Vol. 4, No. 43 – Monday, 4th November, 2019
(Gen.1:1-5, 14-18, 15:1-20, 1 Jn.1:5, Jn.1:5)

There are many things so marveling about God. One of such many things is that fact that God can do all things. Ever imagine that a most terrible man can give birth to a child who happens to be the best preacher in town? And when this is considered thoughtfully, doesn’t such, to some extent, appear mysterious?

Such is equally one of the marveling wonders of God. If I define darkness to mean the absence of light, scientifically speaking, I would not be far from the truth. If I argue that light cannot be better explained other than the fact that the presence of light is the absence of darkness; most certainly, it would be difficult to fault me.

But all those definitional stances are no more than the facts of man and science. In divine dictionary, the consideration is by far different because out of darkness light can be born. And it is possible from spirit parlance that light can be separated from darkness.
More shocking still, the mystery of spirituality informs us that there can be the existence of darkness without light being absence but unnoticed. This means that the two can be subsumed in one entity co-existing without the light revealing itself. Amazing! Technically speaking then, darkness births light. What great mysteries are these? Yet still, light can exist right inside darkness without being noticed by the eyes and the facts and science of man.
Nonetheless, when light manifests once, its power is so potent that darkness which had birth it cannot stand before it. The secret mystery is that light is most gentle but equally most powerful.
A further mystery is that light has its time of manifestation; it does not seek to dominate. Neither does it announce its arrival but its presence commands the noticeability of its arrival and announcement.

The summation of the foregoing is that light is imbued with unchallengeable authority. Darkness on the other hand is most domineering. It has no authority, power and it is full of perfect weakness.
Despite its perfect weakness, it still strives to announce its presence by itself. It is therefore shouty and demanding. At no point can darkness overpower the light without the consent of the light. Indeed, within the confines of human history, the dominance of darkness over light has only occurred once under the clear assent and consent of the One who is the original Light (Exo.10:22-23).

History would remind any quality researcher that there was a total solar eclipse on May 20th 1947. Solar eclipse occurs when the moon (luna) moves between the sun and the earth, thereby totally or partially blocking the light from the sun. Seriously speaking, whatever explanations the science world may have as the reason for this occurrence is best known to science.
The possibility of a clash between the moon and the sun is not uncommon to Bible students. In Genesis chapter 1:14-16, the Scriptures give us a deep mystery. It reads:
’14 And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years:
15 And let them be lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars also’.
Any deep thinker will understand that these two great lights are entities. It would also be understood by such deep thinker that the fact of the word ‘rule’ accorded to these entities means that these entities were imparted with some sort of authority and power. Where authority and power exists between entities, personalities or organisations, there is likely to be the prospect of contest. So, the event of May 20th 1947 was simply a natural reaction of two powers against each other.

The first Epistle of John the beloved in chapter 1:5 states that: ‘God is light and in Him is no darkness’. If He is light, how is it that the Spirit of God moved upon the waters whilst darkness was covering the face of the deep and no light could shine until God said ‘let there be light’?
Yet again, from verse 12 of Genesis chapter 15, it was out of horror and great darkness that the great God spoke to Abraham. How is it that the One who is light and in whom is no darkness chose the medium of darkness to speak?
Is it not written that the Light shineth in the darkness and that darkness comprehended it not’? He could shine in darkness and yet remain invisible and unnoticed. Is it not equally written that ‘behold the bush burned with fire but the bush was not consumed’ (Exo.3:2). OH! he could speak through the burning bush and neither the physical human eyes nor darkness can comprehend His mystery.
1 Cor.2:10 states: ‘but God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit:for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the DEEP things of God’. Alas! The Spirit being light yet ‘moved upon the face of the DEEP’ was searching the wonders of God and yet ‘darkness was upon the face of the deep. And yet still, that darkness could not discover or uncover the Light being the Spirit of God who was busy searching the deep wonders of God awaiting the spoken word to manifest that Light.

