Vol. 5, No. 28 – Sunday, 19th July, 2020
(1 Tim.6:6-10)

Man will not change the true essence and the innate character of money no matter the effort. But from time immemorial, money has changed man and will continue to do so whether for the good or for the bad. The turn of the compass for the good or for the bad is always and will remain always the choice of man.
Sweet adverts sometimes in the form of ‘buy one, get two free’ or such invitations and investment messages that speak like inducements urging us to get started without investigating are nothing more than opiums that spur the masses into rush decisions. On the surface, these adverts appear too good to be true. And shouldn’t that feeling make us think twice before acting?
But thinking through the imaginary lines of those adverts, one would thoughtfully see that the language and the conveying mood of those adverts manipulate our minds rather to think in the opposite direction. In our minds, such adverts then become ‘too good to be untrue. And so the mire of wasteful spending adds to its numerous list another riotous spender.
The truth is that nothing is actually free without some cost no matter how less or least. Whatever adverts, jingle or the likes which is pushing the spending head to go ahead of the accounting heart, the truth is that such jingle is one of those crazy money demons that drive us into wrong financial choices. The further truth is that the cure to falling prey is no where else but in us. For attitude change is a personal assignment.
The great international evangelist, Billy Graham quipped, ‘if a person get his attitude towards money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life’. Ah! Papa Billy! That is an excellent legacy you left behind for my generation.
So, Papa, you are saying in effect and in essence that discipline towards money is a defining factor for obtaining commendation from men for enviable integrity and for attaining dignity before God! In addition, Papa, you are equally saying that if there is perfect attitude change towards money in a man, such a man will hardly stumble.
Hmmm! There is almost no better true talk than this. So, Papa, if the purpose for starting any outfit, be it church, company or other ventures is money, and not first and foremost worthy service to God and to humanity, such a pastor or business man is already a failure before startpoint. Papa Billy, I will equally be right to say that there are three categories of people as far as pastoral profession is concerned.
First, those that are genuinely called by God. Second, those that God did not call but who called themselves. Third, those who have lost their calling. But Papa, if a man was not called by God but if out of passion for divine service such a man makes himself a pastor, if he is faithful in all of his house and his attitude towards money is sparkling white and clean, what then would happen? I hear you say God can recommend such a man for greatness.
Hmmm! As an aside, Papa. Do you remember that I once met you in a revelation in year 2010? You told me that you were going ahead to speak to the lady I was proposing to marry. You returned in that revelation that same night. in that continuing revelation, you informed me as feed back that the lady has rejected the will of God and that she will pay the painful price.
Ten years on, Papa, I don’t think that she is yet to marry. Back to the money issue, Papa. The Holy Scripture states that ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’(1Timothy 6:10). The lips of the Lord informs us that ‘you cannot serve God and mammon’(Luke 16:24). Equally from the lips of the Lord, the Holy Scriptures commands us to ‘make friendship with the mammons of this world’(Luke 16:19). And yet truly, mammon (money) is a non-negotiable necessity. Where then is the line of demarcation?
More concerning still, the Holy Scripture of truth states that ‘money is a defence’(Eccl. 7:12) and that ‘money answereth all things’(Eccl. 10:19). Papa Billy, I am confused with all these. What shall I do?
‘Son, do you remember that the same Holy Scriptures notes that ‘wisdom is greater than strength?’’(Eccl. 9:16). Have you forgotten so soon that the Holy Bible equally states that ‘wisdom is profitable to direct?’(Eccl. 10:10) You surely haven’t forgotten Prov.4:7 wherein it is written that ‘wisdom is the principal thing’….
I must feed you with information that you must keep so secure about money otherwise you will fall. To start with, understand that the greatest and the most respected god on earth after the Blessed Holy Spirit is money.
It can buy satan and all things except the Most High. Never be controlled by it otherwise you are doomed. The strength and the avowed determination of the strongest living man cannot stand before it. The most fervent prayer against it will fizzle away before it.
Why have great men and women fallen? Why did that family break apart? Why did those two friends who were so knitted together in love and in affection get into the boxing-ring with each other? I can provide you no other answer but only to tell you that it is all because of money. Why did the man sell his body to that woman old enough to be his mother? Money.
Why did that brother in-law request his wife’s younger sister to contribute money in a matter that by culture and by all sense of dignity he ought to shoulder? Oh! It is simply because he has got great respect for money, but not for relationship nor for culture. Yes, son, life and service is not all about money.
But son, let a man’s anointing be as tall as the sky, if he has no money, he is not going far. When Iwas on earth, I saw darkly but now I am now in my glorified body as my Master, Christ promised. And I see things more clearly. I see those who have lost their calling, not because of fornication but because of money.
I see sections of living churches divided because of money. I see that church positions are now occupied not because the spiritual prerequisites are met but because money is in the equation. I see that money has removed the power of prayer and holiness from the lives of many. I see that the spiritual visions of most pastors have become blurred because the greater attention is now towads money.
I see those that are standing right among the pastors but discouragements for lack of money have blinded them and turned them out of the way. Power is the puller of prosperity. I see that power is resident in the body of Christ but lying dormant because prosperity is being pursued rather than the prerequisites of purity and power. I see church leaders demanding for money before they can render their spiritual assignments. But these leaders have read the word of the Lord that ‘freely ye have received, freely give’.
What more shall I tell you son? If you defeat the demon of money on two planes, then you have defeated satan and self by 99%.
First, you must pray to the extent that you have money in your possession as a servant duly under your control. Second, you must pray so hard until you conquer money by prayer, by discipline and by the ultimate weapon of wisdom. Generations are changing as God illuminates the heart with deeper understanding.
Therefore, the generation of ‘silver and gold have I none’(Acts 3:6) has passed. It is now the dispensation of realizing and actualizing the sound spiritual fact that the Lord died not only for the reconciliation of humanity back to God, but also to give humanity his riches and take humanity’s poverty away. Do not forget this son! You are in the generation of swift soul-winning because the end of the age is not just near, it is now here. Men will rubbish your anointing if you are ever poor.
You are now in the dispensation of ‘silver and gold are mine (Haggai 2:8)…. And I will shake the heavens and the earth(Haggai 2:6). It is that Christian who is rich in purity, exuberating in the power of God and living in the ocean and over the control of wealth that can be respected and it is that Christian who can do exploits for God. If you have two and half out of the three, you are still a basic failure son!
Son, you shouldn’t be a fool. As a servant of our Father and our God, if you depend on church members before God’s work can be done, then son, there is no greater fool than you on the face of the earth. Tell your fellow brethren that I got my mansion in heaven most beautiful; his grace for service, for giving to His course and for righteous living through the blood of our Saviour and Lord earned me this eternall bliss and inherited peace.
Pray not the prayers of prosperity for the soul which is yet to have encounter with Christ. For prosperity without purity will destroy that unregenerated soul faster than the agenda of our God. The night is far spent son, I must go now and should you not have some rest now son?


