Daily Bible Reading 2



April 1 2017: Isaiah 1, Acts 11, Psalm 71 – Prayer: O God, I begin this new mont in your name and by your power; let your name and power prevail for me. O God, make me a wonder onto many in this new quarter.

April 2 2017: Isaiah 8, Acts 12, Psalm 16 – Prayer: O God, let the herod of my testimony die.

April 3 2017: Isaiah 3, Acts 3, Psalm 20 – Prayer: O God, let the wicked after my life, family and ministry, receive their reward now. O God, in your mercy, let my tithes, offerings, seeds of faith and almsdeeds, yield for me the miracle that has never taken place in my life before.

April 4 2017: Isaiah 4, Acts 5, Psalm 19 – Prayer: O God, let every veil covering my help and helpers, be removed by fire.  O you, my offerings, tithes, almsdeeds and seeds of faith in this new mont, arise before the God of mercy and speak mercy, grace and favour for me.

April 5 2017: Isaiah 5, Acts 6, Psalm 22 – Prayer: O God, give me wisdom and spiritual strength that my enemies cannot withstand.

April 6 2017: Isaiah 6, Acts 8, Psalm 3 Prayer: My blessings shall not become the lot of another. O my vision of ideas, become clearer. O liquid fire of the covenant-keeping God, fall upon any bewitchment, their sorcerer and their sorceress.

April 7 2017: Isaiah 35, Acts 7, Psalm 7 – Prayer: O God, holiness is most feared by satan for there is holiness in him. Therefore, O God, give me holiness and the gift of righteousness. Turn my heart O God to be pant after holy living. O God, every invisible hand holding back from my breakthrough, be cut off.

April 8 2017: Isaiah 15, Acts 21, Psalm 74 – Prayer: Every consipiracy of the wicked against me, be shattered. Every decision of covens and evil caves, be frustrated.

April 9 2017: Isaiah 17, Acts 22, Psalm 12 – Prayer: O God, you saved me by your mercy, with your mercy, restore backsliders today. O God, let your shield of protection be upon missionaries all over the world. I send the hand of God against every hand withholding my breakthroughs.

April 10 2017: Isaiah 18, Acts 23, Psalm 17 – Prayer: I shall not be ensnared by the word of my mouth. Every word of my mouth and of men that have ensnared me, lose hold of me now. O God, dig deep into my children’s foundation and retune it to that of the Holy Ghost.

April 11 2017: Isaiah 19, Acts 24, Psalm 18:1-18 – Prayer: O you troublers of my life and destiny, the Almighty God shall trouble you from this day.

April 12 2017: Isaiah 20, Acts 25, Psalm 34 – Prayer: O God, by your mercy, I say bye-bye to my waiting-room today. Pray for the path of the unmarried to become brighter.

April 13 2017: Isaiah 21, Acts 26, Psalm 35 – Prayer: O God, let the ring-leader of my battles die now. O my caged victories and glory, be released now.