Prophecy of the Future Days Foretold

Prophecy for 2020:
1. 2020 is a year of Victory; the victory will be more pronounced beginning from the month of March.
2. Pray for President Trump to survive final impeachment at the Senate; he may not win the election if serious prayers are not offered on his behalf.
3. On top of october 2020, there is a talk of Awolowo, Awolowo, Awolowo. What this means I do not know.
4. There will be an attack on a Governor and the Vice President of Nigeria
5. There shall be more fire and less flood in the year 2020. ( a house in Lekki is under query ).
6. Avoid sin, as we go into 2020, men receive and enter into the river of mercy as soon as 2020 dawns.
7. In the year 2020, there shall be draconian measures by the Government of Nations beginning from Africa to the wider world but true children of God will feed well
8. There will be attacks from nation to nation coupled with international misunderstandings
9. The country of China shall give birth to twins, what this means, I do not know.
10. The head of a particular prophet shall be raised up in 2020. They shall attempt to pull him down in April but his head shall be lifted up. He shall go on and leap ahead on unseen stair cases, for he shall find the grace of Noah
11. Something will happen to the enemies of Christians and Christianity in 2020. They will have a real tough ride.
12. An angel descend upon Nigeria in 2020 with a sickle in his hand. This will happen in the month of June running towards August, September and October….., what he’s coming for I don’t know.
13. I saw a onetime fighter of christianity in Nigeria, a Catholic Cardinal falling down into sickness. But he shall survive it and the year 2020, he shall not die.
14. In the vision, I saw also a sudden spring up of several corn with one being more obvious. They looked fresh and desirable; honour and great glory shall be brought to many in the New Year, 2020.
15. Year 2020 is a year whose major key is vigilance; for opportunities and blessings shall abound limitlessly for many.
16. The aeroplane of Express Image Glory Ministries will take off in 2020.
17. Those who will enjoy 2020 are those who will live by spirit led revelation.
18. Enemies of Nigeria and christianity will be over thrown in 2020.
19. 2020 is a year of goodness and a year of harvest.
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