Vol. 4, No. 32 – Monday, 19th August, 2019
(Part 1)

It remains an acceptable philosophical stance that belief in anything is the start-point of knowledge. When belief has fully taken its grounded position, then the process of knowledge has just begun. Until the knowledge of anything occupies its rightful place, derailment is both probable and possible.

This philosophical stance equally holdsway with Christian doctrines and standards. It needs to be reechoed that constant reminders, reemphasis, repetitions and reiterations are potent tools for reengineering beliefs and for entrenching knowledge.
These tools are so vital that even after knowledge has been gained, their relevance remains unquestioned. No wonder Proverbs 22:28 warns us that we should ‘remove not the ancient landmarks which thy fathers have set’. Why? The reason is partly so that such good ‘ancient landmarks’ may be passed onto the generation from us.

There are doctrines, standards and principles laid down by the Lord Himself (Jn.8:31), the Apostles of old (Acts.2:42), the ten commandments by God Almighty through the prophets (Deut.5:6-21).
The question is why are doctrines still necessary? The answers are obvious:

(1) because doctrines are integral parts of the word of God (2 Tim.3:16).

(2) Because doctrines are commandments of God, and it is only by exercising obedience to them that our genuine love and followership is truly expressed to God (Jn.13:34-35).

(3) Doctrines are necessary because no doctrine no heaven (Rev.22:15, 18-19). And

(4) Without doctrines there will be no baselines for restraints. Put aptly, doctrines checkmate human excesses.
Underlisted are Christian doctrines in the Bible for which all Christians must abide by.

Christian marriage: This is the union of only one man and one woman. Christianity does not permit a union between two equal genders that is, man and man or woman and woman (Lev.18:22), Rom.1:21-32 esp 26-27, or sex between human beings and animals (Lev.18:23). Neither is anal sex or oral sex permitted among Christians. Nor does Christianity support masturbation.
Christian marriage is both a legal and a spiritual union where divorce is inpermissible (Malachi 2:16). There is equally no remarriage in christianity (Matt.19:9). For what God has joined together, no man should put asunder (Matt.19:6b). As far as Christian doctrine is concerned. If remarriage is the case, those partaking in such remarriage are living in adultery.
Note that sex before the payment of dowry is unacceptable (Heb.13:4). For such amounts to fornication and fornication is not permitted in christianity for all who practice fornication have no part with God (Eph.5:3-4, 1 Cor.5:11, 1 Cor.6:9-20.
In fact, quite apart from Christian standard and doctrine, is it not a fact that sex is no test of love? Sex before marriage removes the shine and beauty of the marriage. How so respected and authority commanding before God is a man or a woman who kept his/her virginity until his marriage or until her dowry has been paid. O young lady, would you lose your God-given virginity on the altar of mere material gifts or the sweet words of fantasy? O my young brother, would you?
Those Christians who kickstart their wife before dowry is paid end up managing in that marriage; they never enjoy it as they should. Neither is their finances ever in good shape. Did you get that?

Christian dressing: this is an area where many have allowed themselves to be deceived and are still deceiving themselves till date. Christians are living in the world but are not part of the world. Why then do Christian brothers and sisters fashion their dressing, hair-do, hair-styles and appearances after the fashions of this world?
Know you not that ‘the fashions of this world passeth away’? (1 Cor.7:31). Have you not read about the end of those who follow after the fashions of this world and how it was explicated in Jeremiah 4:30? If there is no difference in the manner of dressing between Christians and the world, then what makes us different?
If our dressing is to score the point of our beauty when the beauty is not there, is that not vaineness. If our dressing is to score the point of our beauty even when the beauty is already there, is that not pride and vaneness too?
Hear the Holy Scripture calling out: ‘charm is deceitful and beauty is vaine. But a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised’. The same rule and Scripture applies to men also.
How did attachment and braiding of the hair emerge? Events and experiences inform us that they are all machinations emanating from marine world. The events and experiences expousing these information have evidential proofs. But more than these, what does the content of 1 Timothy 2:9-10 tell us?!
Big Mr Man of God! Carrying punk style, Tyson hair styles. What do you think you are doing Sir? You say I am ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’. That is true! But did the Scripture say ‘beautifully made?’ And even if it says ‘beautifully made’, are we expected as Christians to misuse our liberty? If at all the Scripture included one being ‘beautifully made’, does that also mean punkly, tysonly and stylishly made?
Have you not read between the lines that Absalom’s pride and showmanship was the beginning of his fall? Did you not see between the lines that his attitude towards his hair greatly contributed to his pride, showmanship and eventual fall? Do you want to fall O mr Man of God? (See 2 Sam.14:26).
For ages now, the contest has remained raging that there is no need for a Christian woman to cover her hair when she is prophesying or praying. And the argument of some of these proponents is that after all her pastor’s wife does not cover her hair.
The best response for you is that you are equally preparing to miss heaven with your pastor’s wife. Have you not read 1 Cor.11:1-16?
Mrs sister and mr brother, that the Bible instructs us with certain standards on dressing, is that now the reason for your dressing poorly? Please tell us Mr brother, why you should dress with your trousers and well-tucked-in shirts accompanied with a pair of sandals or slippers on your foot? Sir, do you know that even unbelievers don’t dress that way?
Understand that there is a dress sense in Christianity. It is such dressing which celebrates in the genuineness of heart; not skimpy; not tempting; not for showmanship; not to lure; not to negatively affect weak consciences or give other onlookers an unchristianly orientation (1 Cor.8:9-13).
Understand this mystery: do you know that sometimes, our dressing determines the type of spirit that companies with us? Dear brother dear sister, don’t be an Israelite in Egyptian attire. It does not number you among the saints.
Are you saying ‘please leave me to dress as I wish, stop forcing me’. Who is forcing you Mr man and Mrs woman. I am telling you because obedience is the foremost key that unlocks all blessings. I am telling you because only the ones who obey God can please Him. You cannot disobey God and believe that you are making Him happy. By the way, do you know that there is blessing for obedience? (See Rev.1:3).

Question and Answer Section:
Question: What book in the New Testament contains the lengthiest verses?
Answer: The Gospel according to Saint Luke.


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HYMN: Faith Of Our Fathers
1. In every place O God where I have failed the doctrines of the Bible, O God forgive me and return me to the path of old.

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