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Vol. 2, No. 11 – Monday, 13th March, 2017

(Joshua.9:1-27, 2 Sam.21:1-14)


Whether strokes of luck exist or not, I cannot tell. However, that the signature of God triggering His favour does not exist and that such signature cannot paved the way of breakthrough for any man is a doubt existing in the minds of the deeply ignorant, unlettered atheist and the petulant fellow.

Wednesday, the 21st day of January 1998 remains most memorable in the biography of a then young man. Having messed up his university application form (UME) by filling-in wrong choices both for university and for desired course of study, the sad stage was now set for him to settle for a much undesired state university which was not going to offer him his dream course.

But that Wednesday morning arrived in history with a golden pen inscribing God’s signature which in turn triggered favour. That favour subsequently re-wrote the poor young man’s obviously irreparable errors made in his application form.

Arriving back in his Alma Mater to see his Principal that faithful Wednesday morning, the young man sat still, sad and bewildered in the visitors’ room. A number of his tutors who saw him and knew his academic prowess back in his days as student greeted him with utmost respect on the one hand and concern on the other.

The young man was so traumatically aghast that hardly could he answer any of his concerned tutors. Shortly after the departure of one Mr Akinsanmi (a very close tutor), a visitor sitting next to this young man began to address him.

Suddenly, the young man who was depressed and hopeless about life began to speak with the visitor. At the end of their almost less than five minutes discussion, the visitor informed the young man: ’I like the way you talk. The signature of God is on your life’.

Unknown to this young man, this visitor was the fourth in command in hierarchy in a most popular federal university in his country. This was the very federal university the young man actually wanted. Unknown to him also, that visitor had been sent by the Vice Chancellor of that federal university to secure admission for his son in the young man’s Alma Mater.

In the end, at the entrying-in of the visitor and the young man to see the Principal, the signature of God had prearranged and arranged the debate that was soon to begin inside the Principal’s office. . How? Whilst the visitor was seeking the admission in that federal secondary school for the VC’s son, the Principal too was asking the visitor to secure federal university admission for her one-time best student to read law.

It will interest you to know that that same visitor had visited the same Principal the previous day being Tuesday, 20th January, 1998. Likewise, the young man visited the same college that same day but not to see the Principal as his appointment with the Principal was scheduled for the following day.

For whatever reason but the divine signature of God in active service, that visitor despite all effort was not able to see the Principal during his initial Tuesday visit. As such, the visitor too had to return the following day to try to see the Principal.

It was on that following day that the visitor and the young man met in the Principal’s office. What a coincidence you may exclaim! Well, such coincidence are sparked up purely and solely by God’s signature.

The rest is all history today; the signature of God triggered and still triggers the favour of God. The whole point is: there is something known as the spiritual signature of God. Have it; and your life is settled not just for good but for the very best.

What really is signature and how does it relate to man? The Oxford Dictionary defines signature as: ‘a person’s name written in a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorising a cheque or document or concluding a letter’. It is ‘a distinctive pattern, product, or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified’.

Legally speaking, one’s signature means that one has read the agreement in question, agree to its terms and conditions, intend to enter into the agreement, and one is legally authorized and mentally competent to do so.

As such, it is wise to make sure that one understands all the terms of the agreement and that every “blank” in the document is filled. Of course, it is most essential to make sure one gets the other party’s signature and a copy of the agreement with both signatures.

Further, it is worth noting that there exists what is known as online signature. Signing a contract online means that both parties can have legal copies without the hassle of shipping, copying or faxing.

Understand that there are instances when one is expected not to sign a document. It is often in your best interest that you do not sign an agreement:

  • that still has unfilled blanks, whether for a date, an item, or a certain unspecified amount

  • if one feels threatened, or under duress

  • If there exists some ingredients of unfairness, unconscionability or bias. or

  • if one feels like he/she don’t understand something and want to review it for purposes of clarity (to be continued next week).

Hymn: Trust And Obey

Pray now:

  1. O God, every arrow of the enemy compelling me into mistakes, I fire you back to your owner.

  2. I break every evil pattern of repeated errors and mistakes.

  3. Every decree against me to offend my destiny-helpers, be cancelled now.

  4. I see the word ‘fall’. Pray fervently against backsliding.

  5. Read Dan.12:4 (and say): O God, put your seal and signature upon my life.

  6. Every agenda of the enemy pushing me to depart from my place of today and tomorrow’s blessings, be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Mike

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