TMN Ag. 29th

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Vol 1, No. 8 – Monday, 29th August 2016
Isaiah.1:6-9, Jer.1:14, 10:11, Ps.35;

Hear now, as many that care to listen and not just listen but are more ready to act, that disastrous disaster is coming from the north. Do you think you have a hiding place? Even my beloved Lagos State is not safe. Let what you read from today’s article spur you into immediate righteous action of: evangelism, support to missionaries, tract buying and distribution, targeted soul-winning i.e. target moslems and every unsaved persons, pray the more and the harder. Again why? Dearly Beloved, serious disaster is coming from the north. It is going to spare no one.

Successful achievement (whether its end-purpose be evil or good), I strongly affirm, is a function of proper planning which has been cleverly and carefully thought out and thought through and subsequently taneously executed. Islam is a successful religion principally because of its well-strategised, carefully-conducted, cleverly laid out foundation with ardent followers’ strict compliance to hierarchical instructions.

Turkey (my case study nation in today’s article) became a 100% Christian nation in 330 A.D. It remained such a Christian land until its fall to islam in 1453. Thus Turkey was a fully Christian state for a total of 1123 years. The records shows that in 2014, islam in Turkey was 96.04% whilst Christianity was 0.21%. The same record shows that in April of 2015, Christianity in Turkey reduced to 0.2% whilst islam progressed in length and breadth to 99%. Christianity, arguably entered into Nigeria fully in 1842 following the Methodist, Reverend Birch Freeman’s arrival in Badagry.

From 1842 to 2016, one can safely assert that Christianity is only 174 years old in this country. If a religion that is founded on strategic planning uprooted Christianity which had existed for well over a millennium in Turkey, Dear Christian doubter doubting that Christianity can become history in Nigeria, where now is your empirical or spiritual fact? Permit me to inform your doubting mind once again that Apostle Paul (the champion of the New Testament) was a citizen of Turkey. The seven churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 were all located in Turkey. Constantinople (which was the capital of Turkey) was not only regarded as second Rome, it was a capital city (and indeed) a city of strongest fortress for Christians. The vision given by the Lord to the Apostle Paul, ‘come over to Macedonia and help us’ in Acts 16:9 was received by Paul in Turkey.

In every ramification therefore, Turkey indeed, had a perfectly solid Christian foundation than Nigeria. Be informed Dearly Beloved that the plan to islamise Nigeria and indeed the wider world of Africa, began as far back as history can recall. To start with the latest date, in 1983, OIC (Organisation of Islamic Council) held a strategic meeting in London. That meeting had the following as its foremost strategies: (1) to totally islamise the whole of Africa thereby making it a moslem continent since it had the largest population of moslems.

(2) They concluded that the islamisation of Africa should first and foremost begin with the following seven nations: Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Cote D’Ivoire, South-Africa and DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). (3) That strategy meeting produced a 322 page communiqué out of which 156 pages concentrated on Nigeria because Nigeria is a strategic nation and if Nigeria is conquered, the other countries were no more than a forgotten issue. (4) OIC furthered their strategy in that meeting to splitting Nigeria along a strictly political divide.

Thus in that 1983 Strategy Meeting, OIC broke Nigeria into 6 geopolitical zones. Aha!!! are you shocked Dearly Beloved? Oh! You don’t know? Know now that Nigeria was not divided by Nigerians or by any law or government of Nigeria. No! OIC brought about what is today known as ‘six geopolitical zones’ for the benefit of Islamic agenda. At the end of that Strategy Meeting in London, the 322 page communique where 156 pages centred on Nigeria alone was handed over to Shehu Musa Yaradua. Shehu Musa Yaradua brought the communiqué to Nigeria and subsequently presented it at the 1988 Constituent Assembly. This was how the 6 geopolitical zones nonsensity entered the Nigerian awareness. And being uninformed, we all are slavishly following it till this moment of writing.

The idea behind the 6 geopolitical zones structure is to disintegrate Nigeria along tribal divides, break our collective spiritual will so that no unity exists between sought-west, south-east and south-south and of course, crush the Christians of middle belt region (now north-central, i.e. benue, Plateau, Niger, Kogi, Nasarawa and Abuja, establish full sharia legal system and religion in Gongola (now Adamawa, Taraba and Yobe) by carrying polgromic massacre of Christians.

