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Vol 1, No. 13 – Monday, 3rd October, 2016

Acts.28:2-10, Judges.11:1-11

The dazzling mysteries of God and His outworkings will never cease to astound man even after the end of time.

In the early springs of April 2007, in the Granite City of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, overwhelmed by thoughts of shattered hope and dark despondency, I committed my life to gruesome suicide. How so foolish I was! Attempting to reason out the mysteries of the limitless God by a limited human brain is a most foolish attempt at comprehending the Most High. To start with, is suicide the answer to the challenging questions posed by life’s battering arm? By killing myself, was God going to change from whom He is?

Beloved, where every effort of man has failed, and everything around you and from the nearest horizon are clearly voicing in unison the expression: ‘it is all over’, then remember these four statements.

The first of this statement is that at every point when the strength of man says ‘it is over’, then the strength of God has just begun.

The second statement is somewhat connected with the first. God is always one step ahead of man. So when man has reached his limit, God is a step beyond man’s limit. Alas! What a mysterious great God.

Third,never embrace self-pity; it is always self-destructive.Fourth, never be bitter about your problems. Receive all problems that come your way with a heart saying: ‘God what shall I do?’

Perhaps you are wondering why does God wait till the last minute before steering up His strength in our defence or assistance? I asked the same question on that faithful Wednesday the 4th of April 2007. Months before this time, countless effort to secure assistance to finance and complete my Ph.D in law in the University of Aberdeen had hit the rocks. Several and different days of tireless fasting, praying, vigils and shedding tears secretly and publicly had become timeless routine. Yet, my constant knock on heaven’s door seemed to produce no result.

So, standing at the edge of the very busy express way called St.Macher Drive, I made up my mind to jump into the fast-moving busy traffic. But for God, I would have become yesterday’s tale. Beloved, when you think you are at your wits’ end, then stop and remember that your future is still unfolding. In today’s opening scripture, Doctor Luke (the author of the book of Acts) demonstrated to us the iconic faith of a man who had his focus not on the darker side of life but on the brighter.

Paul the Apostle: cruelly battered by the Jews in Jerusalem, violently gagged in chains by Claudius Lysias afterwards, kept in prison for two years by Felix the Governor, approached with the offer of bribe to sin against God by the same Felix, further detained and condemned by Porcius Festus, he was eventually released only to face the unceasing wroth of the sea en route his trial in Rome.

Overwhelmed by danger from Cnidus and Euroclydon, confronted by clear and unarguable state of hopelessness, loss of property amidst 14-15 days of starvation, enslaved by bitter winter and rain, Paul and his companions finally arrived in the island of Melita (present day nation of Malta).

In spite of all these trials and afflictions, when it seemed there was now some respite, a viper attacked him. Even with this attack, the viperous attack was seconded by the painful accusation of the Barbarous people. Yet, none of these things moved Paul. I ask why? Paul envisioned that more territories needed to be conquered for the Lord.

I therefore conclude dear reader of today’s magazine that there is something the Lord wants to bring out of your current challenge.

Yes He wants to manifest His glory in your life. Yes He wants to make you stronger and better.Much more, dearly beloved, the Lord allowing you to go through this challenge or even leaving you there for a longer period than you desire is because you are the celebrity cake being prepared by Him for tomorrow’s celebration. Do not spill out of His divine oven. It is hot and pleasurable in that dark and lonely waiting-room.

Rather ask for his mercy. You will become the toast, taste and delight of many. Had not God miraculously delivered me from suicide that day in April, the scholarship money which began to trickle-in by the following month would have been given to another. Would you allow another take your place of greatness and glory? I hear you say NO!

(Say), every power of weariness, suicide and depression in and around me die now in Jesus name. Every power that drains your strength and mine at the edge of breakthroughs I command them to die right now in Jesus name. Every viper positioned around you and me to pick vital information and to strike us at unguarded hour, I command them to die in Jesus name.

At the end of all those trials faced by Paul, the Scripture informed us later how much honour and necessary benefits were laden on Paul and his companions. Beloved, great honour is awaiting you after that trial. Your waiting period will soon be over, and unending blessings shall suddenly follow.

Jephthah in the second Scripture was equally not left out of life’s trials. In the end, Jephthah, in spite of the shameful eviction from his father’s house emerged victorious and indeed became the head over all his detractors. You shall become the head in Jesus name, Amen.

Those laughing you to scorn secretly and publicly shall bow to you and come to seek your help, in Jesus name, Amen. My sister, you think you have been abandoned in the waiting-room of barenness.

First, in the name of Jesus, you are not baren and your delay is over today.

Second, your delay is because a special star-child for an unknown generation is coming through your loins. Don’t give up. Keep up the faith and never yield. Beloved, join me in praying for someone called Bose that anger will not harvest the divine assistance forwarded by God to her.

Pray now:

O dear God, announce me and my glory before I am destroyed by anxiety.

I detach my life from every thought of suicide, worry, anxiety and

In the name of Jesus, I receive the strength to stride through the gates of my breakthroughs.

O divine agenda of God for my life, I hatch you to reality by the blood of Jesus.

O God, help my destiny-helpers quickly that they may help me with speed.

Pastor Mike

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