YEAR 2018 THEME: A Thousand Times In Multiplication (Deut.1:11)
QUARTERLY THEME: My Labour Shall Not Be In Vain (Isaiah 65:23)

VIGIL: July- August 2018;
Time: 11:30 P.M to 2 A.M.;
DATE: Tuesday 31st July to Wednesday 1st August 2018;
Monthly (August) Scripture: Genesis 18:1-15

1. FAITH DECLARATION: Declare the words of the Psalmist in Psalms 26 and 139 aloud in personal self examination and repent of every stumbling-block.
2. CONFESSION: Read aloud Gen.6:8, 8:1, 30:22 and 1 Sam.1:19 (and say):

I open my mouth in humility and in full exercise of faith, and I prophesy before God awesome things that shall happen to me this month and for the rest of this year: that I am no longer hidden in obscurity by the enemy.

My moment of announcement has finally come. It is the delight of Jehovah that my celebration hour and announcement be pronounced in heaven, declared and enjoyed here on earth and remain so in perpetuity.

Therefore, I prophesy my limelight moments. My star is for shining and I am now remembered by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. As the covenant between night and day cannot be broken: as the Scriptures cannot for any moment be broken, so it is that I can no longer be forgotten by those appointed to help me and bless me.

The Lord has just shown to my pastor a door flung open in heaven and even folded together so that they cannot be shut again. Therefore, that travel meant for my progress will now happen with effortless ease. The hands that confined me to a single spot are withered and shall exist no further. I am remembered; never to be forgotten. I am remembered; never to be forgotten by favour, mercy and grace. I am remembered and my joy and celebration shall now begin to flow and be loud, Amen.

HOUR OF HEAVENLY SHOWER: pick up the following Scriptures and speak gladdening words to Jehovah: Psalms 99, 111, 113, 114, 1 Sam.2 and Isaiah 25.

HYMN: Sweet Is The Promise


1. O God of mercy, reorder my path to my original destiny.

2. What city,nation,office or church should i be existing now,if i am not there, connect me there.

3. Son of David,Son of Man and Son of God, have mercy on me on the following issues of my life (list them).

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