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(Part 2)


Last week’s edition of this magazine referred to three topics of great importance namely:

(1) knowing one’s God-given limits and being at one’s best within one’s spiritual parameters (Judges.9:8-15). 

(2) The unconscionable thirst for occupying spiritual position, possession of spiritual power but without any desire for sound spiritual purity (Judges.9:1-6, 15, 30-55). And

(3) the mystery of Gerizin.

Having dealt with the first topic during the previous edition, it is onto the next topic that this edition will now turn.

By means of anointing, a congregation can be gathered and increased. By dint of flawed character, the same congregation can be scattered or decreased. Why? Inner purity is the active machinery and the necessary lubricating oil for driving the wheels of character. If inner purity fails or is found to be in total absence in a man, character is equally in absolute disarray. Thus the presence or absence of purity dictates the shades of outward characters of a man at any given time.

I dare conclude at this point that irrespective of eloquence, charisma and volumes of knowledge or experience possessed in a man, such a man cannot go so far without characters/attitudes that can stand tall in the face of life’s storm. For even a dint of flaw in character can corrupt the tallest anointing. Life’s storm is an invisible but felt classroom where every character of every man is put to the test. The result of this test is always and will always be decided by the absence or presence of purity.

It is commonly asserted that a man’s attitude will determine his altitude. An Italian maxim equally agrees with this assertion. The maxim states: ‘chi va piano vas anno e valontano’. This means that ‘he that goes carefully will go safely and will get far’. But I wonder very seriously how any man can go ‘carefully’ ‘safely’ and ‘get far’ without imbibing and practically fulfilling in himself/herself the express content of Galatians 5:22. I wonder further how Galatians 5:22 can be imbibed or fulfilled in a man except such a man is genuinely born-again and consistently living in absolute purity.

Who is the unrecognized leader by God but the impure one. Before ever Alexander The Great was born in July 356 B.C.  in Pella Greece and died in 323 B.C. In Babylon Iraq, the Scripture foretold about his greatness. So great a leader Alexander was that he earned that phrase: ‘the great’ to his name. Despite his greatness and leadership qualities, the absence of purity revealed certain dark sides concerning him and his character.

Alexander The Great was a man of fierce anger and infested with unquenchable fire of alcoholism. Do men recognize you as a great and uncommon leader? But does God know you? Are you living in secret sin? Church Pastor! Hmmm! do you ask your congregation to fast whilst you are eating? God is watching you Mr leader..

In Judges. 9:1-6 especially verses 1-2, 4-5, 15, 30-55, the true character of poor leadership without purity was clearly exemplified. Such leaders confirm the concern of the Lord in Matthew 7:16 wherein the Lord stated: ‘ye shall know them by their fruit’. We understand by reason of verses 1-2 of Judges chapter 9 that Abimelech earned the support of his supporters through subtlety, trickery and callousness. His supporters in turn gave their consent and financial support by reason of share nepotism, unconscionable wickedness and very silly gullibility.

Of course, armed with financial strength, Abimelech feared not God, disrespected the age of his 70 brethren and had no regard for cultural belief. The desire to occupy political position and to gain power sold off his conscience and forever instituted him as a mindless murderer in the records of the Almighty (Judges.9:4-5).

Are you seeking position and power at all costs? Then you are making it so difficult for God to elect you. Are you seeking to be noticed? Then you are yet to arrive. Why don’t you allow God announce you?

Thank God! That lady almost got me into trouble. She will always come to me to berate the sister who is today the head of the prayer department of Express Image Glory Ministries. She will always paint a very bleak and black picture about this wonderful sister. The sole reason for her action was in order for me to make her a worker in the ministry. She forgot that I am a worker too employed by the Almighty. As such I have no power of my own to elect her because I have been elected too by the Greatest Electorate and must remain subject to this Eternal Electorate. What if I had believed her evil report without checking up? Then I would have missed a destiny-helper in that wonderful sister.

Seeking position, power, title without purity will make you rise to a certain level at the expense of others who are by far more qualified but who are quiet.

In Judges 9:15, we see another kind of leader or leadership. Here was the bramble tree (a spiritual allegory of Abimelech) being invited to become a political leader of kingship kind. For him, acceptance must be based on condition. If you want me to be king over you, then I must be Lord over you because you have to put your trust in my protection.

In your church, in your office and among your friends, do you exercise authority as though you are their God? Do you sit over the congregation as Lord. Do you make demands from your people and flock, and if not met, then the people are in trouble?

