VOL 4 NO. 11- 25TH MARCH,2019

GEN 14:18-20; PROV 3:9-10

Giving tithe and offering predates the New Testament era; it’s not an innovation in the New Testament church. It has been practiced by the Faithfuls as far back as the period when Abraham rescued his cousin Lot and the goods the enemy took from Sodom. On his way back from the war Melchizedek met him, blessed him, gave him bread and wine and Abraham gave him tithe of all (Gen 14:20). This was the first account of tithing.
Jacob one of the patriarchs, also vowed and paid tithe unto God (Gen 28:20-22). During the dispensation of the law, all Israelites were commanded to bring their tithe ‘‘into a place where the Lord your God shall choose’’ i.e His house (Deut. 14:22,23).
Tithing is part of true worship. There are lots of blessing in giving tithes and offering unto the Lord. One of the secrets of spiritual and material blessings is faithfulness in giving of our tithe and offerings.
I know a man of God who gives his tithes and a minimum of 10% of the tithe as his offering. I think this is a rewarding spiritual mathematics.
There is a question of where do you pay your tithe. The tithe should be paid where you receive your spiritual food & blessings. You can’t eat in canteen A and pay in canteen B. It is important for believers today to know where to pay their tithe. Tithes must be brought to the store house of God where the Gospel is being preached in truth and where the propagation of the gospel is the primary objective and pursuit.
The most important condition is that you must first surrender your heart to God before God can be pleased with your tithe and offerings. You must be born again and become a child of God. While tithe and offering are made mandatory other giving are also rewarding as God bless such givers meaning they are also much approved of God. It is part of our service to God and humanity.
⦁ When we give our tithe, the store house of God will be full (Malachi 3:10)
⦁ When we give our tithe, windows of heaven’s blessings will be opened to us- (Malachi 3:10)
⦁ When we give our tithe, immeasurable blessings will be poured upon us (Malachi 3:10)
⦁ When we give our tithe, the devourer shall be rebuked- (Malachi 3:11) i.e we shall not spend money on things that merely deplete our resources wastefully
⦁ When we give our tithe, the fruit of our ground shall not be destroyed i.e we shall have good harvest.
⦁ When we give our tithe, our plants shall not cast their fruits before their time i.e there shall not be any kind of abortion (Malachi 3:11)
⦁ When we give our offering our barns shall be filled with plenty i.e good yield (Prov 3:9-10)
⦁ Our reward shall be a great proportion of our offering that is profitability (2cor 9:6, Luke 6:38)
Pastor Adeboye once gave the testimony of a brother that borrowed money to singlehandedly sponsor the feeding at their annual convention. The man eventually became the chairman of the bank where the money was borrowed. The Lord looks at the heart of the giver.
Giving our resources to God brings spiritual & physical blessings to us as enumerated.
⦁ When Peter gave his empty fishing boat to Jesus, he got two full trawlers of fish back (Luke 51:7)
⦁ The shunamite woman gave her chamber & food to Elisha her barrenness was turned to fruitfulness (2king 4:8,10,13,14-16)
In the end, it is our giving willingly, cheerfully and whole heartedly either by command, intuition or impulse that will always attracts God’s reward.
Question and Answer:
Q: How was the earth watered initially before the rain?
A: Mist went up from the earth (Gen 2:5-6 )

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Backslidden – living in sin – needing fresh recommitment (say):
Christ Jesus, You are the Anointed One of the Most High. I come to you today as I am. In your mercy, help me out of my situation. Heal my soul, my spirit, my body, my life and my destiny. I acknowledge you as the only true lover of my soul. Please, deliver me on every side and save me through and through. I promise from the depth of my soul to be yours from henceforth, in Jesus name. Help me now O God. Be my Lord, my Saviour and my all in all from this day. Thank you Lord (read Ps.54 in closing and pray more).

Hymn: Take my life and let it be

Pray Now
⦁ Father you owned my life and all that i have, give me the grace to hold everything with a loose hand
⦁ 2 Samuel 24:24 – Father help me i will not to give unto you anything too cheap
⦁ From today, i shall never fail to pay my tithe.
⦁ Prov 8:18. Father you give power to get wealth, establish your covenant with me, give me abundant wealth & health this year
⦁ Exo 12:13. Father no plaque, death or destruction in this year 2019 shall come near me, they shall over me and my house In Jesus name.
⦁ Blood of Jesus answer for me this year (repeat 7 times)
⦁ Act 16:26 may earth quake now from the foundation, my closed doors open, all my chains and fetters loose In Jesus name.

Israel Ade-Raymond Ebo

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