Ah!!! are these plans not working already Dearly Beloved? Remember Boko Haram! Remember the 501 christians massacred in one night in Jos – Plateau, remember the Deeper Life members praying in the evening and who were sent to early graves by AK47. Remember the church in Bogoro where 70 people were roasted alive inside the church. Oh! Have you forgotten so soon our dear sister, Eunice Olawale who was murdered whilst preaching Jesus on 9th July, 2016 in Kubwa, Abuja? The list is endless, Beloved.

Did the adventurous onslaught of Islamic preparatory assault cease after the Strategy Meeting in London in 1983? NO. Be aware that islam has a predilection for violence, forceful expansionism, imperialistic ideology and untiring penchant for properly calculated and cleverly executed planning no matter how long its execution may require. As such, six years after the Strategy Meeting in London, in 1989, there emerged the Abuja Declaration with much far-reaching implications for Christianity and Christians in particular. (To be continued next Monday).

Pray now:

Read Pss.56, 57 and 85:1-9.

O Lord, rekindle the fire of evangelism in me.

Lord, revive your love in me to the day’s I first knew you.

O Hand of Fire smite every Pharaoh of my life, ministry, career, family and nation.

I rebuke every evil day against my life and Nigeria.

Every dark cloud over my life, business, children, career and nation crash now in Jesus name, Amen.

Pastor Mike


TMN Ag. 22nd

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Vol 1, No. 7 – Monday, 22nd August 2016

Acts 12:1-11, Esther 4:13-16, Jer.10:11, Deut.13

The gods that did not create Nigeria nor formed it as a nation will die in Jesus name, Amen.

On a certain day in the month of May 2016, my friend sat beside me (to my left) in close discussion. Whilst praying with him, the vision of the Lord fell before my face. In the vision, I saw the name NIGERIA written above in the open sky. To the diagonal left was a very short pillar standing in the south directly facing the north. To the far right was the north. Suddenly, an unseen hand or force, power or spirit threw a stone from the distant north against that very short pillar in the south. Please understand Dearly Beloved that whether the south in the vision be south-west, south-east or south-south (as the geographical diversity of Nigeria is), I cannot tell.

Two strange things happened to that very short pillar almost immediately as I saw it standing in the south. First, that stone from the distant north hit the pillar and bounced back instantly. Second (and more strangely too), the very short pillar began to grow taller and taller until even a quarter of its heights could not be seen any more. Understand Dearly Beloved that a dissection of this vision is by far more than the commentary herein following.

As such, for the time-being, my concern is the emergence of the nation-state or the state of nations called Nigeria and its close connection with divine reclination. So, in a sense, the effort here is to establish the untainted fact that To start with, the philosophical and historical prophecy that ‘Nigeria is an artificial creation of Britain’ is today a misnomer. With great respect to those Philosophers and Historians, I submit that their research remains incomplete. For one, their account on the artificiality of Nigeria’s creation neglects the spiritual backline of the entity called Nigeria.

In 1928, a Christian Crusader, Apostle Joseph Ayodele Balola (God’s General and founder of the CAC Ministry) arrived on Orioke Agbara (later known as Orioke Baba Apostle) in Odo-Owa in the present day Kwara State. Since scientific knowledge and contemporary history in particular thrives more on empirical evidence, I challenge any doubter to hold an otherwise diverse opinion on this account.

Falsehood, I maintain, will always fail in the light of infallible truth irrespective of how long any such falsehood has been well-entrenched in the annals of man, culture or any widespread belief system. That infallible truth in this instance (and indeed an undeniable empirical evidence) is that after this Christian Crusader exerted much energy in prayer, the Eternal God responded with two great signs. These two signs exist in Orioke Baba Apostle in Odo-Owa till this moment of writing.

The first of the two great signs is the perfect map of Nigeria drawn out by the finger of God on that mountain. Who says The Great and Eternal Father is unable in our days to perform that which He did in ancient past. We understand through biblical account that the ten commandments were written by the finger of God. Isn’t it or, do you doubt it Dearly Beloved? Well, if you do, another physical action performed by the physical finger of God awaits you in Odo-Owa.

