YEAR/QUARTERLY THEME: A Thousand Times In Multiplication (Deuteronomy 1:11);


VIGIL: February – March 2018;

Time:  11:30 P.M to 1:30) A.M.;

DATE:  Wednesday, 28th February to Thursday 1st March 2018;


Monthly (March) Scripture: Psalm 102:13 and James 2:12-13;

Read Psalms 110, 8, 22 and 92 in acclamation and glorious adoration of the Lord’s great kindness.
CONFESSION: read Psalm 67, 56 and Psalm 30 aloud in resounding faith (and say):
Show me your mercy O God. Cause the fire of your mercy to arise on my behalf and deliver me. By mercy, my soul was saved.
Shall not the same mercy avail for me having received your only begotten son as my personal Lord and Saviour?
O God, the accuser is ever unquiet; but remember O God that by your mercy for me the blood of your Son Jesus Christ was shed. If mercy released the Blessed Son of God from distant heaven to lowly and gory earth, it is a powerful mercy of God able to silence every accusation against all men who believe in Christ. Have mercy on me O God. Have mercy on me O God. Too many are the concerns and troubles of my heart and life. Have mercy on me O God.
Eternal God and King, the only reason for satan’s oppression and delay against me and my breakthrough is but one: to make me to lose heart over you and become his own. But have mercy on me speedily that I may become a wonder onto many and a shock and a defeat to satan. Show me your uncommon mercy. Visit me with your mercy. O Mercy of God, locate me in my lowly state. I stretch out my hands by faith to you O God of mercy. Have mercy on me ; withdraw not your hands  of help from me. Show me your uncommon mercy so that I do not become the laughing scorn and ridicule of friends and foes.
Mighty God, where everything else have failed, mercy has remained the last man standing. Therefore, O Mercy of God, speak for me tonight. O God, show me your mercy in this new moon. Visit me with the divine visitation of mercy in the moon of mercy. I shall praise you forever. Praise be to you merciful God, Amen.
Read Psalms 95 and 98 and resume the heart-filled art of worship.
HYMN: Loving Saviour Hear My Cry
  • Lord, show me your unusual mercy on the following issues of my life tonight.
  • O God, reveal your hand of mercy in the following situations of my life tonight.
  • O hand of mercy, pull me out from every trouble water.
  • O water of mercy, be reopened over my life, family and ministry/career.
  • The hand that shutdown the running tap of mercy from gushing over my destiny, wither now and be buried forever.
  • Where is the Lord God of Elijah, respond to my innermost cries tonight by the fire of mercy.
  • Until you heard by mercy the groaning of the children of Israel in Egypt, they remained in bondage. Tonight O God, hear my cry by mercy and reopen a new chapter for my life.
  • O thou power of mercy, heal my foundation and the foundations of my spouse, children, work-partners, pastor and generation tonight.
  • Heaven of mercy, be opened over me and let every dark cloud disappear.Present your personal petitions now on the ground of mercy.
  • Continue to cry for mercy until sleep takes over.
I decree upon your life that the mercy of God shall find you and your family, the work of your hands and career/ministry in this new month, in the name of the Lord Jesus, AMEN.
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