Monthly Covenant Prayer Session:

Vigil: July – August 2016,

Time: 11:50 pm to 2:30) am

Date: Sunday, 31st July to Monday, 1st August 2016.


Scripture: Exodus 12:1-2, Revelation21:5;


Pray now:

Read Ps.51 and Ps.66:18; begin with genuine repentance before the Maker of heaven and earth;

Read Isaiah 12:1-6, Ps.47, 48, 66, 96, 98, 135 and 150, then bring quality worship to the God of all flesh.

Confession: (say) Father, I have not enjoyed year 2016 as you Lord has desired for me. But as from this month of August, my story takes a new turn. I see the tide of the enemy fast receding from me. You sea that has refused to part begin to dry up now. The embargo of the enemy placed over me receive the fiery judgement of God. In your anger o God, let every evil pursuer of my life and destiny lose the major thing. They shall not recover from the disaster coming upon them. Because I have been true to them that plot my downfall, the Lord God of host shall begin to avenge me of all my adversaries. You moon called August, deliver to me the pregnancy of blessings sent from On High. The harvest in you belongs to me and my household. They shall not be inherited by another. Therefore Father, arise in thy strength and power and spoil every enemy devouring me. Set your face o God against them that are saying no to my visa and progress. They that journey into the new month ahead of me to cause me harm Father, let their judgment begin by fire now. O God, will the enemy steal my testimonies this month also? O God, not as long as you live. By thy power and Spirit in me I decree that this month, my man child shall be born. My caged destiny is being released right now. As Peter was delivered from Herod’s prison by the divine power of God, so I send ministering Spirits and my guardian angels to go forth now and recover my Peter. My dry bones must rise again. Every good thing in my life and destiny that have been buried, be exumed and resurrected. An angel rolled away the stone from the tomb of the Lord Jesus.

Therefore, because I believe in the Lord Jesus and do His will, you angels of the Most High cause a rumor of war to begin now that will facilitate my total deliverance. O God, because of your covenant with me, raise unending terror on every spy and monitors of my life, family, destiny and ministry. You killer of destiny and suppressor of glory and divine calling, your shame has just begun. As great as you have been so you will crash never to recover. O oil of the Almighty, lubricate my life and marriage afresh.

You evil minister using my talents to enrich yourself, you shall no longer enjoy the mercy of God. Lord, release my destiny helpers and bless them. O God, raise ambushment against anyone or power determined to fight me still even after these prayers in Jesus name, Amen;

I awaken my life and destiny from every spiritual slumber;

I receive divine power for a new beginning;

Let the oppressors of Nigeria die from henceforth;

I cancel and reverse every evil exchange;

Father, cause every dry bone in my life and destiny to arise again and live;

Every voice from the grave saying no to my prayers and progress, be silenced by the power of God;

I overcome and throw down every enemy of my star;

Offer quality praises to God for answered prayers;

Lord, please speak to me as I retire to bed now (continue till sleep).

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