You are warmly welcomed to Express Image Glory Ministries the Home of God’s spiritual and all-round sustenance to men. It is a movement of God’s guided combatant army dedicated to strict Apostolic Word and Prayer, enslaved by and to Christ’s love and passionately affectioned and committed to the eternal participation in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as well as the glorious sojourn in the new Heaven and the new Earth. To achieve these spiritual but equally realistic goals, our drive is ardent commitment to Christ, His infallible, rich principles and unwavering desire to attain and continue in absolute Christian perfection.

Christ fed and continues to feed humanity with the Word of Life for the soul and physical sustenance for the body. Therefore, the task to know Christ and his power more and more and to make Him known to men everywhere and in every capacity is a task for which Express Image Glory Miinistries will not fail until the last breath is taken en route glory.

This site therefore is and from time to time will be equipped with soul-lifting, soul-enriching and capacity-building resources to enhance both spiritual and physical well being. Our heaven-rich messages pointing to: -the reality of heaven and hell; -genuine repentance and absolute victory of sin whilst living; -strict commitment to evangelism; -soul-winning and follow-up until perfect steadfastness is attained; -effective apostolic praying; -the marriage of only one man to only one wife and the inviolability of marriage; -Christ’s power and the Christians’ victory over spirits, demons and satanic forces and the devil; -different works of grace; are all but a few of the numerous inexhaustible, faith-building resources available for our spiritual nourishment on this website.

Our Spirit-led, weekly magazine, monthly covenant prayers as well as a number of upcoming life transforming programmes have all been designed to foster your total victory. All these shall we endeavor to do as ‘the strength of Israel who will not lie’ grants us grace.

Once again, Dearly Beloved, with great joy, I sincerely and warmly welcome you to the home of peace, truth, victory and total deliverance for the total man. Your all-round life-success, destiny liberation and eventual arrival in heaven forever to be with God, the Father of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ remains my primary and committed, fundamental assignment for which I shall not for one minute deviate, by the grace of God.

Pastor Michael A. Abiodun


Prophecy of the Future Days Foretold



1). Many big people - important personalities shall die in 2023.
2). In February 2023, a masquerade is coming out. I don’t know the meaning of this.
3). Be careful of this spirit of disobedience in March, 2023 - many will misbehave and be misled.
4). Those with cola plantations, cocoa plantations and plantain plantations shall prosper much in 2023.
5). Science shall discover something in plant or animal that will make a grand breakthrough.
6). There shall be an attempt to postpone the Nigeria election and another attempt to render it inconclusive, thereby attempting to bring about a stalemate.
7). The Western world will support a presidential candidate in the Nigerian election race.
8). President Donald Trump shall come back
9). The Nigerian 2023 Election will hold but there shall be problems with inconclusive voting, INEC’S declaration and the swearing-in.

Prayer Point: O God, put an end to the domination of Absalom and thwart the evil counsel of Ahithophel.
10). There shall be economic boom and boost for many Nations, organizations and people in 2023.
11) 2023 is a year of unusual mercy. There are four months in the year 2023 which are special months of exceptional mercy; in the months of January, March, September and November, God shall rain down unusual mercy that has not been experienced before.
12). There are equally a few months that are months of mercy also such as July, August and October. But they are not as great and special as the first four special months of mercy listed.
13). If the world has ever witnessed flood, the kind of flood from June 2023 is unprecedented.
14). 2023 is the year of the fall of many mighty people.
15). In other countries and especially Nigeria, 2023 is a year for the rise of many children of God.
16). God in his unusual spectacular mercy will make that prophet to embark on a journey of unusual great glory for his personal work and for the glory of the kingdom of God. That glorious journey shall birth endless glory for him. Merited and unmerited awards shall be brought to him from far and near. God will do all these onto him that he may cover his face with shame because he thought that his God has forsaken and forgotten him. He shall weep sore before his God and plead with Him for mercy and He shall draw him near onto himself in mercy.
17). There shall be strive in many cities and some strong nations shall pull apart.
18). The hand of God shall not slack to save and secure His own.
19). In 2023, the bell of glory from heaven shall ring greatness and shall shake nations. The ringing of the bell is for the expiry of certain situations.
20). I see war; O nations of the world, be careful.
21). She shall be sick even onto death, an affliction caused solely by her own family and people. But the hand of the Lord shall ransom her in the end.
22. The shadow of the Almighty will be your shelter, the wing of the Almighty will be your protection. The Lord will watch over his people even in the midst of the worst battles.
23) There will be more flood and more fire disasters destroying lives and properties- There is need for earnest prayers.
24) I see airplane crashes. One of them on top of a building,
25) Earnest prayer against Worldwide witchcraft meeting and witchcraft onslaught.
26) The continuing prophecy by different men saying Bishop Oyedepo, Rev. W.F Kumuyi and Pastor(Prophet) E.A Adeboye will die in 2023 will not come to pass.

