YEAR 2019 THEME: Solution and mercy Gen.17:1-2, Ps.85:10-13, Ps.138:8);
QUARTERLY THEME: Answered (Ps.21:1-2);

VIGIL: December 2018 – January 2019;
Time: 11 A.M to 2 A.M.;
DATE: Monday 31st December 2018 to Tuesday 1st January 2019;
COVENANT THEME: Solution and Mercy;
Monthly (January) Scripture: Psalm 138:8, Ps. 85:10-13, Gen.17:1-2;

  1. FAITH DECLARATION: With a heart of faith, declare aloud and claim the words of the Lord in 1 Samuel 30:8.
  2. CONFESSION: Confess the following Scriptures with resounding faith that cannot be resisted nor denied: 1 Samuel 30:8 and Psalm 65:11 (and saying glorious words of adoration to Jehovah):
  3. HOUR OF HEAVENLY SHOWER: pick up the following Scriptures and speak gladdening words to Jehovah: Isaiah 25, Judges 5, Luke 1:46-55 and 1 Samuel 2.

HYMN: To God Be The Glory
1. Celebrate the Lord for making it possible for me to see the end of a hard year.
2. Appreciate the Lord for bringing you into a glorious year.
3. Thank the Lord for going ahead of you into this New Year.
4. Ask the Lord to detach every evil carryover load from you now.
5. Tell the Lord to recover for your your lost harvests and bumper blessings.
6. Renewers of evil trends and patterns following me up and about, I bury you in your coffins now.
7. Covenants haunting me always because I belong to so so household, remember that God owns me by creation and by redemption, therefore, I terminate your existence in my life now.
8. After the order of Psalm 24, all good doors shut against me, be opened in the name of the Lord Jesus.
9. O God, take me back to my throne and recover my crown for me in every way.
10. My destiny-helpers, experience no further problems and locate me.
11. Who must die that I may make progress and become the one God wants me to become, die quickly.
12. Raise up the voice of your personal requests to the merciful God now.


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