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Vol. 1, No. 23 – Monday, 12th December, 2016

(Mal.2:2, Lk.17:11-19, Acts.12:23, Phil.4:14-19, 2 Tim.3:2)


If there is any appreciation for the English language, then it is for its adaptation through time and for its vast development from it original West-Germanic/Anglo-Frisian ethimological dialect in the 5th Century. In the last 7 decades, the English lexicon undoubtedly has become the fastest growing in terms of its vocabulary advancement. Of course, for a number of other positive reasons, it is now the most widely spoken language on the planet. Additionally, one particular reason stands out as being specifically responsible for the wider usage of the English language.

The academe of English-language-developing scholars have, in response to growing trends, solved most problems of the English language (especially in terms of its usage) by coining (among other things) new words from virtually all other principal languages currently in existence.

However, as commendable as the laudable effort of these academe of scholars have been, especially in fanning the fire of progress for the language into full fervour and positive furnace, three key English words have been on the back-foot in terms of their usage for so long.

The words: (1) SORRY – in admittance of a wrong, etc, (2) PLEASE – as an expression of apology, humility and genuine penitence, and (3) THANKS – in appreciation for a kind gesture, are in more modern times, lexicons that are so hardly expressed or, as a matter of continued action, have become anathema in usage by most men.

The shock and the sad part of it all is that expressing these three words costs no man nothing. In my view, I conclude that the inability of man to say: sorry, please or thanks where necessary is no shock but simply the inability of man to understand the ways and purposes of the Almighty.

These purposes of the Almighty follows a two-phased, but closely linked equations. Equation one is: no one walks into another man’s life by accident. No!!! God determines who walks into anyone’s life. It is always a divine coincidence for a divine purpose, irrespective of what Satan might also intend.

Equation two is: whilst God determines who walks into our path, on the contrary, man is the determiner of who he lets go or whom he lets stay. Unfortunately, some have let go off their angels at unawares sometimes through share attitude of ingratitude. I should point out very strongly then that the choice of letting go off an individual is a divine one not human. As such, humanity usurps the role of divinity when it acts unilaterally in this respect.

The question is: why? Because among every ‘twelve’ who will come our way, only God knows the eligible ‘Simon Peter’ who though fell to temptation but yet stood firm or the ineligible ‘Judas Iscariot’ who will fall never to rise again.

Have I sounded so far to be so vague or abstract? The point is, it is right time to demonstrate godly attitude of appreciation to our destiny-helpers. Why? Because, in life, no one individual can by himself alone accomplish his divine mandate. This means that in God’s own humanity structure, there is and will always be the need of one by and for another. In this connection, gratitude and a number of other positive attitudes are key.

Besides, the godly attitude of appreciating the effort of others is perhaps the greatest relationship lubricant fostering unity and enhancing progress. For instance, the initial idea which gave rise to the vision of this magazine: The Message Now was simply a quote demanded from me by my amiable Resident Pastor, Pastor Israel Adenrele Ebo, popularly known as Baba.

Agreed, the Spirit of the Lord in me has expanded the quote demanded by my Resident Pastor then to a weekly magazine, but nevertheless, I am eternally grateful to him. Pastor Ebo’s unparalleled support is divinely ordained. As such, it can be equated with none.

Baba’s consistency, sticklership to time, improvision of innovative ideas, financial support, are all most staggering. As an ordained minister in the temple of the Lord known as Express Image Glory Ministries, he contributes exceptionally to spiritual grace and growth.

His life-changing, soul-enriching messages at every meeting are so well-thought out and very well-thought through. As such, they confirm his spiritual indepth knowledge and preparedness for service.

Baba, the Almighty God who is the founder and driver of Express Image Glory Ministries says: ‘weldone, keep pushing on’. The Pastor joins our heavenly father to say: a big thanks to you Sir. My most wonderful workers and lovely members of the Ministry all say: many thanks Sir. May you live long in happiness, in good health and in great wealth, to continue to serve the Lord in our lives.

Dearly beloved, are not words of appreciation the greatest doze and catalyst for initiating and further fertilizing hard work and eventual success? So then, I must admit that the most proficient dictions are certainly insufficient to express my most profound appreciation to my god-sent, excellent partners in Ministry (that is, my beautiful workers).

My heart leaps in unexplainable, passionate joy when the thoughts of Sister Blessing Oluwatoyin Olusheye, sister Mercy Oghenedoro Akinsheye, sister Margaret (Joy) Oforishe and my research assistant sister Helen Olaitan Olanpejo flashes through me. Sister Titilola Aluko (the Head of prayer squad), sister Tega, sister Adetutu, sister Mary Oluwatoyin Balogun (Treasurer and Head of account), sister Victoria, sister Amarachi (the untiring evangelist), sister Mosunmola Murtala, sister Toro, brother Olumide and brother Wole, are all women and men given to passionate service in the vineyard of the Lord.

What is most amazing about these array of stars mentioned above is resilience, uncomplaining commitment, financial support, sacrificial and selfless service, obedience and great attention to detail.

