A Turning Point Moment onto the God of Heaven

Renaissance is a word best associated with the transition period between medieval era and modern times. At best, dark is the most apt word for describing especially the beliefs of medieval era. For instance, in medieval times, there was firm belief on the progenitor of witches, demons and disabled people called incubus.

The incubus is a male demon that seeks to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women. The corresponding demon in the female form is the succubus. In medieval days, witches, demons and deformed human-beings were deeply believed to be direct offsprings of the incubus.

Whilst this ministry is incomplete disagreement with the medieval belief about the birth of witches, demons and physically-challenged people, the ministry rather strictly believes that upon salvation of the soul of man, there has been a transition from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God’s ‘Dear Son’ (see Col.1:13). This is what the ministry terms spiritual renaissance.

In the ministry’s belief and doctrine, connection with the Lord Jesus provides that defining moment which always goes to mark a major turning point in a man’s life and history. As such, the interest of this section of the website is to showcase on a monthly basis videos of outstanding testimonies of men as well as the reality of heaven and hell. The underlying agenda here is: (1) to effect change in all-and sundry, (2) to bring men to the saving knowledge of Christ and to win our world for Him, and (3) to inform everyone that nothing replaces God.

November 1

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