YEAR 2018 THEME: A Thousand Times In Multiplication (Deuteronomy 1:11);

QUARTERLY THEME: The Sudden Destruction Of Those Seeking My Death And Downfall Shall Not Be Remedied (Psalm 63:8-11)


VIGIL: March – April 2018;

Time: 11:30 P.M to 2:00 A.M.;

DATE: Saturday, 31st March to Sunday 1st April 2018;

COVENANT THEME: Grace For Restoration And Subsequent Flourishing;

Monthly (April) Scripture: Joel 2:25-28, Psalm 92:12-15;

1. FAITH DECLARATION: declare the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 10 aloud.
2. CONFESSION: Read aloud the following Scriptures: Jeremiah 15:21, 2 Timothy 4:18, Nehemiah 5:11, Psalm 89:22-24 and Psalm 118 aloud in resounding faith (and say):
“As God lives and His Spirit lives, this hour marks my escape from the evil circle of limitation. Except Christ did not die. Except Christ did not rise from the dead. Except Christ was not made to carry His own cross and except Christ was not nailed to that cross. But if Christ died, rose from the dead on the third day, If Christ carried His own cross en route Golgotha even before Simon of Cyrene was forced to come to Christ’s aid, and so long as Christ was nailed to that cross, I am free from now.
Evident testimonies that cannot be denied shall happen to me this year. He that trusts the Lord shall never be put to shame (Romans 10:11) says the eternal word of God; I have trusted the Lord and because the Lord has a track record of never failing those who trust Him, my great change has begun from now.
I have laboured and prayed for so long yet my Lord reigns from on high. Has He, Jehovah been on holiday, on a journey or asleep? No, not the keeper of Israel. Because you are not Baal, your power to answer and answer without being challenged is unquestionable.
Therefore, in mercy, hear me today as I cry aloud. Let the brick wall between me and the land of liberty looming ahead be shattered. You shall not arise any more you smitten giants of delay and hardship. O voices of grace and mercy from the riven side of Christ, begin to cry aloud for my restoration on every side. I shall flourish, truly flourish in all things of life and godliness and my flourishing shall be so loud and evident, in the name of the Lord Jesus, Amen and Amen.”
3. Read Psalms 29 and speak awesome words of appreciation to ‘the Possessor of heaven and earth’.
HYMN: Just As I Am Without One Plea
1. Pick up and read aloud to God a Psalm of praise (and say): O God, I thank you for keeping me alive in all of my sleep and through my dreams.
2. Pick up and read aloud another Psalm of praise (and say): O God, for sustaining me you are worthy.
3. Yet pick up and read another Psalm of praise (and say): O God, I offer praises from my heart for the things for which I am still looking up to you. God, the lone Almighty, your greatness shall not change. Neither will your goods fail. So, I am grateful for the troubles, delay, attacks and the likes that I have been through. (Conclude with Psalm 129).
4. O resistor of my hands in prayer and you contrary voices reversing my prayers, let the power of God collide against you now, in the name of the Lord Jesus.
5. O dogs of darkness after my life and destiny, collide against the Rock of Ages and die.
6. Oh! Dogs, whether you like it or not, on account of Nigeria, you must eat yourselves to utter desolation this year.
7. O evil and cunningly decisive strong man over Nigeria, fall and die this year.
8. Angels of this new moon and quarter, remember me and company with me for I belong to Jesus.
9. O dog head, be smitten with the edge of the sword and revive no more.
10. O cause of my delay and problems, you shall matter no longer.
11. Foundations that have refused to heal up, meet with my God tonight.
12. O strong man over the spiritual territory I am existing in but not in the physical, release me. O hand of God, by your strength, effect my release now.
13. Who are the forces living with me and journeying with me without my consent, O God, rain down fire upon them.
14. O bank of heaven, by grace, cause my restoration to begin and let my change come speedily.
15. My reproach and scorning are too many before my enemies, O God, wipe them away and celebrate me before them.
16. O good promises and good prophecies of God for 2018, take root in my life.
17. O bus stop of no progress, bye-bye.
18. O trouble shaking my heart and wearying me to turn away from destiny places and paths, receive solution.
19. O God, what truth do I need to know about me and about other people and places, expose them to me tonight.
20. O words of evil men and spirits, be cancelled by the word of Jehovah.
21. Stand-up from my possessions o wicked foe, in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Happy New Moon.
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