in 2018 but lo i see heaven descend and crush the thorns so that they withered from the ground and there was left only a large expanse of green field. 12. Pray intensely for pregnant women in 2018 13. There shall be daily attacks against good men of God in 2018. 14. Men shall jump from one position to another being unstable. 15. Pray for the marriages of many. 16. Many shall be made rich but will not remember who made them so. 17. Dogs eating dogs in the political arena. 18. Very many awaited promises and dreams shall be fulfilled in 2018;O fight a fight of faith against the rampant of sicknesses.
2017 prophesies 1. Sudden, unprepared and unexpected events and happenings shall take men, nations and the world by surprise. 2. Crude oil prices shall rise globally. 3. There shall be deaths of leaders and ministers of the gospel. 4. I see the word ‘great revival’ from about March-April. 5. An old man (big personality) with great influence shall die. 6. The agenda of God for Nigeria shall be fulfilled. Pray very hard for Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Break the power of Occultic men holding Nigeria ransom. 7. The secret plan to part Lagos State into two separate states by the Federal Government shall fail (please pray very, very hard against this plan). 8. There shall be another agenda to shift certain notable amenities and resource-oriented facilities away from Lagos State to another state in Nigeria (not FCT Abuja). It is an evil political move borne out of spite and for downgrade.