VIGIL: July 2023 –August 2023;
Time: 11:30 P.M. to 12:30 A.M.;
DATE: Monday 31st July 2023 to Tuesday 1st August 2023;
MONTHLY COVENANT THEME: The Favour of the Lord
Monthly Scripture: Deuteronomy 33:23

FAITH DECLARATION: re-echo these Scriptures (Psalms 59, 64 and 70) in the ears of the Almighty for divine preservation, speedy progress and prosperity for yourself and your loved ones:

CONFESSION: Confess the following decrees and declarations with resounding faith that cannot be resisted nor denied:
The Word of this great Strength of Israel that cannot lie speaks: “For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.” Oh! Is it not also written in the Word of the Mighty One of Jacob that “But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me;my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.” I know and I believe that surely, by two immutable things, it is forever impossible for God to lie. Although He formed man in His own likeness, yet He is not a man that He should lie: neither will He ever be the son of man who can be prone to repentance.
Therefore, God cannot lie and I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus: and He, God, has promised to bless the righteous and also compass the righteous about with favour as with a shield; then by Christ’s mercy, I qualified for the favour of God. In this connection therefore, I cry out tonight for the unusual favour of God.
Let there be, I command, a change of my garment this hour. In mercy, the garment of Joshua the High Priest was changed and another was clad upon him. God is the same in the Old Testament and in the Nerw Testament. So, Thou Spirit of favour, envelope me, overshadow me and clothe me because I am now set for a new dawn. That from the foundation that has tied me down must of necessity let me go and go free now in Jesus name.
O my new dawn, appear by the Word of the Lord! My chariot of progress, prosperity and peace, by the favour of God, appear and soar me up to the next level. O you shackles of failure, disappointment, delay and countless struggles, your time is up and over. Yokes of every kind, evil patterns, negative pronouncements, satanic covenants and curses of all sorts, the dawn of the Spirit of favour has come. Therefore, you have no choice but to release me.
Upon my name, the work of my hands,, my family, my career, my business, my ministry and all that concerns me, the signature of favour has arrived. Spirit of Favour, accompany me; Spirit of favour, abide with me; Spirit of favour, come into my case and situations, and be the active agent of my next level, in Jesus name.

HOUR OF HEAVENLY SHOWER: pick up these Scriptures (Psalms 124, 129, 136, and, speak gladdening and celebratory words to Jehovah with a heart opened up to the Most High for an utterance of the Spirit of the Lord.

HYMN: Sweet Is The Promise
1. By divine favour, I got salvation from the Lord. By the same token of favour, I receive the following blessings into my life.
2. O favour of God that makes a success feat of ten years to be accomplished in ten months, rest upon me now.
3. Anoint of ease from the Lord, fall upon me.
4. O favour of God that discerns situation and uncovers the hearts of close associates, locate me and anoint me.
5. The favour of God that nullifies failure, stagnation, delay and unaccomplishment, rest upon me.
6. Spirit of favour, be magnetized to my name.
7. That angel appointed by the Lord to help me until I attain full greatness, O God, connect him/her to me quickly.
8. Present your personal petitions.

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