YEAR 2018 THEME: A Thousand Times In Multiplication (Deut.1:11);

VIGIL: November – December 2018;
Time: 12 A.M to 1:30 A.M.;
DATE: Friday 30th November to Saturday 1st December 2018;
COVENANT THEME: Last Minute’s Bumper Harvest
Monthly (December) Scripture: Deuteronomy 28:1-13;

1. FAITH DECLARATION: With a heart of faith, declare aloud and claim the words of the Lord in 1 Samuel 30:8.
2. CONFESSION: Confess the following Scriptures with resounding faith that cannot be resisted nor denied: 1 Samuel 30:8 and Psalm 65:11 (and say glorious words of adoration to Jehovah)
3. HOUR OF HEAVENLY SHOWER: pick up the following Scriptures and speak gladdening words to Jehovah: Isaiah 25, Judges.5, Luke 1:46-55 and 1 Samuel 2.

HYMN: O Lord My God

1. The tears and sorrows remaining in 2018 shall not be sounds in my ears or the noisome songs from my phone.

2. I and my loved ones shall not be partakers in the tears and sorrows about the roll out in the rest of 2018.

3. The blood looking like stagnant water on the centre of the road will not be my blood and that of my loved ones.

4. O messenger of death and bringer of bad news, go far away from me.

5. Demons of frustrations, depression and tragedies marshalled into the air and into families, be countered and discomfited by the blood of Jesus.

6. O whirl wind of the Lord, blow and carry away all locusts and spiritual parasites that have limited me so far this year.

7. O angels of Jehovah, go ahead of me in 2019, walk through it, clear off every obstacle and make it my year of easy solutions.

8. O power of the Most High God, transform Express Image Glory Ministries into an uncommon story for God in 2019.

9. O God, release upon Express Image Glory Ministries unusual apostolic anointing to break yokes, destroy embargoes heal, deliver and rejuvenate destinies.

10. O God, bring your word in Jude 1:6 to bear against every demon, satan and evil men limiting Express Image Glory Ministries.

11. O God, fight for me at this endpoint of 2018, let that which has been impossible for eleven months be made possible in one month.

12. O Spirit of Psalm 65:11, release my bumper harvest in 2018 into my hands and laps.

13. O God, I commit December 2018 into your hands: my life shall not fail.

14. O agenda of the wicked for 2019, be frustrated over my life by the blood of Jesus.

15. O you reverser of prayers You are in serious trouble: collide against God Almighty as I go to rest now.

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