The second sign is that the entire map of Africa equally appeared and remains on that same mount till this day. So then, the account by those Philosophers and Historians does not add-up in anyway whatsoever. Their account is at best a mere farce whose flipside is to engineer the prospects of some day disintegration since we are not meant to be one unified whole as those Philosophers and Historians subtlely claim. Two, artificial creation therefore means that we, as Nigerians today were not meant to be a single entity, largely because of our multi-differentiation. It further means that the emergence of the nation-state or state of nations called Nigeria is an accidental design, vaguely coined out and disproportionately framed for the end-purpose of accomplishing certain unrevealed selfish interests.

In dismissing these views, I must point out that, in spite of its diversity, somewhat complex mix as well as the endemic callous interests in its system, Nigeria as a nation has come to stay. But will the flipside of the prophecy of those Philosophers and historians concerning eventual disintegration of the Nigerian nation not see the light of day some day? No doubt, Nigeria is the endtime gold contested over by two forces. That of the Almighty and that of the enemy. For instance, there is no nation on earth as at today generating more missionaries in the global surge for evangelism, soul-winning and a taneous reminder of the return of CHRIST the Greatest Master as Nigeria.

So, Nigeria means too much to God. At the same (and because of the foregoing reason), the enemy has Nigeria on its foremost agenda. The agenda is to accomplish two key goals: (1) disintegrate the nation and there by rendering its collective spiritual will less stronger. Of course, therein is the delight of those philosophers and historians, and (2) if that fails, then the next goal is to make Christianity become history in Nigeria. Dearly Beloved, do I hear you say that is a lie? Or do I hear you say God forbid?

I would rather prefer the latter. Because if you doubt that christianity can become history in any nation, then it should never have been the nation of Turkey. Turkey was 100% a Christian nation since the days of Paul The Apostle. In about the last decade till date, Turkey has become a 99% moslem nation. Are you surprised and speechless Dearly Beloved on these facts or are you of the opinion that Nigerian Christians are better than those brethren back then in Turkey?

My answer to you Dearly Beloved is, Are we better than Paul the Apostle who was a Jewish citizen of Turkey? Perhaps the historical line on the polgromic eradication of Christianity in Turkey stated hereafter will convince you better. Dearly Beloved, we all (Christians in Nigeria) are in serious trouble if we don’t rise up to change our ways toward God, arduously follow strict christian principles and also rise up in absolute ceaseless cry to heaven. Our ‘PETER’ is in ‘Herod’s prison’.

Hear me Dearly Beloved, if something disastrously catastrophic does not happen to the enemies of Christianity in this country, then something monumentally cataclysmic will happen to christianity in this land. (To be continued next Monday).

Pray now:

Dearly Beloved, direct your most fervent prayer against the powers of and in the river Niger.

Dearly Beloved, put this to heart and remember the next time the moon appears in the sky (Whether it be half or full moon). At such moment, read aloud Ps.10, ask the Lord to break the arm of the prince of Arabia over Nigeria.

O thou smiter of the firstborn in Egypt, smite every oppressor of my life, family, ministry and nation.

Pastor Mike

TMN Ag. 15th

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Vol 1, No. 6 – Monday, 15th August, 2016

(1 Sam.2:3, 1 Jn.3:20-21, 2 Cor.13:5, Ps.26:2)

Is being principled the same as being proud? Motive, we must understand is the most perfect judge of any action. Our refusal to accept the general viewpoint more often than not labels us as ‘the arrogant one’ andor the one suffering from ‘spiritual pride’. Whilst serious care needs (a good lot of the time) to be taken on the issue of pride especially because of its subtle nature, the line between being principled on key life issues in deference from other stances, I submit cannot be rightly claimed to be pride.

Reason with me dearly Beloved, ‘until a man becomes an uncompromising noncomformist’, would he not ‘bow to anything and to everything?’ Unarguably, pride is destructive. There is no excuse for it whatsoever. It is a subtle and most potent tool of the enemy to swiftly drive off the Spirit of the Lord from any regenerated soul. But dearly Beloved, have you ever seen the flipside of church or Christian persecution? Have you ever been verbally attacked by fellow Christians and even from the pulpit for holding a different stance on a given subject?

