This section contains daily Scriptures for man’s spiritual consumption for spiritual and all-round growth. Without daily feeding on the eternal ‘Scripture of truth’, the soul of man will be malnourished. This leads to stunted growth and eventual death if not addressed urgently.

As such, realizing the gains of modern/contemporary technological advancement through electronic devices, Express Image Glory Ministries seeks to make the Holy Scriptures not only readily available and accessible, but equally, the Ministry is praying and pushing very hard for a large appetite in Christians for the word of God through portable devices. Through these portable means, the Ministry expectantly hopes in God that the Scriptures will be read through within the shortest possible time. This is being enhanced by spirit-guided Scriptures for daily consumption.


Saturday 31st October, 2020: Leviticus 16, 1 Thessalonians 3, Psalm 9

      Leviticus 16 - Alexander Scourby
      1 Thessalonians 03 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 009 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: O God, in this new moon, please embarrass me with unusual financial prosperity.

Thursday 30th October, 2020: Leviticus 15, 1 Thessalonians 2, Psalm 10

      Leviticus 15 - Alexander Scourby
      1 Thessalonians 02 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 010 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: O decree of the wicked against my life, be broken now. I judge every rod of the wicked that is afflicting me.

Thursday 29th October, 2020: Leviticus 14, 1 Thessalonians 1, Psalms 21 and 97

      Leviticus 14 - Alexander Scourby
      1 Thessalonians 01 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 021 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 97 - The Holy Bible

Prayer: O Thou the Consuming Fire, turn the bed on which I lie down to sleep to a pool of liquid fire.

Wednesday 28th October,2020: Leviticus 13, Colossians 4, Psalms 87 and 88

      Leviticus 13 - Alexander Scourby
      Colossians 04 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 087 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 088 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: O unseen spirit of spiritual leprousy making me to be hated and unattractive to people and helpers, let the invisible water of the word of God cleanse you from my life today.

Tuesday 27th October, 2020: Leviticus 12, Colossians 3, Psalm 3

      Leviticus 12 - Alexander Scourby
      Colossians chapter 3 - The Holy Bible
      Psalm 003 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: O Lord, the great God of Elijah, Pull my destiny out of every sea of troubles of every kind.

O God, please give me very strong affection for your word.

Monday 26th October, 2020: Leviticus 11, Colossians 2, Psalm 2

      Leviticus 11 - Alexander Scourby
      Colossians 02 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 002 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: O Thou kind friend of Abraham, please renew my strength and help me to be drunk with your Spirit as though like sweet wine.

O forces, problems and situation proving to be mightier than my prayers, I turn to God this day to arise against you and be ended.

Sunday 25th October, 2020: Leviticus 10, Colossians 1, Psalms 3, 4 and 34

      Leviticus 10 - Alexander Scourby
      Colossians 01 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 003 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 004 - Alexander Scourby
      Psalm 034 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: Offer quality praises to Jehovah today.

Friday 23rd October, 2020: Leviticus 8, Philippians 3, Psalm 74

      Leviticus 08 - Alexander Scourby
      Philippians chapter 3 - The Holy Bible
      Psalm 074 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: Covenants of the wicked over my destiny, yokes of the oppressor holding me back, ancestral powers saying no to my progress and the siege and the curses standing in opposition against me, let the anointing of Christ Jesus arise against you, break you and destroy you, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Thursday 22nd October, 2020: Leviticus 7, Philippians 2, Psalm 35

      Leviticus 07 - Alexander Scourby
      Philippians chapter 2 - The Holy Bible
      Psalm 035 - Alexander Scourby

Prayer: All forces attacking my helpers because of me, O fiery sword and fierce anointing of Jehovah come against you and end your existence.

I receive the strength and the grace to be joyful from this day.