Question and Answer Section

Question: The great questions again! When was the last time that you preached to any soul? Do you serve God with joyful heart or with reluctance? How much hurt is in your soul against that fellow? Won’t rather forgive them and forget their mischief so that you can rightly serve your loving Father? When was the last time you smiled genuinely and truly from your heart about yourself bearing in mind the bright days to come? when was the last time you heard a force praying within your belly without your consciousness? When was the last time you gave some thing to support God’s work apart from your tithes and offerings? When was the last time you supported any man to fulfill a divine or a personal agenda? When was the last time you put smile on the face of someone?
Answer: Hmmm!.


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Backslidden – living in sin – needing fresh recommitment (say):
Christ Jesus, You are the Anointed One of the Most High. I come to you today as I am. In your mercy, help me out of my situation. Heal my soul, my spirit, my body, my life and my destiny. I acknowledge you as the only true lover of my soul. Please, deliver me on every side and save me through and through. I promise from the depth of my soul to be yours from henceforth, in Jesus name. Help me now O God. Be my Lord, my Saviour and my all in all from this day. Thank you Lord (read Ps.54 in closing and pray more).

HYMN: All To Jesus I Surrender
1. My father, please prepare my heart for you before the arrival of money.
2. (Prov.23:5): Give me power O God to retain money in my life and abode that it does not fly away from me.
3. Devourers working against my finances must die tonight.
4. I retrieve my glory from every evil power.
5. O faithfulness and sufferings of Christ, give ideas that will turn me into a controller of wealth.
6. Give me money in order to serve and sponsor your courses here on earth.

7.Present your personal petitions.

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