What a mystery and what a wonder! Is He, the great Light not all in all? Just see the great and unexplainable mystery of the oneness of the Light, the Word and the Almighty God all subsumed in one whole entity. And yet see how deep darkness can be and nevertheless despite being so deep, yet darkness cannot uncover that union or the works ever and always performed by the union entities.
Again, it is written: ‘the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not’. So are His ways; when the battering arm of darkness befall a man with gloom, with doom and with the looming horizon of sorrow, horror and terror, the Light works the wonders of deliverance that darkness does not understand until those wonders worked by the Light spark out into unchallengeable reality.
Then the darkness of gloom, doom and looming sorrow, horror and terror are dispelled and their disappearance is obvious. How awesome a lesson it is for man to invite the light into that situation of gloomy storm.

Take it or leave it! It remains a great mystery and indeed puzzling to the mind the fact that the Light can operate inside darkness without revealing itself onto darkness and yet the operations performed by the Light can be seen in clear action by the visible eyes of man but not by darkness.
It means the revelation of the Light to man occurs by choice. And each time the Light chooses to reveal himself, darkness automatically gets exposed and dispelled. This why in Genesis chapter 1 darkness covered the face of the deep’; yet the Spirit of God remained in active service in the creation of the universe.
The only potent force which has the ultimate power to reveal the Light is the Word of God who is God Himself. It is written, ‘and God said, let there be light, and there was light’. And yet another mystery! Who is truly the Light if not the Word? For is it not written, ‘thy word is a lamp unto my feet’.
If the word is a lamp, then it is a light and a provider of light. So then when He chooses to speak, light and illumination is immediately in readiness to surface.

What then is the summary of all these?
(1) As light cannot be restrained (except the light of man by opaque objects), it exists independently and supremely.
(2) God, the Light of just men, knows no cycle or circle of limitations.
(3) Without God, the summary of the entire universe is darkness.
(4) Darkness will always bow to light no matter what.
(5) The light is eternally constant and omnipotent.
(6) The light and the ray of hope may not shine nor spring up during that unpleasant situation, yet God is quietly at the background working out His wonders soon to be revealed.
(7) Blindness of the human eyes is beleaguered by blackness, bleakness and darkness of the physical eyes of man. Isn’t it a mystery that yet the eyes of God shines through the blackness, bleakness and blindness of human eyes to offer revelations and uncommon solutions which the physical eyes cannot see?
(8) Just as light dispels darkness at will because when light chooses to shine darkness just doesn’t exist at all, so too, God does not know nor recognize any impossibilities.
(9) Each time there is a declaration of the word of God, light automatically begins to shine and darkness loses its balance completely and automatically.
(10) The more and more a man loads himself with the word of God, the more and more the light of God flourishes in him. The further implication is the less and less darkness can exist in that man.
(11) He in whom dwells the word of God is a containment or carrier of divine light. The carrier of divine light is a carrier of God’s divine presence. Darkness cannot therefore be the next-door neighbor of such a-one.
(12) Just as light needs no helpers to shine, so also the God of heaven and earth needs no helpers but obedient worshipers in the working of His wonders.

Question and Answer Section
Question: Who is Light of life?
Answer: The Word of God (Jn.1:14).


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HYMN: Thy Word Is A Lamp To My Feet
1. O Word of God, please come to me and speak to me.
2. O Word of Jehovah, lighten my pathway to success and to destiny land and to destiny people.
3. Every darkness in me, I send the Light and the Word of God against you to be eternally dispelled.
4. Great God, the Possessor of heaven and earth, rejuvenate my vision.
5. Right hand of fire, recover me and my destiny out of every obscurity, and cause my star’s stardom to commence before 2019 expires.
6. O mighty God, cause Express Image Worship Centre to become a spiritual ladder where holy angels of divine power ascend and descend.
7. Father, in your mercy, turn Express Image Worship Centre to solution ground where no prayers will be denied nor delayed.

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