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Vol. 2, No. 5 – Monday, 30th January, 2017

(Jn.2:1-11, Jn.13:1-34, Mat.21:28-32)


It was John Austin’s definitional theory of law which propounded that ‘Law is the command of the uncommanded commanders of society; the creation of the legally untrammeled will of the sovereign who is by definition outside the law’.
Academically speaking, one would doubtlessly question the two arms of Austin’s definitional theory. For one, it depicts certain persons as being over and above the law. Such stance is unarguably in tandem with Thrasymachus’ definition of justice according to law. Thrasymachus argued that ‘if justice is equal to law, justice is the advantage of the stronger’. He stressed further that ‘what is just is nothing other than the advantage of the stronger’.
The deducible conclusions from both Austin and Thrasymachus’ definitional stances are but few: (1) that might is right; (2) that there exists no ill-doing in oligarchic treatment; and (3) that the only acceptable legal tender (currency) acceptable in both the legal and the political arena is the personal interests of a few not the equitable fair treatment of all.
Isn’t this the true character of man’s inhumanity to man? Is it not always the case of the winner grasps all? But the reverse is the case with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. His commandments do not serve His interests but ours.
In fact, does it not alarm you that the Mighty God of heaven and earth rather than commanding man clearly instructed: ‘thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons and concerning the work of my hands command ye me’ (see Is.45:11).
Indeed, He who is the ultimate commander ‘made Himself of no reputation’ and declared Himself as ‘meek and lowly’ (see Phil.2:7, Mat.11:28). The rather alarming concern is: why does the commanded often fail the simple instructions of the commander? Understood in a quite reverse sense: why is it that the instructions of the commander do not matter much to the commanded?
The answer to as many Christians in the habit of failing the Great Commander’s instruction is:  the Great Commander, the Lord Jesus Christ is probably your Saviour but certainly not your Lord. If He is truly your Lord and Master, you will obey His commandments.
Obedience to commandment has but two definite characteristics: (1) willingness or total submission, and (2) instant response. Permit me to add that where any of these characteristics are missing in our response to divine commands, the result is always partial obedience or complete disobedience.
The great trauma is that partial obedience in itself is inherently perfect disobedience. How? In order to accurately drive the point home, let us learn a lesson from the wedding at Cana of Galilee where the Lord Jesus Christ performed the first miracle.
To start with, what brought about the miracle of the best wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee was the power of God in action visa-vis instant response to divine instruction. How do I mean? We understand from John’s gospel, chapter 2 verse 7-8 that the Lord Jesus gave a clear instruction to those whom he had earlier on instructed to ‘fill the waterpots with water’, and later to ‘draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast’ And they bare it’.

Have we ever bothered to ask why the Lord Jesus Christ included the word ‘now’? Well, it was an express instruction that required instant and strict compliance. If they had gone to draw it an hour later, certainly, that would not have been instant obedience to the clear instruction ‘draw out now’. In consequence, they would have drunken water not that glorious ‘good wine’ (Jn.2:10).
The multiplier effect of instant obedience is numerous and can sometimes have eternal consequences. Dearly beloved, what is the Lord asking from you? Who is the Lord asking you to marry? What does the Lord’s word, the Bible mean to you?
Let His word matter to you. Give in to His instructions this year no matter how tough. In doing so, you truly make Him not only your Saviour, but your Lord also. Remember that He is the true uncommanded commander leading you through the battles of your life; and He never lets anyone down.
Listen, I prophesy to your life by the strength of the Lord that before the first quarter of 2017 expires, you will record three tangible testimonies, in Jesus mighty name.
Dearly beloved, surrender all to His will. You will never regret you did.

Hymn: All To Jesus I Surrender

Pray now:

  1. As a matter of compulsion please (read) Mat.21:28-32 and repent of every disobedience.

  2. O God, kill flesh and its nature in me and revive your divine nature.

  3. O God, rebuild my fallen prayer altar and rekindle your fresh fire in me.

  4. O God, give me the grace to freely and easily give in to your will for my life.

  5. Every spiritual giant saying, NO to my progress, be struck down by the power of God.

  6. Pray for your pastor


Pastor Mike

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