If your reason for holding onto your stance is humbly genuine, vehicle by the genuine peace of God, then Beloved, be comforted. He who weighs the actions of all men is seeing your heart and onto Him, you owe any duty first and foremost. Do not see those Christian brethren attacking you as the enemy. Rather, see Satan as the enemy behind their action. Of course, this is unknown to those brethren. Dearly Beloved, can you believe this? A blind brother being criticized by Christian leaders because he refused to marry a sister with British passport on the ground that God is not leading him in that direction.

Common sense (not even anything spiritual) should inform any right-thinking-mind that it is a blind person who should seek for help in this regard and not the reverse. And is a British passport not a good temptation? Ah! also a sister in the choir! Hmmm, Beloved, what more can I say? Even when everything seems so lovely and alluringly perfect, remember your peace. Never mortgage it. Never tamper with your future divine plan. Whatever does not add value to your life and destiny cannot be yours. A single negative decision we make can change the entire direction of our life and destiny.

In sum, certain psrinciples continue to fuel the fire of my life. A few of these principles may be tainted by some to amount to nothing but pride. But Beloved, these principles keep the vehicle of my life in motion. I am therefore writing to you because I am of the strong view that these principles will at the least bless your heart and soul. Some of these principles are summarised below: (1) don’t just aspire, strive to be the first to break any great record.

(2) if not the first (because that record has been set by someone else before), then be the best so far, (3) be exceptionally and genuinely different irrespective of the most generally accepted viewpoint or norm, (4) never glory in the success of yesterday; it is already history at midnight of yesterday, it is a new day. Therefore, be innovative, be daring and be adventurous, (5) never embrace food, satisfaction or sleep until job at hand is perfectly done, (6) desire new challenges; fear no risk: ‘the secret of life is to have no fear’, says Kwame Nkruma (former President of Ghana), (7) ever dream big, ever aim for the highest because men who have little dreams, little aspirations, little desires for the topmost will end up with less, least or even nothing.

(8) I learnt perhaps the greatest lesson of my life from Baba (Apostle of Holiness, Apostle W.F. Kumuyi). Baba said: ‘never postpone a day’s assignment for the next’. So, if you have or embrace principles like me hold them very dearly. Respond well to both constructive and destructive criticisms. Live in humble confidence. Beware of the gold, the glory and the girls – and/or the guys. Do not be swayed nor tossed to and fro because of what others say.

Let us carry out daily examination of our heart through the lens of the Word of the Almighty. Remember that whatever belongs to you is yours; do not allow another take it from you.

Pray now:

Lord, surprise me with a special miracle soonest.

Lord, help me to be humble.

Lord, help me to be the best of the person you created me to be.

Every dark cloud over my destiny crash now.

My glory shall not die before me and I shall not die before my glory.

Any person, power, force or spirit enriching himself with my talent or glory go into sudden extinction.

Every satanic text message blackmailing me go blank and let your source crash.

Every evil representation of me in the dreams of my destiny helpers be countered by the blood of Jesus.

Ps.21:9; every masquerading force, power, personality or spirit monitoring and perpetrating evil against me be disgraced by fire.


Pastor Mike


Deliverance Hour

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Vol. 1, No. 2 – Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

 (Acts 12:11, Isaiah 46:10, Jeremiah 46:25)


Prophetic confession:

O God, life and its harshness, storms and the struggles and sufferings that seem not to end speak to me: saying, God is not there to help me or move me on to a new and better plane. But my answer to them O God of Jacob, thou God, ‘the strength of Israel (which) will not lie’ is that nevertheless, I belong to God and you O God belongs to me also. 

I decree therefore O God that my hindrances and life’s traffic wherein I find myself shall end this day. For it is written in your eternal sure word in Jer.30:16 that, ‘therefore all they that devour thee shall be devoured; and all thine adversaries, everyone of them, shall go into captivity; and they that spoil thee shall be a spoil, and all that prey upon thee will I give for a prey’. Therefore, every satanic and human opposition to my progress and testimonies, be terminated and buried today, in the name of Jesus. 

Today is the day written in glory that my blessings shall begin to locate me. For it is written O God in your infallible word in Jer. 31:16 that, ‘thus saith the LORD; refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears: for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the Lord; and they shall come again from the land of the enemy’. 

