Monthly Covenant Prayer Session:

Quarterly/Monthly Scripture: Jeremiah 51:44;

Vigil: August – September 2017;Time: 11:30 P.M to 3) A.M.

Date: Thursday, 31st August to Friday, 1st September 2017;


Scripture: Acts 19:11, Romans 16:20

1. Read the following Scriptures aloud with gratitude to the Most High: Judges.5 and Psalm 124.

2. Confession: Read 1 Samuel 2 aloud (and say):
Precious father, God and father of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I thank you for taking me out of the months of death and hardship being the first eight months of 2017.

Great God and Hope of Israel, I thank you also for bringing me into these last four months of stability, balance and joy. There is no succourer and hope better than you. I cry to you tonight; for it is written: ‘when I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back; this I know for God is for me’(Psalm 56:9).

Therefore, O God, I ask for your power, your arm and the strength of your right hand to arise for my cause and case tonight.

O right hand of the Lord, release me, my destiny, my career, my children, my marriage, my joy and all the good things of life and that pertain to me. O kindness of God, locate me and cause this month to be onto me the beginning of months.

Prison walls hemming me about, did not Babylon fall? Did you forget the great deed of the Hope of Israel against Jericho. By the word of the Lord, walls of partition between me and my blessings, collapse and crash after the order of Babylon and Jericho. Circles of limitation, prince of Persia and every evil family strong man, hear me. I belong to Christ’s covenant of new life through the blood of the everlasting covenant, I therefore invoke the power of the blood of Jesus against you. Release me and my blessings.

O God, descend in your raw anger and render impotent the powers and armoury of the forces working against my freedom. I am free by the blood of Jesus. I will remain ever free by the blood of Jesus. My captivity is now over. I begin a new day from henceforth, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Burst into an open-heaven, grateful heart of praise in full appreciation of the Most High God for so long as the day will break tomorrow, there is yet hope for you.

Hymn: To God Be The Glory

Pray now:

  • O God, show me your way in the forthcoming new month.
  • From the opening moment to the last, I cover you month of September 2017 with the blood of Jesus.
  • Father, make this September different from every other month so far in this year.
  • Hear me O ears of the month of September 2017, I am moving forward from this day.
  • Forces that harvest the blessings of the new month, my portion is not your lot. Therefore, I secure my lot this month with the  blood of Jesus.
  • O Thou revealer of secret, reveal the secret of making money and success to me this month.
  • Merciful father, send me angelic ministrations this month.
  • Wicked spirits and dark forces feeding wicked men and women with information concerning me, lose your sight and tongues, in the name of Jesus.
  • Evil dreams and evil visions, I paralyse and bury you now.
  • O father, paralyse the strength of every user of my glory and star.
  • My destiny’s ‘gold’ and ‘diamond’ in the belly of the evil serpent, O hand of fire from the Lord, remove them now.
  • O voice of the Lord, speak to my destiny to turn in the right direction.
  • You power responsible for lack and loss, depart from my life and home.
  • O God, help me to be faithful, the things that I do that strengthens the enemy in afflicting me, help me to cease from doing them.
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