VOL 4, no 23, Monday 17th June 2019


2 Kings 7:3-5,8,9; Psalm 32:8, Psalm 37:23

Everyone goes through the issues of life, in birth, aging, health and death.
At a particular time, we come to a stage where we must take decisions that will affect or control the rest of our lives. In taking decisions, we as Christian must know that Christ is the chief compass of our lives. We must never exclude him in our decisions.
This reminds us of the episode in first book of Samuel chapter thirty, verse eight; David inquired of the lord what to do when the Amalekites took all the properties, wives and children of Israelites as booties of war. The Lord directed his steps and he recovered all.
Pharaoh decided to pursue the Israelites and he not only perished but all his Six Hundred chosen chariots and the chariots of Egypt all perished (Exo 14:6,7,27,28).
Which way to go? In  2 Kings 7, we all know the story of the four lepers who were used of God to fulfil the prophesy of Elisha that within 24 hrs …..’’a measure of five floor would be sold for a shekel and two measures of barley for a shekel’’…
The four lepers discovered  great wealth and realised the peril of not sharing the good news. These lepers were hopeless humanly speaking, they had no future, a terminal illness made them untouchable. They were faced with taking a decision, choosing a way out of 3 deadly ways; if they went into the city they would starve because even healthy people become cannibals in the town due to severe famine so if they went into the town they would die. The second choice was to remain at the gate, since there was no economic activity in the town staying at the gate means starving and eventual death. The third choice was to go into the enemies. They felt it was better to go to the camp of the enemy if they die they die.
This was actually suicidal for they would be termed spies and could be killed so there was no right thing to do as all available choices lead to death. They were compelled to make a choice, they must do something there is a wise saying that a bad decision is better than a non-decision except the non-decision is a deliberate decision. In the case any choice would lead to death so they have to choose the unknown over certain death. This was better than to do nothing and lose their lives by default. They had no idea what God had in store for them. When you get to a cross road, wait to hear from God, our God often spring surprises. His ways are above ours and His action often unpredictable.
At this point Psalm 32:8 is a bail out, when you have a “no win” situation like this, we use our best wisdom even our ‘’BOJ’’ (best of judgement) may fail then we have to pray and still do something and trust God to make it right.
Remember the lepers would have starved if they did nothing. There is death in doing nothing. They did something and God prospered it. They discovered unexpected wealth, what a great surprise because the prophet’s words must come to pass.  God commanded the decision of the lepers to lead to great wealth. May your decision of reading this Message Now lead you to ways of prosperity in Jesus Name.
By their decision they had more than enough to eat and drink, they had garments, they had silver and gold. They got a great relief, eventually they realised they have something more precious, a message: this day is a day of good tidings 2 Kings 7:9. The best possible news of the moment. It came in their power to make everyone happy. They became evangelists bringing good news. Listen, there is a lesson for those who push selfish desires ahead of God and His message, we have something better than a gospel of health and wealth. Church life and fellowship are important but winning souls is primary we must share the message.
In recent times, it has become our practice to use The Message Now for evangelism. Please, do more of it and be sure a great reward awaits you. There is danger in withholding the message. The lepers said ‘’we do not well’’ and today also we do not well if we do not urgently go out Psalm 37:23. The lord shall order your steps as you step out to evangelise Him today. You shall meet your destiny helper and your benefactor in Jesus name. People were dying and stooping to subhuman behaviour just to stay alive. The lepers said some mischief may occur, the wealth may be taken or they may even be killed by others when the word spreads. They may even have divine punishment. We shall be held accountable for the good news we are keeping to ourselves. We have the gospel; other men do not know it and they prey upon each other in a mad quest for satisfaction they will never achieve. Now is the time tomorrow may be too late, go out, reach out and proclaim the gospel. THIS IS THE WAY TO GO.
In the end, it is very sad if we are too busy with groceries and silver and gold and fine garment of this life to devote any time to spreading the good news. The world is in deep need of this message.
Questions and Answer
Question: what did Jesus promise to leave with the disciples?? 
Answer: peace (John 14:27)
Hymn: Jesus is all the world to me 
Pray Now 
1. Oh Father, in the case involving my progress and prosperity help me to take the right decision in Jesus name. 
2. This very month of June 2019, Oh God lead me to my destiny helper and benefactor in Jesus name.
3. Father from today i decide to work for you, take over all my works and worries in Jesus name.
4. Father grant Pastor Mike the spiritual health, strength and energy to freshly re-engineer Express Image Glory Ministries in Jesus name.
Israel Ade-Raymond Ebo.     
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