Therefore, O grace which commands fruitfulness, fall upon me today and never run dry again. In your mercy and by your grace, let my change come and begin today. It is written in your word O God in Jer. 33:16 that, ‘in those days shall Judah be saved, and Jerusalem shall dwell safely: and this is the name wherewith she shall be called, the Lord our righteousness’. By your righteousness therefore O God, hearken  onto me and settle me on every side. Read (1 Pet.5:10) and pray more.


Pray now:

1. My fruit has been snatched from me O God,snatched in the dream, sleep, in reality and in every other way, O God, recover my fruit for me by force, by power and by fire today.
2. O God, the Apostle Peter was the Head of the early church. Being the head, he was the most central figure. O God, that which is/are most central to my life and destiny hijacked by the enemy, hijack it/them back for me.
3. O God, I exhume my life and destiny from my mother’s stomach and from every coven and wilderness.
4. What God did not say that has been said to my life by evil lips and evil tongues and weapons of the enemy, be cancelled right now.
5. The mighty God of Jacob is unhappy about my stagnation and all-round situation. Therefore, O God, arise in your strength and power and speak a new thing into my life.
6. Every Red Sea and Jordan river of life standing between me and my Canaan Land, be parted now.
7. Evil prayer houses, prophets and altars affecting my journey negatively, lose your hold over me.
8. I shall see that glorious tomorrow prepared for me.
9. The Bible has never been conquered nor seen shame before. Therefore, every shame and setback in my life, be erased right now.
10. By the authority and power of the cross on which Christ died and the covenant thereof, I fire back every evil arrow operating in my body.
11. Any power, person, force and spirit hiding under any anointing to afflict express Image Glory Ministries, its name, its star and its glory in any way and by any meansexcept that anointing is higher and superior to the anointing of the Blessed Son of God, let Jeremiah 28:16 be fulfilled against such power, person, force and spirit with time shortly before their glory manifests.
12. God, be greatly magnified and exalted in Express Image Glory Ministries that the entire world will celebrate you like never before.
13. You dream hackers collide against the power today.
14. My good dreams shall see the dawn of reality, in the name of Jesus.
15. Because Christ rose from the dead, I resurrect all of my dead or buried great dreams.
16. The grave could not harbor Christ Jesus forever. Therefore, all my good dreams dead and alive,arise and come back to life, in the name of Jesus, Amen and Amen.

TMN Jl. 11th


Monday, 11th July 2016

Gen.31:10-13, 30:37-43

How so joyfully pleasurable is a great idea when it is theoretically born in the heart of man? But how much more of a priceless value is that great idea when it excels the test of reality through a transition from the heart of man into actual practice?

Pray now:

Lord, give me an idea that will transform my life.

Lord, give me the spiritual strength to pray my great ideas and dreams into reality.

Lord, bless me with the needed finances to hatch my great dreams into reality.

Lord, crush every contending force against the manifestation of my glory.

TMN Jl. 25th

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Monday, 25th July 2016

Ps.92:1-2, Is.12:3 Dan.2:20-21, Eccl.3:1-11

When life treats you unfairly, it is because that is its inherent nature. Is it not life which disqualifies the best persons and sometimes makes them lowest of the low? Is William Shakespeare then completely wrong after all? In defining life, Shakespeare lamented, ‘life is but a shadow, a poor player that struts and frets on the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing’.

Indeed, it is a ‘superfluity of nothingness’ without God and His only begotten Son. Some one has rightly and aptly put it mathematically in a quadratic equation sense that ‘life is an equation; God is the constant. Christ is the coefficient’. I submit, if the Father and the Son are absent, then life is nothing but a useless vacuum. I submit further, if God and Christ are present in the equation called life, then life is worth a living.

So, cease to worry at all about life’s unfair treatment. Rather concentrate on Him ‘with whom we have to do’. By the way, why bother yourself so much about life’s unfair challenges? are the challenges of life not common to every living? So, it means life has got no favorites. As such, when dealing with life and its common nature of unfair and unequal treatment, strictly adhere to the following principles:

Ignore life and its inherent nature;

Never ask why me? It is you because you are the most special person in that special field of life. Never apportion blame. Instead, drop the blame game. Life is but a cross with an initially unrevealed crown but which must be compulsorily borne nonetheless by every man. Only the wise and the most resilient however obtain the crown from that cross.

