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Vol 1, No. 8 – Monday, 29th August 2016
Isaiah.1:6-9, Jer.1:14, 10:11, Ps.35;

Hear now, as many that care to listen and not just listen but are more ready to act, that disastrous disaster is coming from the north. Do you think you have a hiding place? Even my beloved Lagos State is not safe. Let what you read from today’s article spur you into immediate righteous action of: evangelism, support to missionaries, tract buying and distribution, targeted soul-winning i.e. target moslems and every unsaved persons, pray the more and the harder. Again why? Dearly Beloved, serious disaster is coming from the north. It is going to spare no one.

Successful achievement (whether its end-purpose be evil or good), I strongly affirm, is a function of proper planning which has been cleverly and carefully thought out and thought through and subsequently taneously executed. Islam is a successful religion principally because of its well-strategised, carefully-conducted, cleverly laid out foundation with ardent followers’ strict compliance to hierarchical instructions.

Turkey (my case study nation in today’s article) became a 100% Christian nation in 330 A.D. It remained such a Christian land until its fall to islam in 1453. Thus Turkey was a fully Christian state for a total of 1123 years. The records shows that in 2014, islam in Turkey was 96.04% whilst Christianity was 0.21%. The same record shows that in April of 2015, Christianity in Turkey reduced to 0.2% whilst islam progressed in length and breadth to 99%. Christianity, arguably entered into Nigeria fully in 1842 following the Methodist, Reverend Birch Freeman’s arrival in Badagry.

From 1842 to 2016, one can safely assert that Christianity is only 174 years old in this country. If a religion that is founded on strategic planning uprooted Christianity which had existed for well over a millennium in Turkey, Dear Christian doubter doubting that Christianity can become history in Nigeria, where now is your empirical or spiritual fact? Permit me to inform your doubting mind once again that Apostle Paul (the champion of the New Testament) was a citizen of Turkey. The seven churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 were all located in Turkey. Constantinople (which was the capital of Turkey) was not only regarded as second Rome, it was a capital city (and indeed) a city of strongest fortress for Christians. The vision given by the Lord to the Apostle Paul, ‘come over to Macedonia and help us’ in Acts 16:9 was received by Paul in Turkey.

In every ramification therefore, Turkey indeed, had a perfectly solid Christian foundation than Nigeria. Be informed Dearly Beloved that the plan to islamise Nigeria and indeed the wider world of Africa, began as far back as history can recall. To start with the latest date, in 1983, OIC (Organisation of Islamic Council) held a strategic meeting in London. That meeting had the following as its foremost strategies: (1) to totally islamise the whole of Africa thereby making it a moslem continent since it had the largest population of moslems.

(2) They concluded that the islamisation of Africa should first and foremost begin with the following seven nations: Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Cote D’Ivoire, South-Africa and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). (3) That strategy meeting produced a 322 page communiqué out of which 156 pages concentrated on Nigeria because Nigeria is a strategic nation and if Nigeria is conquered, the other countries were no more than a forgotten issue. (4) OIC furthered their strategy in that meeting to splitting Nigeria along a strictly political divide.

Thus in that 1983 Strategy Meeting, OIC broke Nigeria into 6 geopolitical zones. Aha!!! are you shocked Dearly Beloved? Oh! You don’t know? Know now that Nigeria was not divided by Nigerians or by any law or government of Nigeria. No! OIC brought about what is today known as ‘six geopolitical zones’ for the benefit of Islamic agenda. At the end of that Strategy Meeting in London, the 322 page communique where 156 pages centred on Nigeria alone was handed over to Shehu Musa Yaradua. Shehu Musa Yaradua brought the communiqué to Nigeria and subsequently presented it at the 1988 Constituent Assembly. This was how the 6 geopolitical zones nonsensity entered the Nigerian awareness. And being uninformed, we all are slavishly following it till this moment of writing.

The idea behind the 6 geopolitical zones structure is to disintegrate Nigeria along tribal divides, break our collective spiritual will so that no unity exists between sought-west, south-east and south-south and of course, crush the Christians of middle belt region (now north-central, i.e. benue, Plateau, Niger, Kogi, Nasarawa and Abuja, establish full sharia legal system and religion in Gongola (now Adamawa, Taraba and Yobe) by carrying polgromic massacre of Christians.

Ah!!! are these plans not working already Dearly Beloved? Remember Boko Haram! Remember the 501 christians massacred in one night in Jos – Plateau, remember the Deeper Life members praying in the evening and who were sent to early graves by AK47. Remember the church in Bogoro where 70 people were roasted alive inside the church. Oh! Have you forgotten so soon our dear sister, Eunice Olawale who was murdered whilst preaching Jesus on 9th July, 2016 in Kubwa, Abuja? The list is endless, Beloved.

Did the adventurous onslaught of Islamic preparatory assault cease after the Strategy Meeting in London in 1983? NO. Be aware that islam has a predilection for violence, forceful expansionism, imperialistic ideology and untiring penchant for properly calculated and cleverly executed planning no matter how long its execution may require. As such, six years after the Strategy Meeting in London, in 1989, there emerged the Abuja Declaration with much far-reaching implications for Christianity and Christians in particular. (To be continued next Monday).

Pray now:

Read Pss.56, 57 and 85:1-9.

O Lord, rekindle the fire of evangelism in me.

Lord, revive your love in me to the day’s I first knew you.

O Hand of Fire smite every Pharaoh of my life, ministry, career, family and nation.

I rebuke every evil day against my life and Nigeria.

Every dark cloud over my life, business, children, career and nation crash now in Jesus name, Amen.

Pastor Mike


Posted in August Edition.

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