THE MESSAGE NOW Vol. 4, No. 3 – Monday, 21st January, 2019 (Exo.10:28-29, Exo.14:13)

A statement of common parlance informs us that ‘when two strong metals collide in a clash, the metal with the lesser power will bend to that which is stronger. The situation has no difference in the parlance of thoughts and words.
Thoughts and words have enormous force and power and can therefore be very strong and result-oriented when activated. Their controlling effects are phenomenal that their potency includes the effectual power to confirm a thing or statement, sign off and sign to, seal and even deliver with effortless ease.

It is true about the character of thoughts and words that thoughts and words can equally bow or bend like the lesser metal depending on the strength of the opposing thoughts or words. Understand the secret that nothing good or evil will ever kiss the shores of reality except it is first conceived in the thoughts and believingly expressed in words whether orally or in written form. If they kiss the shores of reality, then it means that there has been some prevalence over certain contrary thoughts or words.
Understand further that every thought or word of challenge ever conceived or expressed is a prophetic statement be it for a good course or a bad one. The unassailable truth is this: thoughts and words are decrees with enormous power.

The further truth is: as decrees, the power thoughts and words wield(power or influence) is entirely dependent on the source from which the decree proceeds. Indeed, it is the source which determines whether such words or thoughts will bend or prevail when such words and thoughts clash with another words or thoughts of a counter motion.
I argue that the bible is a universal text. Its versatility cuts across all forms of disciplines. From hermeneutics, to eschatology and to divinity studies, sciences to arts and social sciences of law, politics, philosophy, etc, the knowledge therein contained is worthy of exhibition and for both academic and spiritual examination and research.

Therefore, in the comparative analysis of the power of thoughts and words, I contend that the relevance of the Bible is of such conundrum that giving the text of the Bible a second place is a most injurious injustice to its contents.
For no amount of knowledge gained over time and through time can be claimed to be sufficient when the contents of the Bible is in absence. Thus examining and researching through the academe of knowledge, I find two references of biblical origin interestingly relevant for a thorough analysis of contextual and contextual power of words and thoughts.The first reference is found in the book of Exodus chapter 10 precisely in verses 28-29. These verses read as follows:
’28 And Pharaoh said unto him, get thee from me, take heed to thyself, see my face no more; for in that day thou seest my face thou shalt die.29 And Moses said, thou hast spoken well, I will see thy face again no more’.
Unarguably, the words of these two verses are strong expressions. In their very nature and essence, the words of these two verses take the form of prophecy in that they stretch beyond mere humanistic ethos to the boundaries of the future: a boundary strictly within the confines of the Almighty who alone knows tomorrow.
Like the instance of the two strong metals involved in forceful collision, the words of verses 28 and 29 are expressions emanating from two strong personalities exuding from two different sources. As such, there cannot be a merger between these counter words but a conflict in which the words with the more superior force must prevail.
Understand the power of prophetic expression. Pharaoh’s pronouncement was prophetic in that his statement determined an end. Unfortunately, Pharaoh, as an officer terminated the end of a more superior officer than himself (Exo.7:1).

There is definitely a consequence for such misuse or abuse of power. The implication is a very dire one in that it triggers off a cause-and-effect cost conundrum. What this means is this: the salvo of words fired by a junior officer towards a more senior officer is always bound to cause a backlash. Such backlash will always and immediately effect a backfire of a dastard consequence.
Hmmm! there must be a lesson for learning here. Do you know that the enemy’s negative expressions should be taken by the Christian as a prophetic pronouncement for their downfall and for the christian’s rising? How?
Oftentimes, we hear angry enemies proclaim the expression: ‘over my dead body will — — good thing become a reality’. The immediate action of the Christian occupying his/her position is to rise up in holy authority, confirm that statement with immediate effect and also put an irreversible seal on the statement.
Unfortunately, as for the fearful Christian who does not know the birthright already bequeath to him by and through Christ Jesus, such an expression means pandemonium has begun against him. The truth of the matter is that that pronouncement by the enemy, if seen through the eyes of faith, simply puts an expiry date on the onslaughts of the enemy against that Christian.
What then is to be done by the Christian? Since the enemy has pronounced his own death and destruction, simply confirm it.

What does this mean? Since the enemy says that the breakthrough of that Christian will only become a reality ‘over his dead body’, then dear Christian, ask God to speed up the time of the enemy’s burial because from the moment of his pronouncement, he died already.
Understand dear Christian that the Bible notes that: ‘God confirms the words of His servant and performs the counsel of His messenger (Is.44:26). If God does this to His servant, how much more to His son or His daughter?

Therefore, understand and rightly occupy your given position of authority O Christian. Every thought conceived and every word expressed is a seed sown. Seeds always germinate, grow and produce fruit after their own kind.
Pharaoh noted: ‘for in the day, you see my face, you shall die’. Oh! very unfortunate. Pharaoh had forgotten the words of the eternal Scriptures to the effect that: ‘nevertheless I must walk to day, and to morrow, and the day following: for it cannot be that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem’ (Luke 13:33).The great Man of God called Moses was the sole mouth-piece of the Eternal God in Egypt at the time. And Pharaoh! You are pronouncing death over a priest, a servant, a child and a prophet of the Almighty God!?
Pharaoh! Didn’t you know that that that child of God is a more superior officer in comparison to you? Pharaoh! Didn’t you know that your negative pronouncement has no other effect other than to backfire on you?What! Pharaoh! Didn’t it eventually happen as you decreed? Pharaoh! You called for Moses and Aaron in the dead of the night in Exodus 12:31 when the tenth plague hit you very hard. But understand Pharaoh that that was at midnight. So, neither you nor Moses was able to see each other’s face because of the deadness of the night.
In Exodus chapter 14 verse 13, we are told that:’13 And Moses said unto the people,fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will shew to you today: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them no more again forever’.
So then O unwise Pharaoh (foolishly challenging God in the life of His child), the only time you saw Moses again face to face was at the Red Sea. Wasn’t it? And what happened there O foolish Pharaoh!? You were buried like a lead in the sea of no return (Exodus.14:28). Dear Christian! Is there still left a Pharaoh harassing you? If you are truly a Christian, then get from countless resources of the Almighty and deal with that Pharaoh. For your Pharaoh has been buried.

Do I hear you say ‘what shall I do?’
i. Realise the authority handed over to you (Luke 10:19, Eph.1:16-23, Eph.2:1-6, Mark.16:16-17).ii. Appropriate that authority and make it count.iii. Constantly cover and bath yourself in the ever-flowing blood of the Lamb.iv. Engage yourself and your spirit in the constant and consistent speaking in tongues (Eph.5:19).v. Be actively involved in serving Embrace holy living. There is no choice about this (Heb.12:14).vii. Take holy communion from time to time. It renews your strength.viii. Live always in an atmosphere of joy (Isaiah 12:3).ix. Immediately nullify negative thoughts, words and dreams.x. Be consecrated to God and keep your consecration.

I speak to your life as one sent by the Most High God that your life shall end up as Joseph (the Prime Minister) of Egypt ended up. I decree into your life that as Mordecai was exalted, so will it happen to your life also. The prophet Daniel was about to face monumental shame but God reversed it to greatness. In like manner, shame, disappointment and delay are terminated from your life from this moment.

Question and Answer Section:Question: What were the first two cities built in the Bible?Answer: Nod built by Cain and Enoch city.

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