Realise that afterall, the passage of life and life’s circumstances are inevitable. So also are the ebbin-tides of change. Life and life’s circumstances do change and man must change with them. If therefore, man fails to acknowledge the transit of life’s circumstances but rather continually wallow in the mire of gloom, man will be permanently imprisoned in a vortex of impertinence.

Deliberately choose to be happy, merry in your heart and let joyful presence revolve around you; Know with all sense of certainty that ‘no tyranny of circumstances can permanently imprison a determined will’, and remember that the best way to respond to unfair circumstances of life is to hold tight onto the garment of the Almighty and do His will. Why? It is a man’s service joyfully rendered onto God and onto humanity that will recommend him onto greatness.

Pray now:

Lord, break the yoke of perpetual struggle from my life.

I detach my life, destiny and hands from profitless hard work.

Father, anoint me with ease and favour.

I break free from every evil life pattern.

Read Ps.123 aloud and ask your heavenly Father for His mercy.

Pastor Mike

TMN July 18th


Monday, 18th July, 2016

Hab.2:2-3, Deut.29:29, Prov.13:19, 18:1, 19:22, Luke 2:19, Dan.7:28, 8:26, Mark 8:25-26

Never glory or rejoice in a great dream. It is but a dream. When any great dream becomes a reality; then, testimony is gained. This is so because, there is no point remaining in a dream world whilst reality is yet a myriad of miles away to trek. Relaxing simply because of a great dream experience amounts only to basking in the euphoria being played out by mere fascinating illusion.

So, pursue your great dreams with all spiritual vigour through heart-wrench prayers until they see the light of reality. Dearly Beloved, keep your great dreams between you and God. Your great dream is your future displayed in a spiritual photograph. Do not let them become the celebration of another. Just as there are testimonies that man must never share, so also the hiding place for great dreams is never in the ears of the closest friend but in the bosom of the one to whom the great dream is given.

BBC News in 2012/2013 revealed that Facebook was another man’s great dream discussed by him with a friend who subsequently stole that dream. In 2013 alone, Facebook was worth hundred billion U.S. Dollars in shares. Sadly, it had become the harvest of a different sower. Do you know that the invention of the television was a Scottish man’s art and dream? In his own case, poverty stopped him from hatching that art into full reality. Today, the reality is that it is an American man’s claim.

The Scottish man’s story runs in tandem with the Cocacola great dream story. John Stith Pemberton formulated/invented the globally popular Cocacola soft-drink. For reasons of his unfortunate health conditions and the dodgy death of his son, Pemberton lost his great dream to Asa Griggs Candler. Shockingly and sadly too, on12th September 1919, Candler sold off this giant industrial estate (Cocacola) to a group of insightful, foresightful and farsightful investors for a paltry sum comparative to the Trillions of Dollars being gained daily today by those far-thinking investors.

Dearly Beloved, can you take a pause and ask yourself who the celebrity is today? Is it the original inventor-Pemberton (and his unfortunate health conditions), the myopic-thinking Candler or those group of investors (and their foresight and farsight?) In the Name of the Lord God of host, no force from hell, household enemies or unfriendly friends will stop your great dreams.

Before they stop you the Almighty God shall stop them in their tracks. Every evil unseen basket set before you to harvest your good and fervent prayers shall catch fire from this day. Your great dreams will see the light of day in Jesus name, Amen. That which belongs to you will not be inherited by strangers in Jesus name, Amen.

Pray now:

Father, bring my great dreams into remembrance.

Father, cause my good dreams to speedily come to pass.

Father, smite all spiritual hackers hacking into my dream realm with spiritual blindness.

Let the anger of God waste every dream polluter in and around my life.

I detach my life from every unhelpful Jonah.

Father, Let not another take my position of glory.

I shall not die before my time and glory in Jesus name, Amen.

TMN Ag. 8th


Vol 1, No. 5 – Monday, 8th August 2016

Ps.32:7-8, Job34:32, James 1:19, Heb.10:35-36

It is ever good to make a bullet – start in all things of life and destiny. It is never wise to jump the gun. Those who engage in the latter end up in life’s valley of damnable disqualification. The catalyst facilitating the art of jumping the gun by human beings is impatience. Dearly beloved, impatience is nothing else but a potent weapon of the enemy. Richard Baxter once warned, ‘impatience is not of the devil; it is the devil itself’.

