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Vol. 2, No. 4 – Monday, 23rd January, 2017

(Gen.42:17-24, Ps.105:19-22)


Part 2

This article started out last week with a poser. The poser read once again as follows: Have you ever wondered why satan targets the prayer life of Christians and our ability to hear God especially in moments of crisis?

Recall also that last week, the Patriarchs of faith (sons of Jacob) were our case study. As a case study, we tried to examine the unbecoming treachery of ten of them with their brother Joseph. So, in part 1 we posed an initial poser that why wasn’t another Patriarch of Faith taken? Why was it Simeon? But for reasons best known to the Lord, we could not conclude. Thus the need for that examination this week.

The Holy Bible even at a glance is the sure word of God seasoned by panoply of symbols, parables, prophetic insights and deep mysteries otherwise called spiritual secrets. Deuteronomy 29:29 reads: ‘the secret things belong unto the LORD our God-but those things which are revealed belong unto us and our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law’.

Let all the praise, glory and honour forever be to the Lord our God then for revealing onto us deep mysteries of His word, Amen.

A very close look at the Bible reveals that all the twelve Patriarchs of Faith represent or possess one spiritual endowment of grace or another. For instance, Joseph was endowed with wisdom (see Ps.105:19-22).

Issachar on the other hand, was endowed with understanding (see 1 Chron.12:32). Gad was graciously endowed with lasting victory (see Gen.49:19). In like manner, Simeon had the grace to hear God speak or hear from God. Simeon means hearing God.

So, on arrival in Egypt to buy sustenance, Joseph, knowing the gift and grace of Simeon through his heavenly endowed grace of wisdom knew that if Simeon was not held back in detention, so long as he was not blinded again by envy, he would hear God en route their return to Canaan and of course, having heard from God, he would discover that the disguised Prime Minister of Egypt was their brother Joseph.

There are a number of mysteries and questions here. The first question is: why didn’t Simeon hear from God before they left Canaan or on their way? More often than not, man hears God when he is in right-standing with God in communion with Him through prayer or in the deep study of His word.

So, Simeon could not and would not because the unrepented and unrestituted sin of envy was still lurking very hard on him. Sin is so powerfully destructive and enslaving. It hinders and deafens a man from praying and from hearing God. At the same time, sin hinders God from delivering man (see Is.59:1-2).

The second question then is: since he was already bound in Joseph’s prison (having realized his sin committed along side with his brothers), why could Simeon still not hear God even in the quietness of the prison?

Simeon could not and would definitely not because he was discouraged at this time. Discouragement is a spiritual weapon in satan’s hands which has the ability to break down a man’s spirit; reduce a man to no more than a piece of bread; open the door for all spiritual parasites to enter and devour.

Discouragement and anger are the only spiritual cancer germs that can eat up the strength and fabric of one’s spiritual life within minutes. These two are best described as spiritual HIV. The only spiritual immunity that can counter their onslaught is our personal resolve and determination, the indwelling word of God, the power of His Spirit, fervent speaking in tongues and anointed prayer.

Finally, in answering the most key question at the start of this article, one reason satan attacks the prayer life of Christians and also attack our God-given ability or intuition to hear God is simply to prevent us from the right knowledge and the right direction in life.

Discovery of the right knowledge and application of that right knowledge is a compass ever giving direction. It is the surest key to unlocking the impossible and the only safety valve out of life’s troubling sea. Dearly beloved, have you not spent the first twelve days of 2017 in prayer and fasting?

Then, know the following for certain: (1) you have succeeded in setting before the altar of the Most High your prayer file. Such files never get missing, abandoned or forgotten (Is.49:15). (2) You have invited God into the battle and journey of 2017, and you can be sure of what JEHOVAH the mighty God of Jacob can and will do., and (3) whilst you can solidly rest in God that 2017 is settled for good, know that there are yet assignments on your part.

For one, never give up on anything this year. Do not forget to carry God along in all things this year. Sow your entire life in cash and in kind this year to the service of the Lord. Moreover, don’t stop praying and waiting on the Lord.

Dearly beloved, satan will do everything in his power this year to frustrate and discourage you from praying in particular. His agenda is to cut us off from our source of sustenance. Satan wants to block your ability to dream and remember your dreams. Satan is out this year to attack your thoughts; keep them filled with the word of faith.

Dear Christian brother and sister, seek not yet repose. The voice of the Lord is loud and hot in my heart as I write you this day. Don’t stop praying; keep the fire burning on the altar. Satan is madly angry. Don’t give up and don’t give in to him. In all, keep fear far away from you. We shall undoubtedly overcome all through and in the end, in Jesus name, Amen.

Hymn: Christian Seek Not Yet Repose

Pray now:

  1. O God, give me the ears of Samuel, the heart of Elisha, the divine feet of Elijah and the eyes and wisdom of the Lord Jesus.

  2. Read Ps.29:11, 84:7, 105:4 (and say), O God, give me enormous trength to pray through this year.

  3. O God, I invite you into the journey and battles of 2017.

  4. I saw accident; by the authority of the Mighty God of Jacob who called me; that accident shall not see the light of day in anyone’s life, in Jesus name, Amen.

  5. O God, lavish unusual grace upon me from this day henceforth.

  6. Where are the angels assigned for my life assignment, be strengthened and get busy on my case.

Pastor Mike

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