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Vol 1, No. 7 – Monday, 22nd August 2016

Acts 12:1-11, Esther 4:13-16, Jer.10:11, Deut.13

The gods that did not create Nigeria nor formed it as a nation will die in Jesus name, Amen.

On a certain day in the month of May 2016, my friend sat beside me (to my left) in close discussion. Whilst praying with him, the vision of the Lord fell before my face. In the vision, I saw the name NIGERIA written above in the open sky. To the diagonal left was a very short pillar standing in the south directly facing the north. To the far right was the north. Suddenly, an unseen hand or force, power or spirit threw a stone from the distant north against that very short pillar in the south. Please understand Dearly Beloved that whether the south in the vision be south-west, south-east or south-south (as the geographical diversity of Nigeria is), I cannot tell.

Two strange things happened to that very short pillar almost immediately as I saw it standing in the south. First, that stone from the distant north hit the pillar and bounced back instantly. Second (and more strangely too), the very short pillar began to grow taller and taller until even a quarter of its heights could not be seen any more. Understand Dearly Beloved that a dissection of this vision is by far more than the commentary herein following.

As such, for the time-being, my concern is the emergence of the nation-state or the state of nations called Nigeria and its close connection with divine reclination. So, in a sense, the effort here is to establish the untainted fact that To start with, the philosophical and historical prophecy that ‘Nigeria is an artificial creation of Britain’ is today a misnomer. With great respect to those Philosophers and Historians, I submit that their research remains incomplete. For one, their account on the artificiality of Nigeria’s creation neglects the spiritual backline of the entity called Nigeria.

In 1928, a Christian Crusader, Apostle Joseph Ayodele Balola (God’s General and founder of the CAC Ministry) arrived on Orioke Agbara (later known as Orioke Baba Apostle) in Odo-Owa in the present day Kwara State. Since scientific knowledge and contemporary history in particular thrives more on empirical evidence, I challenge any doubter to hold an otherwise diverse opinion on this account.

Falsehood, I maintain, will always fail in the light of infallible truth irrespective of how long any such falsehood has been well-entrenched in the annals of man, culture or any widespread belief system. That infallible truth in this instance (and indeed an undeniable empirical evidence) is that after this Christian Crusader exerted much energy in prayer, the Eternal God responded with two great signs. These two signs exist in Orioke Baba Apostle in Odo-Owa till this moment of writing.

The first of the two great signs is the perfect map of Nigeria drawn out by the finger of God on that mountain. Who says The Great and Eternal Father is unable in our days to perform that which He did in ancient past. We understand through biblical account that the ten commandments were written by the finger of God. Isn’t it or, do you doubt it Dearly Beloved? Well, if you do, another physical action performed by the physical finger of God awaits you in Odo-Owa.

The second sign is that the entire map of Africa equally appeared and remains on that same mount till this day. So then, the account by those Philosophers and Historians does not add-up in anyway whatsoever. Their account is at best a mere farce whose flipside is to engineer the prospects of some day disintegration since we are not meant to be one unified whole as those Philosophers and Historians subtlely claim. Two, artificial creation therefore means that we, as Nigerians today were not meant to be a single entity, largely because of our multi-differentiation. It further means that the emergence of the nation-state or state of nations called Nigeria is an accidental design, vaguely coined out and disproportionately framed for the end-purpose of accomplishing certain unrevealed selfish interests.

In dismissing these views, I must point out that, in spite of its diversity, somewhat complex mix as well as the endemic callous interests in its system, Nigeria as a nation has come to stay. But will the flipside of the prophecy of those Philosophers and historians concerning eventual disintegration of the Nigerian nation not see the light of day some day? No doubt, Nigeria is the endtime gold contested over by two forces. That of the Almighty and that of the enemy. For instance, there is no nation on earth as at today generating more missionaries in the global surge for evangelism, soul-winning and a taneous reminder of the return of CHRIST the Greatest Master as Nigeria.

So, Nigeria means too much to God. At the same (and because of the foregoing reason), the enemy has Nigeria on its foremost agenda. The agenda is to accomplish two key goals: (1) disintegrate the nation and there by rendering its collective spiritual will less stronger. Of course, therein is the delight of those philosophers and historians, and (2) if that fails, then the next goal is to make Christianity become history in Nigeria. Dearly Beloved, do I hear you say that is a lie? Or do I hear you say God forbid?

I would rather prefer the latter. Because if you doubt that christianity can become history in any nation, then it should never have been the nation of Turkey. Turkey was 100% a Christian nation since the days of Paul The Apostle. In about the last decade till date, Turkey has become a 99% moslem nation. Are you surprised and speechless Dearly Beloved on these facts or are you of the opinion that Nigerian Christians are better than those brethren back then in Turkey?

My answer to you Dearly Beloved is, Are we better than Paul the Apostle who was a Jewish citizen of Turkey? Perhaps the historical line on the polgromic eradication of Christianity in Turkey stated hereafter will convince you better. Dearly Beloved, we all (Christians in Nigeria) are in serious trouble if we don’t rise up to change our ways toward God, arduously follow strict christian principles and also rise up in absolute ceaseless cry to heaven. Our ‘PETER’ is in ‘Herod’s prison’.

Hear me Dearly Beloved, if something disastrously catastrophic does not happen to the enemies of Christianity in this country, then something monumentally cataclysmic will happen to christianity in this land. (To be continued next Monday).

Pray now:

Dearly Beloved, direct your most fervent prayer against the powers of and in the river Niger.

Dearly Beloved, put this to heart and remember the next time the moon appears in the sky (Whether it be half or full moon). At such moment, read aloud Ps.10, ask the Lord to break the arm of the prince of Arabia over Nigeria.

O thou smiter of the firstborn in Egypt, smite every oppressor of my life, family, ministry and nation.

Pastor Mike

Posted in August Edition.

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