Pastor Mike lost a glorious class of academic Degree back in his Unilag days because of impatience. What was promised by God to Pastor Mike in 2001 eventually came to him with all effortless ease 11 years later, but the harm was already done. Can that class of academic Degree be regained? Hmmm!!! No. Unless he will have to go back to school for another first Degree. Learn the lessons of life from the errors of other men, not from personal experience. It can be dastardly costly.

Hindsight unarguably provides man with ample opportunity of better intelligence. But knowledge – intelligence gained through foresight and/or insight is certainly preferable. It saves a preventable harm from occurring. Remember that to every problem, direction or step to be taken, a moment of prayer will do a number of things: (1) invites God into the issue at hand, (2) informs the Lord how much He is valued, and (3) remember that the art of praying to the Most High on any matter is in itself a major step of faith in His sight.

For one, it informs Him of His worthiness and great ability as our sole problem solver. Such step of faith honours the Lord. Those who honour Him, He says, He will ‘honour’.

Pray now:

Lord, give me wisdom and understanding to find my own path through life.

Lord, teach me your voice and how to know when you are leading me.

Lord, deliver me from hastiness; let me not journey ahead of you or your appointed time.

Shun fear; ask for a new job and fresh insight for progress today. The Lord is impressing in my spirit the more and the harder too! Ask for a new job today! Ask for a new job today.

Power For A New Beginning


Monthly Covenant Prayer Session:

Vigil: July – August 2016,

Time: 11:50 pm to 2:30) am

Date: Sunday, 31st July to Monday, 1st August 2016.


Scripture: Exodus 12:1-2, Revelation21:5;


Pray now:

Read Ps.51 and Ps.66:18; begin with genuine repentance before the Maker of heaven and earth;

Read Isaiah 12:1-6, Ps.47, 48, 66, 96, 98, 135 and 150, then bring quality worship to the God of all flesh.

Confession: (say) Father, I have not enjoyed year 2016 as you Lord has desired for me. But as from this month of August, my story takes a new turn. I see the tide of the enemy fast receding from me. You sea that has refused to part begin to dry up now. The embargo of the enemy placed over me receive the fiery judgement of God. In your anger o God, let every evil pursuer of my life and destiny lose the major thing. They shall not recover from the disaster coming upon them. Because I have been true to them that plot my downfall, the Lord God of host shall begin to avenge me of all my adversaries. You moon called August, deliver to me the pregnancy of blessings sent from On High. The harvest in you belongs to me and my household. They shall not be inherited by another. Therefore Father, arise in thy strength and power and spoil every enemy devouring me. Set your face o God against them that are saying no to my visa and progress. They that journey into the new month ahead of me to cause me harm Father, let their judgment begin by fire now. O God, will the enemy steal my testimonies this month also? O God, not as long as you live. By thy power and Spirit in me I decree that this month, my man child shall be born. My caged destiny is being released right now. As Peter was delivered from Herod’s prison by the divine power of God, so I send ministering Spirits and my guardian angels to go forth now and recover my Peter. My dry bones must rise again. Every good thing in my life and destiny that have been buried, be exumed and resurrected. An angel rolled away the stone from the tomb of the Lord Jesus.

Therefore, because I believe in the Lord Jesus and do His will, you angels of the Most High cause a rumor of war to begin now that will facilitate my total deliverance. O God, because of your covenant with me, raise unending terror on every spy and monitors of my life, family, destiny and ministry. You killer of destiny and suppressor of glory and divine calling, your shame has just begun. As great as you have been so you will crash never to recover. O oil of the Almighty, lubricate my life and marriage afresh.

You evil minister using my talents to enrich yourself, you shall no longer enjoy the mercy of God. Lord, release my destiny helpers and bless them. O God, raise ambushment against anyone or power determined to fight me still even after these prayers in Jesus name, Amen;

I awaken my life and destiny from every spiritual slumber;

I receive divine power for a new beginning;

Let the oppressors of Nigeria die from henceforth;

I cancel and reverse every evil exchange;

Father, cause every dry bone in my life and destiny to arise again and live;

Every voice from the grave saying no to my prayers and progress, be silenced by the power of God;

I overcome and throw down every enemy of my star;

Offer quality praises to God for answered prayers;

Lord, please speak to me as I retire to bed now (continue till sleep).

