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Vol 2. No. 10, Monday, 06th March, 2017

(Zech.13:6, 1 Cor.15:41, 2 Sam.13:1-39)


Welcome to the concluding part of the series on friends, stars and scars. This final series begins with a poser: are stars born, made or conferred? The contextual debate on whether stars are born, made or starship is conferred on people is a common one with its continuing fires ever raging through academic circles.

Indeed, the ever renowned playwright, poet and novelist, William Shakespeare ignited the fire of the debate the more by lending credence to the three sides of the divide. Shakespeare asserted that: ‘some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them’.

I find Shakespeare’s assertion most fascinating and highly informative too. In one sense, Shakespeare holds the view that innately and naturally, some men have been endowed to be great. For others, in Shakespeare’s view, it is a question of hardwork and its associates which eventually accomplishes their desired greatness. Yet, for others, greatness is attained by mere coincidences of life or even stroke of luck.

Whilst many questions remain unanswered about Shakespeare’s assertion, I must conclude that the reality of life is purely responsible for shakespeare’s conclusion. Whilst those unanswered question will be examined in another edition of this magazine, for now, let us concern ourselves with the spiritual origin of stars and their interpretation and application to our lives.

The Scriptural origin of stars can be found in Gen.1:16. It reads: ‘and God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars also’. Key elements are obvious in the foregoing Scriptural verse. So key that they require deep spiritual interpretation.

The first element is light. The second is rule or rulership. First, God created three lights yet He, the never lying but ever faithful God clearly indicated that He made two great lights. Why? Is anything wrong with our great God’s mathematics? In fact, this is not mathematics. It is simple arithmetics.

Second, God gave the ability to rule to the first two lights: the sun and the moon. It is common sense to think that whatever has the ability to rule has equally been conferred with some power to so do. So, in one sense, both the sun and the moon have power to act in accordance with divine agenda.

Sadly, the sons of men often hijack the powers in the sun and in the moon to wreck all sorts of havoc ranging from witchcraft manipulations to insanity, loss of great opportunity, installation of wrong persons into political offices, wicked identification marks, marital perversion, destiny diversion, etc. But again, this is another subject for another day.

For today, the question is: do not some stars shine? Why then did God refuse to call stars light in their respect or even give them their own light? Do stars have power of their own like the sun and the moon? To answer these questions, let us draw knowledge from the scientific aspect of God’s knowledge and finally from the spiritual.

To start with, unlike the automatic situation of the sun and the moon, stars are not in themselves lights. Neither do stars generate lights until certain acts and actions are performed. This conclusion has both scientific and spiritual backing.

Scientifically speaking, stars produce light through the process of nuclear fusion. As a star burns hydrogen, it turns into helium, the energy released creates photons or particles of light. However, not all stars give off light. Only stars with enough fuel to sustain fusion can produce visible light.

Hmmm!how so interesting! So, not all stars produce lights! Doesn’t the same apply to human beings except those with enough spiritual fuel? Every human being is a star and a bundle of talents. But most men die in abject poverty or as absolute failures. Others die half fulfilled. I prophesy in the name of the Great King (God Almighty) who called me: you will not die half-fulfilled. Neither will you die unsung in Jesus name.

In the creation of man, the first is your spiritual representation otherwise called star or destiny. It is an embodiment of god’s agenda for the physical man existing in the physical planet earth. That spiritual representation contains all vital information about you.

No wonder evil men journey to the second heaven in order to pick up information about the sons of men. Therein in the second heavens, everything is as clear as crystal. Unfortunately, just as scientific stars have no automatic light of their own except they muscle it from hydrogen, so also that spiritual representation of yours has no automatic light nor automatic power of its own to resist satanic onslaughts.

Rather, it obtains its light and power directly from God as you, the physical entity existing in the physical realm travails before God through prayer. Put more apt, your prayer life is the determiner of what happens to your spiritual entity called star. What happens to your star known as spiritual entity as a result of your prayer or failure to pray is what in turn happens to you in the physical world. You must remember also that praying is one thing praying at the right time is another.

At salvation, the light of life, that Star of Bethlehem (Jn.8:12), enters into our lives. Having entered, God expects an accelerated progression in prayer and in righteousness from us. As this progress is being made, the light of our lives beams brighter and brighter and more of God’s power is deposited in us (Prov.4:18, Jn.1:12).

As no scientific star can shine without the aid of hydrogen, so no human star can shine or conquer without allegeance to and alignment with the Star of Bethlehem through prayer. Prophetess Deborah in Judges 5:20 provoked the stars to positive action through the power of prayer. Had she been weighed down like her friend and compatriot, Barak, victory would not have been gained.

Evil men visit the second heavens having got prior information about you. Secret information are best left in the heart with Jesus. A good lot of the time, without access to very vital information about your life, the success of the enemy over your life is greatly limited.

Who do you share your affection, secrets, time and heart with? Such one is your friend. How often do you carry out spiritual check up on your friends, husband, wife, workmates and colleagues? Are you a hundred percent sure of that fellow’s honesty and trustworthiness?

How unintelligent is any man who mortgages his life and future on the altar of untrustworthiness. It was a motto for me as far back as secondary school days that a man of destiny does owe to himself first-class responsibility of untainted sincerity.

Before ever we play the blame game against others, do not we need some sincere re-examination ourselves? If a friend hurts you badly but once, it is his fault. If that friend hurts you badly a second time, it is your own fault because you allowed it.

You are a special star, and as a star, you can only draw your light and power for life’s success and godliness from God alone (Mat.5:16). Noone can dim your light or reduce the power of God in your life except you give your consent to it.

Anger provoked by a friend or any one else for instance, is a choice. Most things that have made and will ever make most men stumble is first and foremost their own choice. Sincerely decide again and again who truly is your friend.

Anyone who frankly tells you the bitter truth in love and with a view to see you succeed is your friend and star because his counsel will accomplish the most needful. That most needful will in turn take you to the very top and the very stardom of greatness.

Perhaps such friend appointed by God is the one to confer that greatness on you as the third-arm of Shakespeare’s assertion informs. In sum, it is a re-examination day for all. Please ask the needful question as you re-examine your friendship with others.

Have you had any friend for five to ten years? What has your contribution to their lives? How about theirs to yours? Are your friends so far proved to be your stars or scars? Can you take out time to define whether those you call friends are actually friends or mere acquaintances?

Listen dearly beloved, the light contained in some stars make them see and shine upon the physical realm called earth during the dark hours of the nights when there is always need of illumination. Likewise the light in your human star or destiny makes you see dreams and visions and receive information of events happening, that have happened or are about to happen in the spiritual realm.

Never allow the light of your star go dim by reason of scars of bitterness or hurts from friends, near-kins, etc. Otherwise, events in the dark realm will take you by surprise. Of course, such is always dastardly costly. This is the year to get closer to God. Remember, it is the year of winners.


Hymn: When The Power Of God Descended

Pray now:

  1. O God, empower my star and my angel to contend and conquer.

  2. Every power and person visiting the second heavens because of me and my star, crash and never rise again.

  3. Every dark angel manifesting as angel of light in my life’s journey, be shattered to pieces by the thunder bolt from God.

  4. O thou power of the Most High, envelope my star today, in Jesus name, Amen.

  5. O you stars of my children, receive power to conquer and prevail over every stargazer and foe, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  6. O God, purge my star off every evil fired into it by the enemy.

  7. O God, disappoint the evil one using my glory and star.


Pastor Mike

Posted in March, TMN.

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