To you all, the Lord is sitting on the Great Altar watching your labour. You shall be rewarded bountifully. The entire Pastorate says: many thanks again and again. The Lord shall give you all a special life-gift in this season, in Jesus name. The God of glory shall take you all to heights not yet attained in Him and in secular life.

To the Lord’s Shekina-Glory-Choir, what shall I say? Are you aware that your ministration is always inspiring to my soul? This, of course always charges me up. I am grateful. The mighty God of Jacob richly bless you, Amen. My prayer squad in Ministry are our backbone. You will never know a better yesterday. The Lord mightily strengthen your spiritual hands. Many thanks. Sisters Mercy Akinsheye and Toyin Balogun are our most responsible and most resourceful administrator and accountant who have exceptionally/ judiciously co-ordinated and managed the Ministry and its finances dutifully and honestly. The Lord bless you both.

To you the wonderful people and commendable members of Express Image Glory Ministries, wonderful thanks to you. Your holding the fort with us encourages us, keeps us strong and consistently in motion.

My God who called me (first in 2004, repeated that same call thrice in 2008, then in the midst of the worst torture and affliction in 2011 re-echoed that call, and spoke severally to me and a number of others from 2009 to 2013), shall bless you richly. His grace and mercy shall not cease from your lives, in Jesus name.

Of many philosophies, sensational writings and endless geneaologies, there is certainly an end in the very end. But the chain and effect of worthy appreciation forever lingers on. Even after our eventual ascendancy into heaven, gratitude to the Most High for releasing His only begotten Son, to Christ for His uncommon and eternal sacrifice, to the Holy Ghost for guiding and guarding us through life to heaven and to the ‘cloud of christian witnesses’ (alive or already in glory) for all sorts of support, will yet continue.

Appreciation is an access route. It is the swiftest key to unlocking the impossible. The price of appreciation is neither existing within living memory nor ever within the annals of man. The worth and quantum of it can neither be measured in monetary terms nor be purchased by any legal tender of the worthiest value.

Therefore, whosoever is given to the cheerful appreciation of the least of the effort of others:
(1) Will go safely, go smoothly and get far;
(2) Shows how much he/she values relationships;
(3) Genuinely demonstrates to all the true state of his/her heart;
(4) Exhibits and duplicates grace and ‘brings forth works meet for repentance’ (Mat.3:8); and
(5) Honours God and shall himself be elevated by God (Ps.50:23, 1 Sam.2:30).

I implore all therefore to be committed to acts of gratitude. Because, whilst gratitude beget greater gratitude; on the contrary, ingratitude is one surest magnetic force or medium for inviting divine curse (Mal.2:1-3). In precision, the ingratitude of one kind gesture is undoubtedly the badluck of another with time.

Are you grateful even for the least good extended to you? Check up with a sincere heart. Perhaps the reason for that chain-down in that bus-stop of life where you currently find yourself is simply because of the failure to appreciate God and man for the best done or yet to be done, and even for the worst done to you. Why?

All things have a purpose before God. The men who hurt you (including men of God) are all for a purpose. They may be tools in the hands of God for pruning you in order to make you better. Believe me we are where we are today because of the contributions of men (good or evil) to our lives before today and even yet now.

In the end, our response to men’s treatment will determine our future. Let your response be praise and gratitude to God even for the worst treatment not bitterness. There are numerous ways of expressing gratitude to God.
Commitment to daily or at worst weekly evangelism is an expression of gratitude. Such service expresses to God how so much grateful we are for his saving grace by the invitation extending from us to others struggling in the mire of sin.

Are you grateful? Have you been thankful to God and men? Are you daily sending to God sweet-smelling-savour of service cheerfully and dutifully carried out? Please, continue without stopping dearly beloved.

Do not empty your tank of blessings with the obnoxious weapon of ingratitude. Be thankful always from your heart. The Lord Jesus more often than not began his prayers to the Most High with thanksgiving. Let us all be like Him. As year 2016 failed to turn out as you desired and planned it to be? Never mind my brother, my sister. The sun will yet shine again. And no matter what happens, your dry bones shall rise again.

Be thankful. Your blissful tank is filling up again. So, be at peace.

Hymn: To God Be The Glory

Pray now:

  1. O God, I repent of every attitude of ingratitude.

  2. O God, invest in me the grace to praise you until my heart becomes your praise sanctuary.

  3. O god, pour your raw judgment upon every power and person attacking my life and destiny through the use of my name.

  4. O God, by the power of your Spirit, set your face against any one and every power attacking Express Image Glory Ministries through its name and through any other medium.

  5. O God, by your strength, frustrate the tokens of marine witchcraft, users of 6 & 7 books of Moses, occultic powers, stargazers, astral forces and powers, evil pastors/prophets and evil prayers working or about to start working against my life, family and ministry.

  6. See to it that you evangelise today, richly praise the Lord and send good wishes to men.

Pastor Mike

Posted in December, TMN.

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