TMN Ag. 1st


Vol 1, No. 4 – Monday, 1st August 2016

Mark 11:25, Luke 23:34

To forgive, to forgo and to remember with all joy (where necessary) that we have forgiven all wrong is a must, not a choice. But how so easily possible can this be? By realizing two key lessons. First, the unforgiving and the unforgoing of the wrong of oneself and others is chainfully enslaving. The 17th Century French Philosopher, Jean Jacque Rousseau painfully opined: ‘man was born free; and everywhere, he is in chains’.

The instinctive question is, what could possibly have put that ‘free’ ‘man’ ‘in chains’? Alas! our backgrounds, environments of our formative years, peers especially in early teen-age life, likewise, the attitude of men towards us and those of ours towards others go a long way to redesign our innocent minds which at birth was a virgin garden described as ‘tabula rasa’ (blank slate) by Aristotle. Anger, I agree, is a jailer paving the way to the dungeon. But unforgiveness, I strongly approve, is the dungeon itself.

Men who love the path of folly and hate their destiny entertain this jailer and indeed build their minds’ castle in that jailer’s hopeless dungeon. Such are the sort of men who so much love their chains and who will of necessity perpetually remain in bondage. Are you one of such men? If you envy others as against admiring them, if you are never at peace with other men’s success feats, if you are wishing to be like another and not the best of yourself, then you are one of such men.

Second, it is worth noting that the human soul is a tripartite entity consisting of the Will, the Reason and the Emotion. Except and until our sanctified Will becomes so matured that it controls our Voice of Reason and our Emotion , we continue to remain the slave of our passions. The popular Irish Poet: John Dryden’s aphorism remains apt in this instance. On the subject of proper management of our passions (emotions), Dryden cautioned humanity that: ‘the brain is independent of the will. That is why we forget that which we wish to remember, and remember that which we desire to forget’.

The question is, after reading this message, are we still willing to remain in the dungeon of unforgiveness and bitterness? Is it not shocking that the person with whom we are losing our peace may be somewhere enjoying the best meals or having his/her nicest time ever? Is unforgiveness then worth the deal? Our answer to the forgoing question is certainly not ‘in the wind’. I hear our good godly senses say NO!!!!!!

Dearly beloved, remember that Pastor Mike became blind at the age of 6 as a result of a stone thrown by a young man whom he still prays for and continues to desire good for his wellbeing. Pastor Mike is a mere mortal. If you think Pastor Mike is anything atall, remember the GREATEST of the GREATEST, CHRIST on that gracious but agonizing CROSS. Ah!!!!!! Beloved, forgive and forgo all wrong, gain your freedom and be happy.

In sum, the truth is that bitterness, a direct product of unforgiveness is a spiritual poison far worse than that of the adder. The more complex difference is that an adder’s poison though venomous, yet it will never kill or harm the adder. However, bitterness is a spiritual, cancerous poison secretly and securely harboured in the souls of men, which, if not diffused on time it will destroy the harbourer with time. Is it then worth our effort and time?

Unforgiveness, unforgoing, malice, bitterness, envy, anger, are all products of the same class, phylum and family whose grandfather is the devil spread through humanity by one and only one malignantly producing father called flesh or self. Dearly Beloved, you are not a part of this hell-going class, phylum and family. Are you? Remember that this class, phylum and family are unseen enemies within. The more trouble is, until a man conquers the enemies within, he cannot conquer the enemies without. Further, it means that a man’s victory over or defeat by the enemies within will determine his ascendancy or descendancy in all things of life and godliness.

Pray now:

Read Ps.70, 37:8.

Father, purge me of every enemy within me.

Father, deliver me from the spirit of unforgiveness.

Just as I was concluding no. 3 prayer point now, the Spirit of God indicated to me that we should pray against Pharaoh. So say Father, every Pharaoh holding me and my blessings back perish by fire in the Red Sea of the Almighty.

Father, deliver me from anger and recover back to me every blessing lost through anger.