Vol 1, No. 5 – Monday, 8th August 2016

Ps.32:7-8, Job34:32, James 1:19, Heb.10:35-36

It is ever good to make a bullet – start in all things of life and destiny. It is never wise to jump the gun. Those who engage in the latter end up in life’s valley of damnable disqualification. The catalyst facilitating the art of jumping the gun by human beings is impatience. Dearly beloved, impatience is nothing else but a potent weapon of the enemy. Richard Baxter once warned, ‘impatience is not of the devil; it is the devil itself’.

Pastor Mike lost a glorious class of academic Degree back in his Unilag days because of impatience. What was promised by God to Pastor Mike in 2001 eventually came to him with all effortless ease 11 years later, but the harm was already done. Can that class of academic Degree be regained? Hmmm!!! No. Unless he will have to go back to school for another first Degree. Learn the lessons of life from the errors of other men, not from personal experience. It can be dastardly costly.

Hindsight unarguably provides man with ample opportunity of better intelligence. But knowledge – intelligence gained through foresight and/or insight is certainly preferable. It saves a preventable harm from occurring. Remember that to every problem, direction or step to be taken, a moment of prayer will do a number of things: (1) invites God into the issue at hand, (2) informs the Lord how much He is valued, and (3) remember that the art of praying to the Most High on any matter is in itself a major step of faith in His sight.

For one, it informs Him of His worthiness and great ability as our sole problem solver. Such step of faith honours the Lord. Those who honour Him, He says, He will ‘honour’.

Pray now:

Lord, give me wisdom and understanding to find my own path through life.

Lord, teach me your voice and how to know when you are leading me.

Lord, deliver me from hastiness; let me not journey ahead of you or your appointed time.

Shun fear; ask for a new job and fresh insight for progress today. The Lord is impressing in my spirit the more and the harder too! Ask for a new job today! Ask for a new job today.

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