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Vol. 1, No.24-Monday,19th December, 2016

(Gen. 13:14-15,Heb 12:2,Phil 3:13-14)


The age-old but trite stance posits that:’necessity  is the mother of invention’. The foregoing stance encompasses two closely connected  interpretations in effect and logic. Logically(disregarding the chronological  rule of placing the former before the latter), l strongly hold the  opinion that necessity is in the end an aftermath response to an unforeseen exigency or emergency. In effect  then, necessity as a response to a sudden and unforeseen event is curative not preventive.

The problem  with the necessity stance and indeed, the curative  character  of necessity  as a pilot response  which begets innovation  is that:

(1)the  application  of the doctrine  of necessity in the wider sense to any situation more often than not never presents a perfect solution  to the situation.

(2)Although  necessity   or necessary response to a given incident (say an emotional tragedy) may provide considerable temporary  relief, it can never extinguish the scar or the resulting irreparable damage caused. And

(3)As laudable as necessity or necessary response as temporary solution is, it can only attain it’s relevance before the eyes of the unprepared.

In distinction from the necessity stance however,  the is a more trite stance. This, l call the doctrine or the  power of farsight. Farsight ful projection is the master-key to unlocking the impossible  and the blickest future. It is the surest solution  waiting in the wings before the advent of any problems.

Thus farsight is preventive  not curative. It is the preparatory prevention which renders the cure unnecessary. What does this mean? Every  future before the prepared individual  is a bright one.

As Williams S. Burroughs reminds:’ the best way to keep something from happening is to see it ahead of time and you can’t see it if you refuse  to face  the possibility’. Tempered  to today’s message, what  the Lord is bidding is obvious. The year 2016 is gone and irretrievably gone. For most men, it has been a year of seeking medicine after death not before.

The act and the art of seeking  cure after harm whilst prevention was readily available aforetime is an act and art of the unprepared. Unpreparedness is the sole soul of the desireless, the myopic and the non-achievers.

Jim Butcher aptly summarised this character of the unprepared in his book,’Changes(The  Dresden Files’).He contended that :’ one can have only as much preparation  as he has foresight’. Hmmm! Mr Butcher cannot be more apt. If any man will ascend the ladder of greatness, and not just ascend, but also remain at the top, he must be consistently  inventive in thoughts, be adventurously  fearless in risk-taking, be dynamically prayerful(Eph 6:18)and of course, be farsightful.

The Holy Scriptures in Genesis13 verses 14 and15 is most  instructive  in this connection. It reads:’and the Lord said unto Abram, after that Lot was separated from him:lift up now thine eyes and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward,and eastward,and westward, for all the land which though seest, to thee will l give it and to thy seed  forever’.

There are three lessons of utmost interest  in these two verses. One lesson is the promise of God which never fails irrespective  of the delay, the manipulations and the craftiness caused by evil men and Satan.

Next is the invitation  extended to Abram  by God. God invited the farsightful mind’s eye of Abram to ‘look’ as far as he could see. Do you ask why? Every man will journey in the realm of success  only as far as his inventive mind can foresee and far see into the future.

The other lesson is that divine condition(s) will often  preceed heavenly promises. How? The promise of God to Abram remained in spiritual coma/limbo until Lot was separated from Abram. Again, the question  arises:why?

The answer is not far fetched. You can never get to the next level except  some men and certain attitudes are cut off. The only role some men are there in your life to play is noise and distraction. Until they  are detached, you cannot  hear God nor see far ahead.

King Uzziah in lsaiah  chapter 6 was a vision polluter to the prophet of God. lsaiah was blurredly impaired from farsight with the presence of King Uzziah. Men who run your time or waste  it, men who prevent you from engaging in quality  fellowship with  God or men who engage  you in profitless discussions, are  never worthy of your association. Whatever attitude or company that does not add value to one’s life is a known enemy of your next level.

The greatest danger  about necessity-oriented-curative-result is its partnership with painstaking struggle. Because, even the most effective cure through  even the most fervent prayer  and fasting may seldom hit the rocks of impossibility. Whereas farsightedness through effective praying and consistent  quality fellowship with God will simply diffuse all troubles even ahead of time.

The gains of consistent quality fellowship  with  the Lord are limitless. Through it, revelations  are gained about the future. It prepares us by giving us secrets of our heavenly Father  and exposes to us the evil agenda of the evil one.

In Sum, dearly beloved, preparation for tomorrow  began before today. So, man is already running  late having not begun yesterday. But man can yet join the farsightful team today because it is not too late. Afterall, it is better  late than never.

Necessity ls Ameliorating Curatively By Cushioning The Effect Of The Seen And The Unforeseen Allowed To Exist, But Farsight  Is More Gainful Preventively By Forestalling The  Seen And The Unforeseen That Would Have Existed.

Awake now for the day is fast breaking. It is time to pray.

Hymnn: l’m Pressing On The Upward Way

Pray now:

1.O God, in your tender mercy and loving-kindness, give me the joy of fellowship ping with you.

2.O year 2017,you shall be onto me  as the Lord God has desired and planned you for me.

3.Every hidden and revealed  agenda of the wicked designed for 2017 against me, be frustrated.

4.Every power and  evil patterns  renewing themselves in my life month after month and year after year, be terminated by the blood of Jesus

5.You hands of the wicked constantly wiping my destiny-helpers, be roasted by the fire of God.

6.O blood of Jesus, preserve my salvation through 2017.

7.ln 2017,my relationship and fellowship with  the Lord shall be at its best so far.

8.l prophesy in the name of the Lord God of hosts, every family represented in Express lmage Glory Ministries and  indeed the body of Christ  in general shall experience  unusual peace and uncommon  favour in 2017, in the name of Jesus. As the Lord lives and His Spirit lives, there shall be no carry – over of any evil into the new year. It written:’ l will decree  a thing, and it shall be established  unto me: and the light shall shine across my way’. Therefore, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth l decree no tragedies between 2nd and the 29th of January  2017 and indeed throughout year 2017, shall come your way, in the name  of Jesus.

Pastor Mike


Posted in December, TMN.

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