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This section contains daily Scriptures for man’s spiritual consumption for spiritual and all-round growth. Without daily feeding on the eternal ‘Scripture of truth’, the soul of man will be malnourished. This leads to stunted growth and eventual death if not addressed urgently.

As such, realizing the gains of modern/contemporary technological advancement through electronic devices, Express Image Glory Ministries seeks to make the Holy Scriptures not only readily available and accessible, but equally, the Ministry is praying and pushing very hard for a large appetite in Christians for the word of God through portable devices. Through these portable means, the Ministry expectantly hopes in God that the Scriptures will be read through within the shortest possible time. This is being enhanced by spirit-guided Scriptures for daily consumption.


The Message Now



Vol. 6, No. 4 – Sunday, 21st March, 2021
(Psalms 24:1, 50:10, 82:6)

The eternal Scripture in Psalm 24:1 informs us that ‘the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’.
I must be correct to say that for as many who believe in God, the Biblical statement that ‘the earth is the Lord’s’ is a restatement of the obvious. Who else can dare own this planet other than the Most Supreme One? I contend that what is rather novel about verse 1 of Psalm 24 is the added phrase, ‘and the fullness thereof’.
The novelty of the word ‘fullness’ is our foremost interest in this phrase. The question is what fullness imply or mean in this context? Fullness as used in Psalm 24:1 means to continue to increase.

The eternal Scripture informs us in Genesis chapter 1:28 that ‘and replenish the earth’. Semantically speaking, the word ‘replenish’ imports the same meaning as the word ‘fullness’.
The Almighty created the earth with a mandate for the earth to continue to expand. Why? Because more than what was created in six days at the start of creation, further creation and recreative increases would continue. This means in many senses that everything that has been created and will be created and being created remains a product of the spoken word at creation: saying, ‘let there be …’.
Great inventions, technological advancement and groundbreaking records by man in modern and in more modern times are all functions of the continuing words of ‘fullness’, ‘replenish’ and ‘let there be…’.

What does all these mean? When God finished the first and original work of creation on the six day in which He created man as the last and indeed the crown of His creation at the time, the Almighty handed over to man the authority to continue from where He stopped and rested on the seventh day.
Understand that from that point the mandate given to man is to ‘replenish the earth’. Agreed, man lost that authority to satan in the garden of Eden. But understand also that the Son of the Living God regained that authority back to man. So, as it is at the moment, God expects and needs man to express that authority on His behalf.
However, there is a sad end to this foregoing conclusion. Since the authority of furthering God’s creative abilities now lies with man, satan too needs man to express that authority in his own name, falsity and subtilty. Why? (1) that he may continue to enjoy the glory that belongs to the Almighty. (2) That his influence, depravity, falsity and evil power may continue to spread on the earth.

Ah! Understand that Satan is constantly in contest with God through man. What does this mean? Without man’s response to satan, satan is actually zero. Since the moment of the Cross of Calvary, Man remains an authority over satan. But man does not know this reality. Do you know that at no time in the Bible did God refer to satan as His son? Do you know that at different points, God referred to man as His son? Understand that even the Son of God was declared as the Son of man. Understand also that the Son of God is our brother born of the same eternal blood (Acts.17:24) and we are co-heirs with Him in God and in the replenishing of the earth.

Ah! Dearly beloved, we have gone too far off the path. If the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Ps.24:1), if all the silver and gold are God’s (Hag.2:8) and if the cattle upon a thousand hills belong to God (Ps.50:10) and if we are gods of authority under the Almighty (Ps.82:6), then why are we not groundbreakers in greatness, in breakthroughs and mighty records? Why are we strugglers only? Why is it that the majority of Christians are talkers, not makers, movers, shakers and creators of great things?
The best that most of us are is being preachers without being the manifesters of mighty works. On the other end, however, the children of darkness are performers of worthy courses, great things and mighty inventions. Oh! The princes are now on foot whilst the servants are continuing to ride on horses.
Hmmm! I can understand. The salt of the world has fast lost its savour and become the sand of the world. The light has gone so badly dim. But we are the heir of the great and wealthy God. But our authority lies dormant. Therefore, we feed as though our father is not rich in all things.

