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Vol. 1, No. 17 – Monday, 31st October, 2016

(Ps.112, Prov.22:29, Eccl.5:12)

Transiting from penury to immeasurable wealth

Wealth and wealth creation is a conscious and intellectual architecture by the mind of man foremostly for the man and others (and indeed), for the nation and for the global world depending on the scale of the conceived or the architectured idea and the latitude of the conceiver’s vision.

Wealth and wealth creation is never at its best as a function of descendency from parental heritage or what I call divine design by reason of a conferred gift. Do not get me wrong; divine assistance is good and desiredly pleasurable. It will however interest you to know that even with divine design, diligence is key.
Diligence, I have defined elsewhere to mean, the conscious pursuit of a desired goal with an avowed determination to succeed. In the instance of wealth and wealth creation, there arises the question, how? Hear the way an intelligent man, Adam Smith, aptly captured all these in his seminal work, ‘The Wealth of Nations’.

Adam Smith, whilst examining wealth and wealth creation from a larger picture opined, ‘the annual produce of the land and labour of the society. This produce is at its simplest, that which satisfies human needs and wants of utility. In popular usage, wealth can be described as an abundance of items of economic value, or the state of controlling or possessing such items, usually in the form of money, real estate and personal property. An individual who is considered wealthy, affluent, or rich is someone who has accumulated substantial wealth relative to others in their society or reverence group’.

Do you agree with this fine description of wealth and wealth creation? Whether you agree or not (as some differently do with a section rather preferring Alfred Martial and Professor Lionel C. Robin’s) opinion on the subject, one fact is sure. Did you hear Adam Smith refer to the word ‘labour’? In the wealth and wealth creation process, that labour is of a binocular phase. One is the intellectual phase. The other is physical exertion mingled with determination often called hardwork.

Proverbs 22:29 is further instructive in this connection. It reads: ‘seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men’. Notice the phrase: ‘in his business’ not in another man’s conceived or architecture business. Learn a great lesson from King Solomon. Would King Solomon have missed the mark if experience was his teacher as it was to his father, King David? Would King Solomon have been easily swayed by pomp and pageantry if the wealth gained by him were not largely through inheritance and limitless gifts? Would he not have gained more credits in the end especially before God if his father’s architecture vision inherited by him had his personal input of some sort?

If anyone reading this article had it all rosy and smooth en route obtaining his/her school/apprenticeship certificate, then such an individual cannot appreciate the worth of such certificate. What does this mean?

If wealth flowing from inheritance or gift will be sustained by the beneficiary, then the beneficiary’s diligence and intellectual input must be brought to bear. The absence of diligence and intellectual input is the beginning of the end. The ship of such wealth in not long a time is pacing very fast for a huge rock for a resulting fatal crash.

It is therefore safe to assert that the greatest problems of wealth and wealth creation by man is the inability to independently think and the absence of creativity or creative drive. Year 2016 is far spent and indeed ended already. There is no denying the obvious that most of us struggled financially this outgoing year. Could it be that God has failed in answering our prayers.

The answer requires no torturous research. It is simply NO!!! Who then failed? Everyone except God. What then is the way out? Eight recipes.
Dearly beloved, the recipes below must be strictly ahered to if we don’t want the new (incoming year) to be a replica of the old (and outgoing year).

Recipe 1:shun this satanic dependency-attitude of living from pay cheque to pay cheque. This is especially common with us salary earners.

Recipe 2: shun the ungodly attitude of too much sleep. Every time lost cannot be regained. And if regained in some way, it is not without negative effects on other pursuits of life.

Recipe 3: cultivate the culture of reading quality books, watching informative and educating documentaries and carrying out enterprise-research on the internet. I wonder what reading flipppant novels and watching profligate movies does to you! Stop this nonchalant attitude of resting before actual work is done.

Recipe 4: sit down and think. Must life continue in the same pattern?

Recipe 5: avoid shifting blame. Put the blame where it belongs. It is not government failure but largely ours. Why?
Neither good or bad government, background or people can eradicate poverty. It is a disease of and in people’s minds; its antidote therefore is the people’s mind themselves. So, on our part, let us be the first to hate poverty.

Recipe 6: get your own vocation running along with your secular job. Avoid nothingness. Pray more earnestly for your self-employed vocation. It is no evil to pray for one’s secular white collar job. However, remember that the blessings must of necessity land on something not on vacuum. So, when you pray down God’s blessings, do the blessings fall on nothing, on your government given job or on your personal enterprise?

If on nothing, then your effort in prayer is no more than a waste. If on government-given-job, then to some degree, you are short-changing yourself. This is because after the blessings descend from God, they land on the government who in turn determines what portion of those blessings you get because your level in government-given-job determines the portion of your blessing from your heavenly Father!!! More often than not, even with the attainment of the highest level in governmental employment, it is a statement of fact that the hardworker’s monthly pay does not merit his/her meritorious monthly service.
But if the blessings descend on your architectured vocation/enterprise, then the blessings are all yours. I ask you then, where do you stand in all of these? Ecclesiastes 11:3 rightly informs us that ‘if the clouds be full of rain,they empty themselves upon the earth: and if the tree fall towards the south or towards the north, in the place where the tree falleth, there it shall be’.

I ask you further then, are you a rightly-positioned-earth ready for God’s blessings? The blessings of God have their targets. When they are posted from heaven’s post office, do you have a targetable vocation to receive them? Remember that poor widow had a vessel of oil not an empty one (see 2 Kings.4:1-7).

Recipe 7: never doubt yourself. You are your greatest enemy when you doubt your abilities. Even if you don’t have a required ability, never believe in non-achievement in your heart nor confess it with your mouth.

Recipe 8: love the Lord and obey Him. Live pure and live clean. Stop short-changing yourself by eating up your seed.

Psalm 112:1-3 says: ‘…….. blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in His commandment. His seed shall be mighty upon earth; the generation of the upright shall be blessed. Wealth and riches shall be in his house; and his righteousness endureth forever’.

Eating your seed means living in vacuum, in the no fear of God and in no readiness for the planting season. The end-result will not be wealth or created wealth. It will be penury, famine, complaining, robbery against God and financial death.

In sum therefore dearly beloved, to do wrong or to do the most needful is a choice.

Hymn: Have You Been To Jesus

Pray now:

1.  Repent from every known and unknown sin that has led to financial struggle or misfortune of any kind.

2. The Lord showed me a cheque belonging to somebody, and I decree that this cheque will not hang nor be held up in satanic traffic any more, in Jesus name, Amen.

3. O God, by the strength of your right hand, recover for me every blessing lost through sleep or through dreams.

4. Evil hands snatching my breakthroughs wither now in the name of Jesus.

5. I will not carry-over any evil, misfortune or failures of this year into the new year in Jesus name.

6. You serpent lying on the eve of December 2016, be smitten by God’s sword of fire.

P.S. Pray these prayer points very hard, please).


Pastor Mike


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