Vol. 3, No. 8 – Monday, 19th February, 2018

(Matt.25:1-13, Psalm 106:4-5)


Sound spiritual argument will no doubt hold the strong view that two of the greatest facilitators of divine visitation are undying act of continuous seeking and unrelenting expectation.
It is further a potent spiritual argument subsumed with incontestable fact that to every divine visitation there is a defined moon. Moon in this connection is a reference to divinely-ordained time of life when God must assuredly come calling in fulfilment of His appearing and promises.
It is equally a well-known fact that more often than not, man becomes faint-hearted before their appointed moon of divine visitation. At other times, man does not just become faint-hearted, he seeks for alternatives by way of being an friend of God’s enemy or man is actually unprepared at the dawn of his/her ordained moon.
There comes in remembrance the true account of that fellow who was visited nine times by an angel. On the ninth time of the angel’s visit, the angel told this fellow in very plain understanding. ‘these nine times I have visited you on account of this blessing but you have remained unprepared and unworthy. This is the last time of my coming’.
Someone might object at this juncture to this account of the angelic visitation on the ground that God’s mercy is ever unlimited. Understand dearly beloved that the frontiers of God’s mercy are beyond human comprehension and far beyond the natural eyes of man. Which of course means that  God’s mercy is limitless. However, the limitlessness of God’s mercy is applicable only in the general sense not in the specific. Are you questioning what this could mean?

To start with, to an individual, God’s mercy sometimes is dependent on one’s turn of attitude towards God. Are you asking why? Because if one is never prepared, missing the mark of destiny may not just be a prospect, it will become a reality at some point.
In addition, despite the availability and limitlessness of God’s mercy, one’s turn of attitude to God plays prominent role. For instance, ‘if one commits the sin one has always committed, one will get the same result one has always got’.
The implication of the foregoing is an obvious one. Despite God’s mercy (which is worth counting on by all men), faint-heartedness, unpreparedness by reason of attitude or sin or by seeking alternatives through demonic means can occasion the missing of one’s divine moon.
Do you not think dearly beloved that a calculated attempt or deliberate attitude geared towards demeaning God’s standard or word can shift the walls of mercy? If the walls of mercy shifts in the opposite direction against a man, can’t that equally trigger a postponement of the moon of divine visitation?
Beloved of the Most High God, when is your moon of divine visitation? The Lord is still in His church and I am led to ask you this day that was it not because of delay that you abandoned your place of worship and divine assignment spoken to you by God?
Are you aware that the place of divine assignment is the same place where divine visitation will take place? Are you sure that there is not an angel now looking for you in that place of divine assignment because your moon of divine visitation has now arisen?
If that angel is right there searching for you: would you afford to miss God’s perfect will for your life because of plus, plus and plus? Aren’t you aware that God speaks and that He is able to inform you about the expiry moment of that problem or situation?
Have you prayed to that point of gaining knowledge of the time of your visitation? If not, why are you losing heart when you have not even completed your assignment of knowing the time of your visitation?
I challenge you dearly beloved with the knowledge that do you know that there are Christians who seek the face of God to such extent that they know the moon of their divine visitation when they will exit from this earth.
There are Christian who are so much given to seeking the face of the Lord that they have been equipped with knowledge as to the time of their retirement, when to sell that property of theirs, when their next child will be born, what will happen to their career or ministry in the next five to ten years, etc.
Dearly beloved, what enquiries have you made about your life and that situation? Please understand the Holy Scripture in context and in perspective, the failure of five out of the ten virgins in one of today’s two texts was unpreparedness and relaxing before the finish-line.
Understand that no one has attained until he/she has received the crown of testimony. What this implies is that praying and seeking the face of God continues until testimony is gained in actual reality.
The ten virgins were well-informed that their moon of divine visitation for glorification was very much at hand. But five chose not to seek the actual time. Knowing actual time of visitation puts one’s heart at peace.
It is at this point of seeking and obtaining knowledge that seeking ceases and praises to God begins. Rather, some Christians choose to put ‘the cart before the horse’. They choose to praise rather than pray.
Unarguably, praises can be an expression of faith depending on the offerer of the praises. Sadly, to some Christians especially in the course of prayers, the tool of praises is applied as a speed-break to halt  the flow of the prayers because they have either become tired or weary.
NO!!! Rather talk to God about that situation and allow Him talk back to you about same. From His response, you would know whether or not there is a need to petition Him further. Choosing to praise God in faith in expectation of testimony is no spiritual crime.
But the point of emphasis remains that many of us Christians know how to talk to God through prayers but do not know how to hear from God as a response to our petitions. Everything has its time and turn.
Praise is most excellent and prayer is no less the same. Except where divine instruction so directs, let them be in the order of Philippians chapter 4:6. It is only in the followership of this order as set by Philippians chapter 4:6 that praises truly and rightly assume their roles of activating faith, accelerating answers to petitions, informing God about His worthiness and confirming the spiritual purport of 1 Peter chapter 5:10. At such point of confirmation, the reality of the moon of divine visitation becomes unstoppable from shining and unmissable.
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Christ Jesus, You are the Anointed One of the Most High. I come to you today as I am. In your mercy, help me out of my situation. Heal my soul, my spirit, my body, my life and my destiny. I acknowledge you as the only true lover of my soul. Please, deliver me on every side and save me through and through. I promise from the depth of my soul to be yours from henceforth, in Jesus name. Help me now O God. Be my Lord, my Saviour and my all in all from this day. Thank you Lord (read Psalm 54 in closing and pray more).
HYMN: Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour
1. (With a lamentable voice) cry aloud to God now (and say): O my missed turns and times, return to me with divine speed.
2. O spirits and forces of deceleration after my life and my destiny, I curse you and I rebuke you.
3. O angel assigned for my breakthrough, be empowered for victory over every Prince of Persia.
4. O God, return me to path of blessings and glory that I have missed or left behind.
5. O thou new moon of the month of march, 2018, catapult me into greatness.
                                     Pastor Mike
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