I decree therefore that a thousand and far more people who will be reading this edition now and after now, receive the knowledge to realise who you are in God. Receive fresh revival fire to take on your portion and possess them. And I command that we all truly become gods of authority on the earth as designed by the Almighty, in Jesus name.
Please repeat the words of this song now: I am a trillionaire, a trillionaire indeed and in deed. My father is rich in all things, and I am His heir. I realise my position and reach for my possessions today. I exercise my authority I possess my possessions and positions from henceforth. I shall use my possessions, positions and authority to replenish the earth. I shall advance the course of the Almighty and fulfill it without delay, without compromise and without looking back. With my co-blood brother, Christ with me, my success on every sphere is assured and guaranteed. I enforce that success from this day.


Question and Answer Section
Question: The great questions again! When was the last time that you preached to any soul? Do you serve God with joyful heart or with reluctance? How much hurt is in your soul against that fellow? Won’t rather forgive them and forget their mischief so that you can rightly serve your loving Father? When was the last time you smiled genuinely and truly from your heart about yourself bearing in mind the bright days to come? when was the last time you heard a force praying within your belly without your consciousness? When was the last time you gave something to support God’s work apart from your tithes and offerings? When was the last time you supported any man to fulfill a divine or a personal agenda? When was the last time you put smile on the face of someone?
Answer: Hmmm!


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Backslidden – living in sin – needing fresh recommitment (say):
Christ Jesus, You are the Anointed One of the Most High. I come to you today as I am. In your mercy, help me out of my situation. Heal my soul, my spirit, my body, my life and my destiny. I acknowledge you as the only true lover of my soul. Please, deliver me on every side and save me through and through. I promise from the depth of my soul to be yours from henceforth, in Jesus name. Help me now O God. Be my Lord, my Saviour and my all in all from this day. Thank you Lord (read Ps.54 in closing and pray more).

HYMN: When The Power Of God Descended
1. O God, open my understand to know who I am.
2. At what point did I miss it with you O God, please take me back there and give me a fresh start.
3. Divine authority that came to man by divine mandate, enter me now.
4. I refuse to be hot in church and cold as from after church.
5. O drainer of divine authority and divine strength, as I stand before God now, I sack and slaughter you.
6. Problems and sad situations that came with me to church today, receive the attention of the Almighty.
7. Present your personal petitions.



AA Allen Testimony of 26 Miracles

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VIGIL: January 2021 –February 2021;
Time: 12 A.M to 1 A.M.;
DATE: Sunday 31st January 2021 to Monday 1st February 2021;
MONTHLY COVENANT THEME: Recommended for Greatness;
Monthly Scripture: Genesis 41:9-16,38-46, 1 Samuel 16:16-23;

FAITH DECLARATION: re-echo this Scripture in the ears of the Almighty and for preservative wisdom for yourself: Psalm 39 and 1 Samuel 21:10-15.
CONFESSION: Confess the following Scriptures with resounding faith that cannot be resisted nor denied: (Psalms 56, 57 and 64:

HOUR OF HEAVENLY SHOWER: pick up the Scripture below and speak gladdening words to Jehovah: Psalm 124, 129, 141, 144 and 146.

HYMN: Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour
1. O hand of Jehovah, counter and cancel the spirit and power of death.
2. O mercy of God, please find me in this new month.

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Vol. 1, No. 2 – Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

(Acts 12:11, Isaiah 46:10, Jeremiah 46:25)


Prophetic confession:

O God, life and its harshness, storms and the struggles and sufferings that seem not to end speak to me: saying, God is not there to help me or move me on to a new and better plane. But my answer to them O God of Jacob, thou God, ‘the strength of Israel (which) will not lie’ is that nevertheless, I belong to God and you O God belongs to me also. 

I decree therefore O God that my hindrances and life’s traffic wherein I find myself shall end this day. For it is written in your eternal sure word in Jer.30:16 that, ......continue to page



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