Please, Mr leader, so-called chief among friends, madam and big boss at home and supervisor in the office, take it lightly; tread carefully. The slave today may become the master tomorrow. Where, at that time will you hide your face? What do you think must have happened to Potiphar and his wife after their former slave-boy, Joseph became Prime Minister? Or are you the sort of leader that gives God condition of prosperity for calling you into His service? Do you not know that God will take care of that? Dear leader, it is time to reflect, rethink, repent and make amends.

In the same verse 15, there is the clear replication of another kind of leader or leadership. This is the leader who uses his anointing or financial power to curse or oppress Godly people. Is it not rather better to curse poverty, evil powers, smite wicked forces and agents of darkness, rebuke sin and encourage the fallen and depressed? Why did that pastor call that woman ‘a Judas’ in the 1980s all because she did not have the money for her church contribution? I am not that pastor’s judge. However, praying for that woman to be prosperous and to have a heart to give to God is preferable to calling her ‘a Judas’.

Yet in verses 30-55 of the same Judges chapter 9, shocking revelation is given about a ruthless kind of leader or leadership. The ruthlessness of Abimelech increases to the point that no milk of human kindness was evident in him for the flock and people over which he governed.

Such a leader forgets that position of power occupied by anyone is but for a tenure. Because life is a condiment of span and no man can exceed his own span or tenure. Everyone occupies one position of power and is a title holder in one respect or another. So then, a husband is a leader; how kind are you to your wife and children’s courses? My dear husband brother man, hmmm! have you just furnished your wardrobe with the latest attire and yet your wife dresses in rags and tatters? Can your wife say in her heart of heart that were she to come to this planet again she will not marry anyone else but you? Mr Husband and brother man, do you remember what the late Sage: Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo said about leader and leadership? The late Sage opined: ‘the glory of a leader lies in the well-being of his people’. Your wife is your glory. Therefore, dress and address her as queen and with due respect.

Mrs graduate wife, how is the management of the home finances? Some of it kept in your bank account without the knowledge of your husband? Oh! If you inform him he will call for the return of the money? Why did you take it for your personal consumption without informing him in the first instance? Why inflating the children’s school fees? Why did you suddenly become the friend of your landlord? Hmmm! tell us the truth; is the rent just a paltry sum but now magnified by you? That is impure leadership and undisciplined home management. Mrs wife, do you know what! Please God, not because of your husband but because of God and purity.

Small and big politician! God is watching you. Answer God and answer us too. How did you attain that political height? Any ritual killing Sir? Any giving of your body for sex madam? The late meetings you attend, is it just for political reasons? How about last night’s occultic dinner? You are now in church; asking God for forgiveness and donating big money to bribe God so that your bribery will blindfold God from your sin. Do you think that is ever going to be possible? Such act is no purity; your donation is unacceptable.

By your impure lifestyle, you are hurting God and humanity. Hurting humanity means you neither fear God nor have concern for people’s sufferings. It simply means that you are void of purity and full of self-centredness. The filth and in-filling of that self-centredness further means that you hate the late Sage’s wise counsel. The late Sage once again opined to persons like you Mr and Mrs politician: ‘the ship of the state is fast approaching a huge rock; visible enough for those that look beyond self interest. Lest we stand and courageously steer it away, it shall hit the rock; and the inescapable consequences shall be unspeakable disaster which is rare in the annals of man’.

Is Africa not in that disaster today? Of course, mindlessness, ruthlessness, inordinate penchant for position, power and title and impurity like the impure and thoughtless Abimelech are all the root causes of present day African sufferings.



Altar call: Backslidden – living in sin – needing fresh recommitment (say):

Christ Jesus, You are the Anointed One of the Most High. I come to you today as I am. In your mercy, help me out of my situation. Heal my soul, my spirit, my body, my life and my destiny. I acknowledge you as the only true lover of my soul. Please, deliver me on every side and save me through and through. I promise from the depth of my soul to be yours from henceforth, in Jesus name. Help me now O God. Be my Lord, my Saviour and my all in all from this day. Thank you Lord (read Ps.54 in closing and pray more).


Hymn: The Great Judgment Morning

Pray now:

1. O God, delete my name and my life from any evil register.
2. O hand of God which helped Elijah, help me up that I may fulfill my destiny demands.
3. Eternal Reality, give me definite testimonies during and after this forthcoming Conference.
4. Ah! my God, help me to change my ways to please you.
5. Mighty One of Jacob, specially anoint every minister ministering at the Conference for my sake.
6. O God, when the great judgement morning shall come, let me be one of the judges and not one of the judged.
7. Precious and most righteous father, make me a leader ever pleasing you and a genuine follower of your leadership.
8. Spread the invitation about the forthcoming Conference; do not fail to publicise it for the Lord will not fail to publicise, announce and celebrate you and your destiny.

                                      Pastor Mike

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